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He is shown to be kind, patient, and willing. However he can be competitive, especially when it comes to racing.


He is shown to be a slightly older man, with a wrinkled face and short grey hair, as well as grey eyes.


In any route he is Jumin's general mean of getting around, to go anywhere Driver Kim will drive Jumin there. In some routes, he is the one who will pick up and drop MC off at places.



He works for and respects Jumin. It's unknown how deep their relationship goes. But it seems that they both like and respect each other.


  • Jumin says he knows the roads better than Noogle Maps and can get anywhere quickly, despite traffic.
  • He named his racing car 'Honk Honk' and refers to it as his partner.
  • In the Christmas DLC, Jumin states that Driver Kim makes a lot of dad jokes and his jokes rank first and second on his bad jokes lost.
    • First is taken by "What kind of bagel can fly?" "A plain bagel."
    • Second is taken by "How does a train eat?" "It goes chew chew."