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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!



Chairman Han is noted to be a very doting father and lover, wasting no expense to shower his lover and son with gifts. However, he does have a womanizing problem and being faithful to his wife.

Jumin has mentioned that his father is normally logical with a business orientated mind, but whenever the Chairman is involved with a woman, particularly a new girlfriend, the older Han loses his sensibilities and becomes too lost in his new lover. During these times, Chairman Han often creates new projects (ex: cafe project), buys expensive gifts (ex: diamond encrusted Duffany's bag), and basically does whatever his lover asks in order to please his new girlfriend and will have little care for what happens to his son and the company.


He is shown having gray hair and, much like his son, black eyes. Mr. Han is shown wearing a black suit with a blue scarf/shawl draped across his shoulders.



Jumin Han

Jumin is the son of Chairman Han. The two have a fairly good relationship with each other; however, Jumin hates his father's womanizing ways.


Carolyn is his ex-wife, they were married for possibly 8-9 years. Not much is known about her relationship with him, however, it's known that she only married him for his money and high status, as she was described by many as a “gold digger”. They had Jumin together, and according to her, it was a planned pregnancy to produce the best CEO through the best genes, which also applies that she probably married Chairman because of his smarts and good genes. Their marriage didn't end well, having a very public divorce, with Carolyn asking for an insane divorce settlement, that caused people to label their divorce as “love’s betrayal”. And it was also mentioned that Chairman wasn't the most faithful husband, having married another woman immediately after their divorce, which only conducts that he has been messing around with other women while being married to Carolyn.


Not much is known about Chairman Han's second and current wife; however, the two have been legally separated for more than two years as of the start of Jumin's route. According to Jumin, Chairman Han has consistently cheated on his wife and was in the process of filing for divorce when he announced his intentions of marrying Glam Choi. At the end of the game, the status of their marriage is unknown.

Glam Choi

Glam was the most recent girlfriend of Chairman Han, and they were considering marriage (but were not yet engaged) when Jumin was introduced to her. Chairman Han was smitten with her to the point that he invalidates and almost completely ignores his son's worries and objections.

Once the truth of her manipulation and schemes came to light, the couple broke up. Chairman Han and his company are currently in the process of suing Glam.

Sarah Choi

Because of Sarah's connection, being Glam's supposed student, Chairman Han was very amicable with her, and often sided with her against his own son. Due to the engagement Glam attempted to arrange for her, the Chairman also treated her like family as if she was already his daughter-in-law, rather than an outsider.

Once the true relationship between Glam and Sarah was revealed, along with their scheme, Sarah is also being sued by Chairman Han and his company.


  • He dated Jumin's previous chief assistant,  Jaehee's predecessor. Jumin had caught the two on a golf date over the weekend,  and proceeded to fire the woman the following Monday.