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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

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Another Story is a mode in Mystic Messenger, which was released on September 8, 2017/2017.09.08 for Android users and a few days later for IOS users. It is one of the three modes available in Mystic Messenger, the others being Casual Story and Deep Story. It costs 550 HG to fully unlock the mode; costing 300 to unlock V's route and 250 to unlock Ray's route.

Unlike in Casual and Deep Story modes, outgoing phone calls cost 10 hourglasses and missed chat rooms cost 15 hourglasses to play in Another Story. The story also takes place 6 months after Rika's "suicide" rather than a year and a half later.

The only romanceable characters are V and Ray/Saeran. Originally, it was only V who was romanceable, however, Ray's route was released on January 31, 2018/2018.01.31.


This Route contains the following contents:

  1. 11 days of playtime
  2. 80 CGs
  3. 7 different Endings
  4. Calls to V
  5. Fully voiced Story Modes and Calls
  6. New Message and Phone Call Ringtones added
  7. V Route Free Talk added.



수상한 메신저 V 루트 오프닝 영상 Mystic Messenger V Route Opening Video


  • Before the new mode's reveal in the app, Cheritz had remained secretive about it's development other than a post on Tumblr that showcased a mysterious character alongside a new UI design (that has since been released in 1.7.8). On August 22, 2017 Cheritz uploaded the Opening Video and the mysterious character is revealed as Unknown.
  • Cheritz has since revealed that Another Story is indeed a story about V, in which he is the main character, and takes place over a course of 11 days. Both V and Rika's VA sing an original song for the new mode.
  • The route was supposed to be released August 2017 / 2017.08 but it was postponed another month due to Cheritz needing more time.
  • On a tumblr post, the top suggestion for Mystic Messenger is a new route for V or Unknown.
  • Ray/Saeran's route was released on January 2018 / 2018.01