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Bad Jumin & After is a DLC pack released on December 18, 2020. The story can be purchased from the in-game store for 100 Hourglasses (with no cost to reset) after completing Jumin's Bad Story Ending 2. This DLC takes place 2 months after his bad story ending, and contains 4 story mode episodes, where you and Jumin live in a mansion together. Throughout the episodes, you uncover more about Jumin's childhood and his family.

Episode 1

Jumin 49.png

The scene opens with Jumin and MC sipping wine together at his mansion. MC is introduced to his new butler, Alfredo. Alfredo expresses concerns over Jumin's month-long disappearance from C&R, which Jumin ignores. He says that now, MC belongs to him. Soon, Jaehee visits the mansion, greeting both MC and Jumin. She asks Jumin to snap back to reality and come back to work, handing him a bunch of documents. Hesitantly agreeing, he accepts them, then requests her to give MC a tour of the mansion.

As Jaehee and MC walk in, Elizabeth the 3rd greets her. Jaehee describes the mansion as a place where Jumin grew up, and where he keeps his childhood toys. Only MC and Jumin are the ones living at the place, with various groundkeepers visiting. Concerned about his lack of work, Jaehee requests MC talk to Jumin about returning to C&R. MC replies, saying that their love will last forever, and it's truly what they've wanted. The two then head back.

Jumin requests Jaehee to leave, only signing a few of the documents. Although MC asks if she can stay, Jumin wishes for them to be alone. Alfredo takes this time to hand Jumin a letter - sent by Jumin's mother. Reading it, it turns out that his mother is plagued with a neurological disease. She has only 2 months to live, and her last wish is for Jumin to marry the eldest daughter of the Christophers - a rich family. MC questions if this will affect their relationship, to which Jumin tells them not to worry. He then sends her off to a fitness trainer, reminding MC they are always connected.

Episode 2

As a new day comes, MC decides what to do.

Yoosung 42.png

Turn on the computer: As MC turns on the computer, LOLOL starts up. Yoosung is there on voice chat, asking MC when Jumin is going to marry them. Thinking of how carefree their life is, Yoosung expresses his jealousy. Next year he'll need to pay extra fees for his lease. After the two play for nearly 12 hours, Yoosung notices a strange player talking to him. To their surprise, Jumin has an LOLOL account as well. Jumin tells Yoosung that if he tells him what MC talked about for those 12 hours, he'll upgrade Yoosung's character for free. Panicking, Yoosung attempts to let MC know more about the mansion the two live in before the voice chat with Yoosung suddenly cuts off.

Jumin 50.png

Jumin's voice comes through a speaker on the ceiling, recommending MC to not play games for too long. The internet remains down for the next 24 hours, and MC is given nuts and dried fruits as late-night snacks.

Do something Jumin wouldn't like: MC calls Zen. Zen answers eagerly, worried about them being stuck with Jumin. He expresses his distaste towards Jumin locking them up, saying MC is a person, not a cat. Even though MC tells him this is their fantasy, Zen remains concerned. Jumin isn't even going to work anymore. The two talk for about 30 minutes, until suddenly, the connection is lost. Jumin's voice is heard through a speaker, and he reveals he's been eavesdropping on their conversation. He says his desire to possess everything about MC is unhealthy, yet he can't control it. Jumin makes his way towards MC's room and confronts them about their phone conversation. After expressing his wants/need to control MC, he stays with them for the night.

Jumin 51.png

Send a transmission to space: MC begins meditating on the floor, and somehow comes into contact with Seven. He's at home, watching over MC. He says that MC looks like they're having fun at Jumin's place, meanwhile Seven is eating Honey Buddha Chips again. MC continues to meditate, and seems to feel different energy. There is energy of Jumin's childhood and a much darker energy coming from a woman.

The scene shifts to a visualization of Jumin's childhood. He's having a conversation with his mother, about getting married and inheriting the company. Jumin's mother wishes he would be like other, ordinary children. He's nothing like a child to her, unlike those "ordinary, unfocused, disoriented children". Jumin responds by saying that's not who he is. His mother made him this way.

MC is brought out of their meditation by Jumin's voice. They bring up this visualization to him, asking Jumin about his past. Instead, he wants to focus on the present and project his fantasies onto them. The scene ends with the two spending the night together.

Episode 3

We open with a flashback to Jumin's past. In the mansion, a young Jumin is receiving lessons from his professor. He questions why children are drawn to supernatural things like magic. Because toy companies reply to consumer's demands, Jumin wonders if toys represent adults' sympathy for children. The professor keeps his questions in mind for Jumin's next lesson, then bids him farewell.

Jumin 52.png

As night falls, MC has a dream about Jumin and his past. The scene shifts to young Jumin and his mother, sitting in the living room. Looking over at him, Jumin's mother tells him he should play with his toys from time to time, to which Jumin agrees to. His mother proceeds to tell him the answer to his questions. She says that children are still new to life - the beginning of which, is magic. However, because she didn't consider this at first, her son grew up to be too calculative and logical. Jumin says that he might become a machine after all. His mother responds in kind, telling him one day, he will find more value in honour than family. Confused, Jumin asks his mother to treat him as a son, not as a work of art. She puts this aside, saying she will only be a mother to him, when he becomes something for her. In a monologue, young Jumin is heard saying he will not be cold like his mother. The flashback ends, and we are taken back to the present.

Jumin 53.png

MC wakes up Jumin after having the dream. Though he's still drowsy, MC asks him about his relationship with his mother. It turns out that after he phoned her, Jumin fired Alfredo. It was revealed that Alfredo was sent by his mother to watch him and MC. He says that even though his mother demands him to marry a woman of her choice, he still respects her. Reflecting on his childhood, Jumin says he had no idea love could be so heart-warming and good; until he met MC. He holds MC closer, and the scene ends.

Episode 4

The next day, MC goes downstairs and finds the door to the basement open. Suddenly, Alfredo appears, saying he was the one who opened the door. He tells MC to go check out the basement - shoving her into the room and closing the door. MC makes their way down the stairs, finding Jumin in the basement as well. To their surprise, MC finds many toys scattered around the basement. Jumin replies that he's collected toys since his childhood, and the basement holds dismal memories for him. It is revealed that during his childhood, Jumin's mother would lock him in the basement for hours, hoping he would play with the toys there. They both desired ordinary love, but neither of them could provide it. Suddenly, Jumin's phone rings - it's his mother calling. She is at the mansion, and waiting to talk to MC and her son. Anxious about leaving the basement, MC wonders if there's a secret passageway. Jumin says there is one that leads to the garden. They will go through it and escape together.

Jumin 54.png

However before the two leave the basement, Jumin wishes to create happy memories with MC. If they say yes, the basement will no longer be a place of dismal memories for him. The spend time declaring their love for each other, before getting changed and heading through the passage. As the go through, MC comments on how excited Jumin looks. He thanks MC, saying it's all because of her.

Happy Ending 01 (Yellow)

As Jumin and MC make it through the secret passageway, he opens the door to find his mother there waiting for him. After indirectly greeting her son, Jumin's mother asks who MC is, saying they look like they're from a "costume party". MC introduces themselves to her as Jumin's girlfriend, much to his mother's amusement. She introduces herself as "Carolyn", and Alfredo invites her to stay for lunch. Although Jumin fired Alfredo, his mother hired him back.

Jumin 55.png

Looking over at MC, Jumin's mother disapproves of them. She states they share nothing alike with her son, and they are a poor match. MC responds that their material difference doesn't define their relationship, to which Jumin agrees. He says MC's innocence is priceless, and they deserve all of his love. Brushing this off, Jumin's mother reminds him that she has last-stage cancer with merely 2 months left to live. As her final wish, she requests Jumin meet Miss Christopher - a potential suitor for him. Much to his mother's dismay, Jumin refuses to meet her, saying that MC is the only one for him.

As a last resort, Jumin's mother asks Alfredo to bring something to MC. In a briefcase, Alfredo holds 1 million dollars in cash. Jumin's mother states that if they break up with Jumin, the money will be theirs. Jumin calls this behaviour "childish", while his mother  encourages MC to take the cash. She says there will be no way MC can stand media attention dating her son, and they'll be a "loser in their own life". Refusing to accept the bribe, MC stays with Jumin.

Jumin 56.png

With her last efforts failed, Jumin's mother agrees to tell the Christophers of his refusal. Despite her illness, Jumin wishes that his mother find something that can fulfill her heart, recommending her to find love. We shift to a black screen, with MC recounting the recent events. A few days later, Jumin decides to return to C&R, and begins running renovations in his basement. Jumin thanks MC for helping him "cleanse" the mansion of his mother, and with his childhood memories behind him, he wishes to paint the place with their love.

The Good Ending screen appears, with MC describing the following days. Regarding Jumin's mother, it turns out that she wasn't ill at all. She had only lied since the Christophers insisted her to. The scene ends, and the story is complete.

Happy Ending 02 (Green)

Jumin 57.png

The two make it through the secret passageway, relieved that his mother is nowhere in sight. Jumin says the two of them will now leave. He has a vacation house his mother is unaware of, and they will spend time there together. He tells her to get in the car, and they'll drive away. However, the car stays in place. After MC questions Jumin's ability to drive, the two take a taxi instead.

In the next scene, MC recalls following days. The two of them leave behind their responsibilities, duties, jobs, and families. They make pleasure their sole goal. In their vacation house, Jumin tells MC everything exists for their pleasure; they must be perfectly separated from the reality outside. MC questions if it's truly alright to leave everything behind, to which Jumin replies it will be fine. When MC is completely bare and weak, he will take them into his arms and love them forever. As the Good Ending screen appears, MC says that now that they're with Jumin, they have the courage and resources to do whatever they please.

"Reality is reality, and fantasy is fantasy! Just stick to this rule, and pleasure will last forever."