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Chief Kim is stated to be an extremely pragmatic and logical person. He's mentioned to be mercenary like when it comes to business, being willing to use his son to make a better deal.


Chief Kim is a tall and stern looking man with silver-gray hair and tawny eyes. He wears a navy blue suit with a black tie.




After his wife's accident, Chief Kim raised his son on his own with the assistance of a hired tutor. Before his wife's death, he and V had a good and close relationship with one another.

Presently, he and his son are not on good terms to the point that he didn't even tell V that he was in the country.


Chief Kim and his wife did not have a loving relationship. Their marriage had been one of convenience, and had broken down after the accident that stole his wife's hearing.

He was appalled by his wife's life and behavior after the accident, and kept their son away from her after he was born. He also actively discouraged her from attending their church and his galleries, and from interacting with their son.


V states Jumin and his father get along well because of their similar personalities.

When he was young and at their first meeting, Jumin thought Chief Kim was scary because of how stern the older man looked. Despite that Chief Kim treated Jumin the same way he treated V.

While he and V grew up, Jumin and his father had many family dinners with Chief Kim's family.

Chairman Han


  • In the Yoosung's Route, Jumin mentions that Chief Kim's occupation was being a painter, but in Another Story, Chief Kim is a businessman.


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