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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

It's nice to use the messenger, but you'll get hurt if you try to find out too much about me so be careful!

—707, Comment from RFA Orientation Guidebook

Be careful, I am dangerous, you wouldn't want to get too involved with me...

— 707, Official profile


707 (Real name Saeyoung Choi, Baptismal name Luciel Choi) often referred as Seven, is one of the Deep Story characters available in Mystic Messenger. He is a hacker who can quickly find information on anything he can get his hands on.


For the most part, Seven displays a happy-go-lucky, outgoing, and very bizarre personality. He frequently plays pranks on Yoosung via chat room, makes fun of the other members (and himself), and, in response to just about anything, will respond with a series of "lol"s. He's essentially your typical jokester who loves cars (he owns multiple) and holds a passion for hacking.

However, the player's first impression of Seven is not the "real" Seven. Outside the chat room, and behind the humorous front he puts up, Seven is actually quite depressed and serious, and he refuses to believe that anything good can happen to him. This is due to his past and his profession, as he thinks that he will endanger anyone he gets close to. This fear is brought up very often during the events of his route, usually when he is trying to push the player away.

Though he rejects the player at first, it is evident that he values them quite a lot and very readily displays affection when convinced that the player will accept him regardless of how he is. After his route, he returns to his previous self, just toned down a little bit.

It is also mentioned that he is Catholic and later in his route he shows his religious values.


707 info.png

Seven has messy vermilion hair and golden eyes. He usually wears a black jacket with amber accents. He is 175 cm (5' 9") tall and weighs 69 kg (152 lbs). He is always seen wearing his glasses, which are yellow with dark grey (sometimes depicted as black) stripes. His orange headphones are seen around his neck the majority of the time. He also wears a silver cross necklace.

Seven changes his outfits very rarely. His attire for the party consists of a white vest decorated with red accents over a black dress shirt and a red tie.

He crossdresses and cosplays often as the player will be able to obtain pictures of himself in various costumes throughout the game. He has dressed up as Rika, a maid, an astronaut, a fairy, and a nun in the past.

Background Story

Seven grew up with his younger brother, Saeran, until he was 15 years old, in a toxic household. His father is the current prime minister and a candidate in the current presidential election; their father knew he wouldn't do well in the election if the information that Seven and Saeran were born out of wedlock (by a woman who isn't his wife) was leaked, so their mother decided to hide Seven and his brother in exchange for money. Their mother abused Saeran because he was weaker than Seven and got sick more often. Saeran's punishments included being tied by the legs to the kitchen so he couldn't leave, being beaten, and being starved and dehydrated for days.

Seven took it upon himself to change their future. Seven studied how to hack using a book he found on computing, promising Saeran that they would run away together. He met Rika at a church, and later on, V. When Seven was 15, V told Seven to take on a new name and work at an intellectual hacking company, but that he was not allowed to take Saeran with him. Seven refused at first, but after a lot of convincing from V, he left Saeran behind, entrusting Saeran's safety to V and Rika.

It is known from one of his phone calls in his route that he graduated college early, but his major and schooling remains a secret.

Deep Story

Seven engages in friendly conversation with the player, and everyone can tell he is fond of her. He becomes distracted at work because of his growing feelings, and builds a fire-spewing dog robot for the player. However, Vanderwood, who turns out to be Seven's superior at work rather than a maid, continues to visit him at home, pressuring him to finish a job from an important client. He is exasperated by coming only to help him clean and reminds him that failure to finish his work in time could mean death for both of them due to the nature of their job. Similarly, to force Yoosung into studying instead of playing LOLOL, Jumin calls his mother without permission to have her make a visit to his home.

On the 5th Day, after the messenger has been hacked, all the members of RFA start receiving suspicious emails except for Seven and the player. Unknown secretly tampers with the algorithm of the security system at Rika's apartment, and manages to unlock it on the night of the 6th Day. While working, Seven notices the changes that Unknown has made, and becomes torn with completing his work and protecting the player at the same time. Vanderwood reminds him that the type of job they do does not allow for long-term relationships and suggests on his assigned work now. Frantic, Seven steals all of his work equipment and takes them to his car, resolving to protect the player himself by personally going to Rika's apartment. He leaves the dog robot to handle Vanderwood in order to escape from him.

On the night of the 7th Day, Unknown breaks into Rika's apartment through the window, but Seven arrives on time. Seven is shocked to see Unknown is his estranged twin brother, Saeran, who he thought to have been in the care of Rika and V. The special security system then restarts, which Seven immediately warns his brother to flee before the whole place explodes since the system is sensing Unknown as a stranger. Unknown swears to payback and manage to escape. Seven then calls for the window to be repaired. After resuming control of the security system, Seven confesses on the messenger that Rika had personally asked him to install a bomb in the apartment to destroy sensitive documents stored there. He continues to stay with the player to protect her, but is so overwhelmed by what has happened that he rejects her completely. Seven insists that the playful personality he had exuded in previous chats had all been a ruse because he is not allowed to form relationships with others since his job would endanger people close to him. When the player finds a floppy disk in one of Seven's books, he gets angry with her and tells her not to touch it.

Seven refuses to talk about Saeran and asks the player to keep it a secret, and no matter how kind the player acts towards him, he pushes her away. On the night of the 8th Day, V finally returns Jumin's call, but has poor service and cannot say much because his phone is bugged. He goes on the messenger to talk to Seven, but when confronted about Saeran, he dodges the situation. Curious, V asks about whether Seven has looked at some of the documents in the apartment, and orders him not to view them when Seven answers negatively. The conversation is quickly cut off, and Seven has completely lost trust in V. The other members of RFA are also disappointed by V's actions as well, and are concerned about carrying out the party. At one point, Seven decides to quit RFA, especially since his job puts his friends at risk, which makes Yoosung angry.

Seven destroys the robot he made in a fit of anger. As he ponders about Saeran and V, he slowly starts opening up to the player. The day after, he starts fixing the robot and eventually becomes comfortable with talking about his past, where he escaped his home life with the help of V in order to ensure he and Saeran would soon live a better life. Seven even decides to show the player the contents of the floppy disk, which contained pictures of Saeran that Rika secretly took to keep him updated on his well-being. Soon enough, from reconciling with the past, Seven starts returning to his cheerful self and makes amends with Yoosung.

Against V's orders, Seven musters up the courage to open the drawer filled with secret documents. He finds an early version of the logo found in the e-mails the members of RFA received as well as blueprints for the building from where the e-mails were sourced. He is shocked to discover Rika may have been involved in the organization targeting RFA, and also may have answers to the changes in Saeran. Seven makes the decision to infiltrate the building, and the player decides to come with him.

Seven and the player enter Mint Eye and hack its computers, only to get caught by Saeran. While Seven tries to convince Saeran with the truth, that V suggested that he enter a job to erase his identity while he and Rika look after Saeran, the latter refuses to believe him, crediting his survival from his abusive home life to his "Savior." When Seven and the player show the contents of the floppy disc to Saeran, Saeran insists that Seven had put the pictures on the disc himself. He has a break down and runs out of the room, leaving the player and Seven trapped in the computer room. Outside, Vanderwood, who has come to fetch Seven, kidnaps him at gunpoint right before V's eyes.

Seven and the player escape Mint Eye, only to run into V outside. Though Seven no longer trusts V and confronts him about his blindness, V admits he saw Vanderwood take Saeran away by force. In a chat room, he apologizes to RFA and resigns as the leader, appointing Jumin in his place. On the 11th Day, Seven and the player choose to look for Saeran instead of going to the party.



Even outside 707's route, 707 cares deeply about MC as he makes jokes and general banter which MC can play along with especially when he pranks Yoosung. Despite his dangerous work, he cares enough to protect MC by watching her every "2.35 seconds" and even putting himself in danger for her on multiple occasions.

In 707's route, they continue to joke around with each other although when MC insists she cares for 707 on a deeper level, he would lampshade it or say something like "You shouldn’t get too involved with me". Despite this, 707 is obviously in love with MC, going so far as to run over to the Apartment when Saeran comes to capture the player to their cult. After this their interactions after this change, he shows an alternative "face" who acts coldly and attempts to push MC away as she attempts to get closer to him. Overtime, 707 accepts his feelings and goes on to declare his love for her, saying "without you I wouldn't have hope".

In the Normal ending, 707 takes MC to his home town Cathedral where she is seen in a white gown similar to a wedding dress but it is unclear if they got married or not.

Seven 33.png

In the After ending, it is implied that they had intercourse before leaving to save Saeran as they are seen lying on a bed spooning each other.

In the last chapter of Secret ending 2, it is implied that 707 proposed at some point between the After ending and Secret Ending 2.


Seven's friendship with Jumin consists of Jumin rejecting his attempts to meet Elizabeth 3rd, or "Elly" as Seven nicknamed her since his love is comparable to harassment or "abuse." Their interactions mostly relate to Elizabeth 3rd, but when Seven is in trouble, Jumin would use his authority to help him without any hesitation. Jumin also seems to respect Seven's hacking skills, and skills in general.


707 is one of the people who had helped Zen's career by spreading one certain video of Zen and earning him popularity by hacking, and making it become a virus in its own way. In Jumin's route, they seem to get along very well by continuing each other's sentences and mocking Jumin's personality change together.


Yoosung and Seven seem to be good friends. They were friends in high school but Seven was unable to attend Yoosung's graduation due to being abroad at the time. Seven enjoys playing pranks on Yoosung, and Yoosung is gullible enough to fall for them each time. In one of Yoosung's Bad Relationship Ending, Yoosung will go to Seven's place, after telling the MC that he doesn't really love her, where they will then fight over Honey Buddha chips multiple times a day.


Jaehee treats Seven with exasperation, as she tends to respond to his jokes coldly. However she doesn't really hate him, respects his intellect, and doesn't want it if Seven is neither with RFA or in the chat room anymore. At one point, she suggests that Seven should add a feature allowing members to delete messages, which shows that she does rely on him in some cases. In Seven's route, it is shown that Jaehee actually cares about him.


V is someone Seven trusted very much, like all the other members (except Yoosung) in the RFA do. Seven entrusted Saeran's safety to V and knowing how important Saeran is to Seven, it means Seven trusts V. He also was the one who introduced Seven to the secret intelligence agency he works for, and Seven treats V as a father figure. When V's secrets came to light, Seven was devastated by his "betrayal", to the point that he nearly quits the RFA.


Vanderwood acts as Seven's handler and carer as he works at the agency, often going to his house to check on his work. When he visits, he usually cleans Seven's house, which results in Seven giving him the alias of his housemaid. Seven gives him the fake name of Mary Vanderwood 3rd when he is mentioned in the RFA messenger.

Although at times Vanderwood seems like he dislikes Seven, this is proven wrong as he seems to care about the other hackers safety, which includes going to length such as saying seeing Seven's dead body would ruin his life. It is also said that Seven cares for him, so much as to hack into the government's documents and get Vanderwood a new identity to keep him safe from harm's way.


He is the one who made the security system at Rika's apartment, and the only one who can enter her apartment. He first met Rika at church in his childhood. Rika gave him a book about computer skills, and along with V, gave him a new life as Luciel Choi and as a secret agent, and promised to take care of Saeran. She also once sent Seven a floppy disc filled with pictures of Saeran, despite being a secret agent who is not supposed to "have" a family. Rika is very important to him, and he even once states that if he could sacrifice himself so that she could be alive again (when he believed she had killed herself), he would. However, this opinion of her was later changed, almost like a complete 180°, after Seven had found out Rika's dark secret.


Unknown is Saeyoung's younger twin brother.

When they were young, their father ran in the presidential election and their mother constantly blackmailed him to send them money, lest she reveals the existence of their two sons. His mother was said to abuse Saeran as he was weaker and fell sick more often than Seven.

Seven trained himself to hack and took it upon himself to help his brother and himself to have a good future. However, Seven met V and Rika at church, who convinced him to join them - on the condition that he leave Saeran behind.

While at the Mint Eye, Saeran was given drugs, which were used as a method of brainwashing. Saeran was told that Seven had abandoned him, which caused Saeran to begin feeling resentment towards his brother, even causing him to shoot and kill Seven in the 3rd bad relationship ending. However, at the end of Seven's Good Ending, Saeran apologizes for his acts, and his ties with Seven are restored.

Mother Choi

She is Seven's abusive, alcoholic mother. She beat and possibly starved Seven alongside his brother, however with the help of V he managed to escape to become an informant.

Saejoong Choi

He is Seven's absentee dad who attempted to kill him as a child because Seven's existence as his illegitimate child threatened his political career. He succeeded in kidnapping him in Ray's route. A news broadcast states that Seven is still missing and it is not confirmed whether he was killed by him or not.

The spaceship reveals

Day 1

  • "0xffffff && …"
  • "Control C, Control V."

Common Route 01 - Casual Story

  • ".(<-This is a dot)"
  • "Vacant apartment vacant city vacant sate vacant country"
  • "I must think of a way to take Honey Buddha Chips to outer space."
  • "Hello, world! Hello, world! Hello, world! Hello, world! Hello, world!"
  • "Brighter brighter! It’s nothing!"
  • "My curly hair~ It’s so cute~"

Common Route 02 - Deep Story

  • "Starting hacking with The Boss Lady playing in the background. Void main…"
  • "Hope Ms. Vanderwood’s hair cutting skills improve."
  • "Newton’s apple, monkey’s banana"
  • "a e i o u"
  • "Uses of o, 8, %,"
  • "0111 0000 0111"

Zen's Route

  • "Should I make a PR video for Zen again? A dating simulation video!"
    • This is a possible fourth wall break in reference to the game's promotion video
  • "How much more money do I need to launch a spaceship...?"
  • "Where is my home? The planet far far away?"
  • "Current time 7:07 in which I desire the records of code name 707."
  • "It’s difficult typing while doing a headstand. Should I try turning my back?"
  • "Meowven Meowciel, Lord of Meowland! Viola!"
  • "The funniest thing in the world? Me! That would be me!!"
  • "I heard there’s a cat island. Is there a cat planet then?"
  • "The main character is always faced with a tragedy!"
  • "Blasting positive wifi with the spaceship’s energy!"
  • "Seven God of sleeping fortress!! I won’t wake up with a kiss, haha!"
  • "I’m sure Jumin thought about putting Elizabeth 3rd on stage at least once."
  • "I feel like someone’s looking inside my head… Is it just a feeling?"
  • "Zen’s scary when he gets angry ; ; I was like 2% scared ; ;"

Jaehee's Route

  • "The pied piper, Zen and Jaehee following him!"
  • "My body is made of Honey Buddha Chips!"
  • "Hacker boy, you’re pretty good, but you’ll never beat me! Muhaha!"
  • "A speck of dust in the universe. It’s makes me feel better to put it this way!"
  • "Beep beep. Robot Jaehee Kang, adding visitation features. Beep."
  • "A powerpoint presentation with 4D options! Uh, maybe that won’t work?"
  • "I’m sure everyone has their own Seven Gods in their hearts."
  • "Only give ‘likes’ for my babies! Not to me!"
  • "I wonder how tall Daddy-Long-Legs was."
  • "Should I make a miniature model of my baby using Ph.D Pepper cans?"
  • "I’m not a workaholic by choice. It’s by force :("
  • "I am Seven God, the great! I can read people’s minds just by looking at their eyes! …Let me wipe off my glasses first."
  • "I’ll show them my awesome sense of style! Even Zen won’t be able to say anything."

Yoosung's Route

  • "I say 'ya' you say 'ho'.
  • "Thousands of knowledge, thousands of faces, and I'm thousands of geniuses combined."
  • "Time to read meow! Gonna read my baby car catalog meow!"
  • "Hmm. What is this smell…? 99% sensing suspicious activity."
  • "I want a 707 constellation up in the sky!"
  • "Three glasses, subtle difference. Fashionista Seven!"
  • "Seven in space respond, over! Respond 707!"
  • "I don’t protect because I care, I care because I can protect."
  • "Did I put my emergency food in my baby? I should check the trunk!"
  • "How… how… how…'
  • "Today’s hacking target is… you looking at this right now! lololol"
  • "Check coordinates… Towards the north…"
  • "When did I get my wisdom tooth taken out? Did I never…?"

Jumin's Route

  • "The legend of the pink cactus! 707's adventure! The true story that's better than a film!"
  • "The next birthday present for Mr. Trust Fund Kid will be cat pajamas! Plus matching undies!"
  • "I wanna play the cart racing game. Draft! Water balloons! Bang bang!"
  • "I bought a book called 'the Alpha Male's Experiment'! But why is it rated R?"
  • "Adding capsaicin to the Honey Buddha Chips to add stimulation!"
  • "Let all those know of Seven God's generosity... or not!"
  • "50 shades of Chairman-to-be"
  • "In the spaceship~ to the mountains~ to the ocean~"
  • "!@#$%^&*()_+"
  • "In the beginning there was earth... no the universe... and there wasn't any place for me..."
  • "Just today... I'm going to think that this is hard..."
  • "A space without gravity. A space without relationships. Space."
  • "Do the parts that fall from spaceships launched into space forever remain in a parallel universe?"
  • "I'll leave my body to my baby car. It'll take me somewhere if I keep my eyes closed."

707's Route

  • "Hello. I mean, hi! Wait, what am I doing? No one can hear me anyways!"
  • "Should I learn elvish...? I heard Tolkan published a dictionary..."
    • Tolkan is a parody of J.R.R. Tolkien
  • "Pluto... No longer part of the solar system... I guess I can be friends with Pluto then."
  • "707's good deeds of the day: none."
  • "The hands that are most free on the keyboard! 707's these two hands!!... which aren't working right now :("
  • "It doesn't mean anything. This will all disappear. Everything will be gone."
  • "I can go anywhere if I have my computer, but I can't stay anywhere."
  • "The best thing I can do for you is to let you go."
  • "Can I really enter your world?"
  • "No. I can't make the same mistakes."
  • "I know it's a crime just to think of you, but I can't give up now."
  • "You are my whole universe. Your breaths become the radiant milky way."
  • "I want to be a trace that can never be erased for you."
  • "The path to finding the real me. A path where I am not alone. I hope you are waiting for me at the end."

Another Story

  • "Wasted 20 seconds looking for a semi-colon... sobs."
  • "Is something wrong with my headphone? I can't hear very well."
  • "I was shaping the chips into a cat shape but it broke... TT"
  • "I wish my maid Vanderwood would make me something to eat as well."
  • "Money is always right!"
  • "Meow-meow-meeeoooow-meow-meoow-meow"
  • "I want to cool my head in space if I could..."
  • "printf("I love Ph.D Pepper!");"

V's Route

  • "I think it's time to change the engine oil of my babies"
  • "Potatoes are the food of humanity and therefore, potato chips are the TRUTH!"
  • "Boos keeps calling me! I'm turning on the deny-phone-call algorithm!"
  • "Was my phone charger in the car...?"
  • "Braveheart Seven saving Princess V from the hands of the villain."
  • "I wish I had two bodies. One for Hacker 707 and the other Agent 707."
  • "My...eyes......H..u...r...t....s"
  • "Stretching my fingers and getting ready!"
  • "Should I trust my optic nerves!?"
  • "GOD 7... you can do this!"
  • ""
  • ""
  • "If I could have gotten there a bit earlier..."
  • "...I feel like my head is filled with errors"

Ray's Route

  • "Currently most talked about poetry book this month...Dad's Joke Poetry Collection? Who wrote this?"
  • "My keyboard is near it's death from typing too much...I want to make the hacker compensate my keyboard..."
  • "...I'll work while having an ice cream."
  • "I should ask Vanderwood to massage my arm."
  • "I hope my worries don't come true"
  • "This minty candy is sweet."
  • "The worst scenario... argh. I think my head's going numb."
  • "My existence... what I've been denied since young."
  • "He'll be alright... right?"
  • "All the bad memories keep coming back..."
  • "Shouldn't bother others no more"
  • "I can't breath..."

Christmas Special 2016

  • "I always lock myself up in the house around this time of the year..."
  • "I want to stop hearing all these carol songs."
  • "I don't know about me, but I hope everyone else is enjoying their Christmas..."
  • "I should strengthen the app's system. I can't let my guards down."

April Fool's Special 2017

  • "Massive operation to punk Ms. Vanderwood! Soooo excited!"
  • "The password for this messenger is 707 0611 Luciel... Oi you there, don't tell me you fell for it."

Ray's After Ending

  • "Be grateful Saeran is safe - that's all you could ever ask for, Saeyoung Choi."
  • "Father's got more wrinkles. He looks like a villain worse than he already is."
  • "No need to be sorry, Vanderwood... Live as long as you can, buddy."
  • "Agent No. 539 - one with the key. Check. Blind spot in the cameras - right next to the bedside table at the left."
  • "Saeran looked so adorable when he was young, in his overalls."
  • "707... Now, that I think about it, it's a ridiculous name. The boss was a fan of that series."
  • "Yup, the agency is full of sadists."
  • "Saeran... You must not come..."
  • "I need to get used to this sleeping herb..."

Welcome messages

7:00 (7 am) - 12:00 (Noon)

  • "Guess what we chatted about last night ~!"
  • "Good Mooorning!"
  • "I wonder what kind of events await us today? Thump thump!"
  • "Ugh... Blinding morning sun rays... My eyes are so dry from staring at the monitor..."

12:00 (noon) - 17:00 (5 pm)

  • "You've come to listen to my classy jokes, right?"
  • "[Hack Alert] This app is currently being hacked. JK, did I scare you?"
  • "Gotcha, darn hacker!"
  • "Whoa, is it lunchtime already? I've stayed up all night with the hacker..."

17:00 (5 pm) - 21:00 (9 pm)

  • "I wanna play with both Elly and you!"
  • "Taking ma baby out for a joy ride~~"
  • "Do you think it's possible to teach cats how to hack?"
  • "Oh, just checked your log time! You've safely accessed it from the clutches of the hacker! Congrats! Congrats!"

21:00 (9 pm) - 00:00 (midnight)

  • "Honey Buddha Chips and PHD Pepper are the best as midnight snacks!"
  • "Hurry and ride the train to dreamland!"
  • "My time has come! The Lord of Darkness! Defender of Justice 707!"
  • "The night is the time for hackers! It's time for 707 Hacker to be active, not mysterious hacker!"

00:00 (midnight) - 7:00 (7 am)

  • "Aren't you sleeping yet?"
  • "1 kitty, 2 kitties, 3 kitties, 4 kitties"
  • "U wanted to talk till late with us, right? Yippee!"
  • ""