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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

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C&R International is a conglomerate company founded by Chairman Han during an unknown time. Jumin Han's father, Chairman Han, is the current chairman of the company, and if anything were to happen to him, Jumin would take over. C&R is a large and successful company which is preoccupied in many different departments such as fashion, banks, pharmaceuticals, and etc. According to Jumin, the company mainly focuses on exports and has no interest in competing with local small businesses.

This company is prominently featured in Jumin's and Jaehee's routes.

It was heavily involved in the fall of Mint Eye in the Secret Endings and the exposure of Saejoong Choi, the South Korean President, at the end of Ray's route.


Name Image Role Joined Status
Chairman Han
Mr Chairman 1.png
  • Founder
  • Chairman
Prior to prologue
  • Active
Jumin Han
Jumin home.jpg
  • Executive Director
  • Corporate Heir
Prior to prologue
  • Active
Jaehee Kang
Jaehee -1-.jpg
  • Chief Secretary
  • Jumin's Assistant
  • Head of Intel Unit (V's After Ending)
Prior to prologue
  • Active
  • Dismissed (End of Jaehee's Route)
Driver Kim
  • Jumin's Chauffeur
Prior to prologue
  • Active
Security Guard
Security 01.png
  • Security Guard
  • Bodyguard
Prior to prologue
  • Active
Yoosung Kim
Yoosung home.jpg
  • Intern
Jaehee's After Ending
  • Active
707 59.png
  • Member of Intel Unit
V's After Ending
  • Active

Intel Unit

Jumin created this unit in V's After Ending. It operates as a covert, security unit made in the aftermath of the fall of Mint Eye. Jaehee being the head of the unit with Seven using his expertise in the field. In emergency situations, the unit is to follow Seven's instructions and if Seven becomes incapacitated, protocol dictates command to MC.


  • C&R International is most likely a parody of Korea's C&R Tech, Co., Ltd.
  • According to Jumin and Jaehee's business card, the address of the office is 46F 102 S Cherry st., Cinnamon District, Seoul, South Korea.
    • In a conversation, it is stated by Jumin that the building is the tallest in the city.
  • Echo Girl has modeled for one of their departments and knows Jumin because of this.