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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

While preparing for the RFA party Christmas arrived.
Today is Christmas Eve...
Will anything special happen on this year's Christmas?

—Intro cutscene

Christmas 2016.png

Christmas Special 2016 is a Christmas DLC, as well as the game's very first DLC, that had been released on 19th December 2016, along with the v1.6.0 update for both Android and iOS. It consists of two days of gameplay, eight endings, fully voiced Visual Novels, special ringtones, 25 new Album images and three new BGMs.

100 hourglasses are required to unlock the DLC. Players are recommended to save any progress before starting on the Christmas DLC as choosing to play it will start a new game progress, therefore overwriting any existing game progress that has been unsaved. Once the DLC has been purchased, it will be permanently available to the player, thus allowing the player to access the DLC at any point of time.

The DLC can be found under the DLC option at the bottom right of the main menu (or main lobby), which has been newly added along with a revamped appearance of the main menu following the v1.7.8 update. In addition, the gameplay UI has also been changed to exhibit a Christmas theme, much like the Halloween update.

Christmas UI.png Christmas DLC.png Main lobby 3.png

Gameplay Changes

For phone calls that are made over the course of the DLC, see also Phone Calls

  1. The Christmas DLC lasts for only two days, unlike the usual 11-day gameplay.
  2. The player is not required to invite guests. As a result, the email and guest options located at the left side of the gameplay UI has been replaced with inanimate buttons with a snowflake decoration, thus preventing the player from opening the inbox and viewing the guest list.
  3. When the player replies to messages, they will not earn hearts.

According to Cheritz:

  1. You can access the DLC anytime.
  2. Some of the suggestions made by players have been applied in the DLC, such as a romantic scene with Jaehee.
  3. Messages received by the player can differ from that of other players. This is likely because in the DLC, the kind of messages that the player receives is affected by the choices they make in the chatrooms.
  4. When the player plays the DLC for the second time, they will receive different kinds of messages from their last playthrough.