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  • Seven won the 2018 Cheritz's popularity poll as the most popular character in the game.
  • He's infamous for being the character that breaks the 4th wall the most, often as a comedic device.
  • As for his handles:
    • As a secret agent, he works under the codename "707 EXTREME".
    • Seven's baptismal name, Luciel was chosen by him as a reference to Lucifer's Angel name to remind him to not fall into darkness. He did this to remind him not to become like his parents and to keep his promise of protecting Saeran. "If Luciel gets a happy ending... then it'll be a history changing miracle."
    • 707 flipped upside-down is 'LOL', with his online name possibly referencing his tendency to say 'lol'.
      • However, in an outgoing call on the 8th Day of Ray's route, Seven claims there might not be any meaning attached to his handle, and that it being able to be read upside down is just lucky coincidence. It's also worthy of note that "lol" in the original Korean is ㅋㅋㅋ.
  • In April Fool's DLC, his login id and password of the messenger are '707' and 'ga!axyStar$xo' respectively. [1]
  • According to the VIP package's books:
    • Seven's phone number is +82)10-7070-&O&X and his email is
    • Seven claims to be fluent in seventeen languages.
    • His route was the last one being written during the game's development before it's official release in 2016.
    • In the character design notes, Seven was made wears glasses due to fan interest in having characters that wear them, since previous Cheritz games never had a "pursuable" character wearing glasses with a route before.
    • His favorite quote is: "It's not that people have humor. Humor is what moves people."
    • Seven states as long as there's a connection, he doesn't limit his preference to women, revealing that he could be part of the LGBT community.
  • In the game's promotional material, Seven is stated to be 22 years old in Korean age, and 21 years old internationally. However, the game's timeline and Zen's speech in Ray's Good Ending make it clear he's actually older; 22 years old in Another Story and 23 years old in Deep/Casual Story (internationally). It's possible that he lied about his age in the profile since he's under a fake identity or that this was a later retcon done since Ray's route to make the twins' ages better fit the game's events and timeline.
  • In Yoosung's route, Seven hints that he studied at an Ivy league school.
    • Further information about his college life is provided in Rika's book in Cheritz's Mint Eye package; he studied in an university in the USA under the fake identity of Chilyoung Choi (19 years old), and suddenly went missing one day, leaving no traces behind, not even hair or fingerprints in his own room. After two days, the police investigations revealed that he was never enrolled since the beginning according to the college's admission records.
  • Seven underwent physical training as part of his training as a secret agent. He's conveyed to have a fit body type. In spite of that, in an outgoing call in the first day of his route, Seven states that because he is one of the smallest agents at his agency, he takes up jobs that require to dress him as a woman.
  • Vanderwood mentions that Seven used to be a serious workaholic with a robotic personality who studied during the day, worked at night, and barely slept. This all changed when Seven received a floppy disk with Saeran's smiling photographs on his 20th Birthday from Rika, showing how happy Saeran was after Seven left. [2]
    • A common pattern with Seven, is that if he believes Saeran to be happy and safe, he acts like the energetic and jokster 707 in the chatrooms. Once its revealed that Saeran is unhappy, he can no longer keep up this façade. This can be seen in his own route (where he becomes irritable after the hacker's identity is revealed to be Saeran), Jumin's and Yoosung's routes, and V's After Ending where the characters remark he spent two years not making any jokes and being serious, due to Saeran being missing.
      • However, since he returns to his cheerful self later in Jumin's route/AE and Yoosung's Valentine's day, this might be a strong hint that Saeran survived in those routes, and possibly rescued.
  • Ph D. Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips, Seven's two favorite snacks, are parodies of real life products: Dr. Pepper and Honey Butter Chips.
    • Ph D. Pepper is actually spoken as "Doctor Pepper", but probably was written as Ph D. Pepper to avoid copyright.
    • In recent updates, "Ph D. Pepper" has been changed to "Doctor Pepper".
  • Seven prefers to eat the bellies of Bungeoppang first.
  • He is a huge fan of a show called "Mister Chef" and its owner Grandpa Lamsay. They are parodies of "Master Chef" and famous chef Gordon Ramsay, respectively.[3]
  • When he has time off work, occasionally he plays LOLOL under the username "Hacker God", and claims to be #1 player on the game's Shooting Star server. However, he states that he gets bored quickly playing games, and would rather make them.
  • When Seven pranks Yoosung by telling him that he was going to pass out after drinking coffee from "Pass Out After Drinking Caffeine Syndrome", he sent an image of a Wikipedia page in the chat. If the player reads the text, they come across "00000111 00000000 00000111" twice, which translates to "707" from binary.
  • Seven does not drink alcohol or smoke and he states such several times.
    • It's strongly hinted it's because his abusive mother used to drink and smoke, therefore he avoids these due to fear of becoming like her or because the smell reminds him of her. He also personally finds alcohol too bitter.
      • Curiously, in V's Good End he is interested in the champagne and, in a parody comic from Cheritz, he a holds a glass of wine at Jumin's house. Interestingly enough, both were roughly released late 2017, it's possible there's no deep meaning to it and the writers simply forgot during that time frame he doesn't like alcoholic beverages (or it's the alcoholic-free version of them.)
      • In the prologue, he mentions he doesn't drink coffee either, however he still consumes caffeine through soft drinks like Ph.D. Pepper.
  • Seven interfered with Sherlocking's investigations on multiple occasions. He had hacked into all the evidence that Sherlocking has collected and sent them off to his agency. [4]
  • Seven's first time to use a computer when he was 14 years old.
  • Seven has known both V and Rika for over 10 years. [5]
  • The client Seven worked with in his route is code named "G-RACE 64," and he worked with this client for 3 months. [6]
  • In Jaehee's route, it is shown that he put his car keys behind the car plate, which was easily guessed by Jumin.
  • In Another Story during a conversation with Vanderwood, it is revealed the contact names of the RFA members in Seven's phone. Jumin is "Elly's mom", Zen is "My SafeVault Zen -30k for a selfie", Jaehee is "Assistant Jaehee Kang (Beware of being hurled), and Yoosung is "Superman Yoosung".[7]
  • According to Vanderwood, he codes with his toes, and named it as Toe Coding.[7]
  • According to "What's in your bag?" segment in Rika's book, Seven's belongings are: smartphone 1, laptop, gaming mouse, headphones, Ph. D. Pepper, car key, pocket knife, USB(flash drive), second battery, pistol with a yellow ribbon and hand grenade(maybe toy or real), and smartphone 2, 3, 4, and 5.


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