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Tips to get his route:

  • Play along with his tricks and laugh at his jokes.
  • Tease Yoosung.
  • Flirt with him.
  • Get a lot of hearts from him and try to avoid getting hearts from other members, especially Jumin.

Tips to avoid his bad endings:

Bad story ending 1 (Days 5-7):

  • Don't be mean or cold.
  • Don't encourage him to worry or come save you.
  • Play along with his jokes.
  • Flirt back when he flirts with you.
  • Act like you don't want to go to 'paradise',

Bad Story Ending 2 (Days 7-9):

  • Comfort Seven when it's needed.
  • Don't act cute when the mood doesn't call for it.
  • Don't be selfish, be considerate
  • Show Seven that you want to be with him.

Bad Story Ending 3 (Days 9-10):

  • Let him know you have faith in him.
  • Don't doubt his plans.
  • Reassure him that you want to be with him.
  • Always side with him.

Bad Relationship Endings 1&2 (Days 7 and 10):

  • Participate in at least 50% chat rooms per day.
  • Continue to get 707's hearts after getting onto his route.

Valentine's Day Tips

  • If you want his White Chocolate ending try doing more cute/innocent options.
  • If you want his Dark Chocolate ending try doing the more flirty/seductive/"dark" options.