Wikia Mystic Messenger

Día 1 (No te envía nada después del prologo)

Después de: Jumin’s lonely morning

  • Not really 
  • I think so, too, Jumin (Jumin+)

Casual Story (Día 2-4)

Día 2:

No te envía ningún mensaje

Día 3:

Después de: Jumin and Cat and Zen

  • Don’t be too mean to him~ (Jaehee+)
  • Nice Jumin meow! (Jumin+)

Día 4:

No te envía ningún mensaje

Deep Story (Día 2-4)

Día 2

Después de: Expressing emotion

  • You must have rubbed catnip all over your leg!
  • I want to met Elizabeth 3rd, too (Jumin+)

Después de: Bickering

  • Just imagine you’re looking at a pretty cat when you talk to him! (Jumin+)
  • I think you just need to keep quiet

Día 3

Después de: Stop playing game…

  • What about a necklace for me instead of Elizabeth?
  • Why don’t you bid in the auction for a 15 carat pink diamond? (Jumin+)

Después de: Lunch

  • “Jumin Han is a bore” rule
  • The “Ju and L” rule! “Ju” stands for Jumin, what does “L” stand for~? (Jumin+)

Día 4

Después de: Unknown fact

  • I love the name Elizabeth 3rd! (Jumin+)
  • Isn’t it too long and uncomfortable? A shorter name would be better

Después de: Good cat business

  • Leave traps for him! Use cat photos as bait! (Jumin+)
  • Get a lot more security guards! Maybe ten!

Ruta De Jumin Han (Solo se puede conseguir en Deep Story)

Día 5:

Después de: Marriage of convenience

  • I’m not disappointed. I’d be mad, too, if I were you (Jumin+)
  • To be honest… my heart sank when you talked about Sugar Round

Día 6:

Después de: Leisurely morning

  • I heard that the thing you think about last before falling asleep will appear in your dreams. You didn’t…?
  • I heard dreams are always the opposite. I’m sure good things will happen soon(Jumin+)

Después de: Father

  • You really don’t know the rules of love. I’ll tell you how it works
  • I can help you until you find your own answer (Jumin+)

Día 7:

Después de: Same As Everyday

  • Don’t be too stubborn. Everyone is just worried (Jumin+)
  • Where’s Jaehee’s house? I need to ask her some things, too

Día 8:

No te envía mensajes el día 8

Día 9:

Después de: Jaehee’s information

  • So I can go home?
  • I don’t care what it is, as long as you feel better

Después de: Elizabeth 3rd

  • So now you can send me back
  • I’m glad everything worked out (Jumin+)

Después de: Things we saw

  • It was so hard for her~
  • You should take a break, too, Jumin (Jumin+)

Día 10:

Después de: Unsolved mystery

  • I’ll trust that you’ll have good news when you’re back
  • I feel a bit lonely, too. But I’ll wait for you (Jumin+)

Luego pondré los otros mensajes, esos son todos los que te manda Jumin en ese tiempo.