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Are you a new member of the RFA? Here are all the tools you need to plan a party!
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1. Mode Select

There are three modes in the Original Story:

Casual Story. Mode where you can get Yoosung, Zen, and Jaehee routes only. It is free to play when you start the game.

Deep Story. Mode where you can get Jumin and 707 routes only. You need to use 200 HG to unlock it permanently and to play.

Another Story. Mode where you can get V and Ray routes only. You need to use 550 HG (300 for V and 250 for Ray) to unlock it permanently and to play. Be aware this mode contains some disturbing content.

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2. Messenger

This is where the secret conversation occurs.

• Every day, more than 10 chat rooms open up. New chat rooms usually open after 1-2 hours.

• If you miss a chat session, the conversation still occurs without you. After that, you can read the conversation but will not be able to interact with the characters during that time.

• If you want to participate in a missed chat session you have to press the button beside the chat room button and use ten hourglasses, fifteen in Another Story.

• You can choose to purchase the next day's conversations at varying hourglass amounts.

• If you want a list of chat room timings visit Chat Room Timings.

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3. Phone calls

Your app has all the other member's phone numbers stored by default.

• You can call other RFA members although they only pick up at a certain time and five hourglasses will be deducted from you; ten hourglasses in Another Story.

• If you have missed calls, you can call them back. But in doing so, five hourglasses will be spent; ten hourglasses in Another Story.

• Colored arrows:

  • Green arrow pointing bottom left is an incoming call. It is a call you were able to receive you when they ring you at the time.
  • Green arrow pointing upper right is an outgoing call. It is a call you made to a character.
  • Red arrow is a missed call.

• You can replay the call if you want. This will not consume additional hourglasses.

• Calling cards are also available for purchase with real currency.

• Phone calls won't greatly affect your progress or ending. They are just extras.

• If you want a list of phone calls and more info visit Phone Calls.

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4. Message

You can send or receive text messages.

• The content changes depending on the messenger conversation.

• Depending on the responses available, you can gain hearts, heartbreaks, hourglasses, or nothing.

• You can only reply to the message during the time period when you get them. If you fail to reply before a new message is received, you will not be able to answer the message.

• Messages won't greatly affect your progress or ending. They are just extras to gain a few hearts.

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5. Album

A collection of the images you have seen during the chat rooms.

• You can zoom in the images.

• If you want to see the complete list of CGs or where/how to get them visit Album.

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6. Email

You can send or receive an email for party planning.

• Keep good relationships with the party guests!

• The envelope icon with green arrow means you answered correctly, while the icon with orange arrow means you answered incorrectly.

• Some invited guests take days to reply so be patient.

• If you send emails too late, you won't be able to get a reply, and the invited guests will be labeled with 'Time Out'. So hurry!

• The ending that you'll get on day 11 is based on the number of guests that will attend. In Casual and Deep Story, 10 and above guests will show up then you'll get a good ending, while 9 and below you'll get a normal ending. In Another Story, if 17 or above guests show up you'll get the good ending, while 16 or below will result in the normal ending.

• If you want a list of email answers or where to invite them then visit Guests.

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7. Hearts

• Each option either gives you 1-2 hearts, a heart break, or nothing. There are 8 hearts with different colors and they represent each of the following:

  • Jumin = Lavender Hearts
  • Zen = Gray Hearts
  • 707 = Red Hearts
  • Yoosung = Green Hearts
  • Jaehee = Yellow Hearts
  • V = Cerulean Blue Hearts
  • Unknown/Ray = Magenta Hearts
  • Cheritz has confirmed any white hearts to be a glitch.

• After pressing caution on the fourth day, the highest number of hearts will be your route starting on day 5. Do take note the mode that you have selected. You will end up getting a bad ending on day 5 if the character with the most hearts is on the wrong mode.

• Starting from day 5, getting hearts doesn't mean you'll get the good ending. Some options give hearts but lead you to a bad ending.

• You can convert 100 hearts to 1 hourglass. Hourglass is the in-game currency - this is highly encouraged and doesn't affect the ending you get. It used to unlock stories and modes, call back a missed call, participate in a missed chat room, etc.

• For more details visit Hearts and Hourglasses.

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8. Game Branch

• After the last chat room on the fourth day there is a caution button below. It branches the game whether you'll get a route or a bad ending.

• After successfully having a route there are still 3 more following cautions and those cautions appear on different days depending on whose route you're in. This time, after pressing the caution you will either proceed the day, get a bad story ending, or a bad relationship ending.

All Endings

9. Other important linksRoute Tips



10. Tips• If you want to start at the first chat room start playing at midnight. If you're going to select Casual/Deep Story and skip the prologue start at 00:03 since the first chat room is at 00:03.

• You don't have to participate in all chat rooms everyday. Have at least 50% participation every day.

• Don't use hourglass if you missed a chat room or a call especially when you're low on hourglasses. Learn to save hourglasses, you'll need them to unlock some other things like DLCs, After Endings, Secret Endings, etc.

• Save your progress some times. After you get a route at midnight day 5 save it on a save slot, in case you got a bad ending or you want to get other endings, so that you won't have to repeat day 1-4 again or use the day1-4 skip game feature which costs 100 HG.

• For instance: 1st chat room is at 1 am, 2nd chat room is at 2 am, 3rd chat room is at 7 am. After you finished the 1st chat room don't stay up until 2 am and wait for the 2nd chat room. You can just do the 2nd chat room at 6:50, before the 3rd chat room starts. Remember: Sleep is important, and as stated above you can just have at least 50% chat room participation every day.

• Another advice is the same tip above. For instance 1st chat room is at 7 am, 2nd chat room is at 8 am. You can just do the 1st chat room at 7:50 or before the 2nd chat room starts. It's purpose is to save time and you just have to login once to participate in 2 chat rooms, instead of logging in every hour.

• How to properly save a save slot. For instance you saved on day 1 12:00, if you want to load it, load it at 12:01 or few minutes after. If you load at 11:59 or before, you'll miss the whole day. Don't load the save slot after a few hours, you'll end up missing a few chat rooms.

• How to a get good and normal ending at the same time. Answer all 3 email questions, when you receive the last reply don't open it or don't make the 'Complete' appear. If you want to get a good ending first, save the progress before the party starts. Open all the emails and attend the party for a good ending. To get a normal ending next, load the save file but open only 0-9 emails and attend the party for normal ending.

• After you get an ending, have a 1-2 days break. You need energy and proper sleep to continue playing.

• The fastest way to identify if you get a bad ending is: After you branch out in Caution go back to the main menu of Original Story and check the Spaceship Thoughts. If the thoughts are from Day 1 instead of the current day, then you got a bad ending. It only works in Casual and Deep Story, it is not tested yet in Another Story.

• It's ok if you get 1 heartbreak or chose a bad option, it is only a small percentage of the total hearts. But if you want to undo what you chose, close the Mystic Messenger app, don't exit the chat room.

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