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Route Tips

Tips to get an Ending:

Zen Ending

Christmas Day 21:00 - "Wait for me"

  • Get a lot of Gray (Zen) hearts

Yoosung Ending

Christmas Day 21:00 - "Watch me"

  • Get a lot of Green (Yoosung) hearts

Jaehee Ending

Christmas Day 21:00 - "Jaehee back to the company"

  • Get a lot of Yellow (Jaehee) hearts

Jumin Ending

Christmas Day 21:00 - "Value the "present""

  • Get a lot of Purple (Jumin) hearts

707 Ending

Christmas Day 21:00 - "From the outer space"

  • Get a lot of Red (707) hearts

Normal Ending

Christmas Day 21:00 - “707’s monologue”

  • Balance all hearts
  • Don’t pick too many options that don’t give out hearts, or else you’ll get Bad Ending
  • For a more precise guide, check this link and follow the options chosen.

Bad Ending

Christmas Day 21:00 - "Looks busy..."

  • Participate less 30% of chat rooms; or
  • Pick options that don't give hearts

Unknown Ending

Christmas Day 21:00 - "Looks busy..." + Confirmation text of Unknown at 18:10 / 6:10 PM

Answer with the following responses when Unknown texts you on Christmas Day.

  • 12:01 am message - Unknown: "Do you want to see me?"
    Response: "Yes. I want to know who you are."
  • 8:43 am message - Unknown: "You won't make secrets from me, would you?"
    Response: "I'll send you the address for the event. [Send address]"
  • 4:07 pm message - Unknown: "Could you tell me when that event ends? If I know that, I'll be able to reach you."
    Response: "It ends at 9. I'll be waiting. You said you'd come find me soon."

Note: Do not miss the chats at 00:01, 08:43, and 16:07 on Christmas day or you can not achieve this ending.