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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

  Glam Choi is a well known film actress and chairman of the C&R International company who had planned to marry Chairman Han (Jumin Han's father).



Glam is a pale-skinned woman with long brown hair that is usually bonded into a ponytail, golden-brown eyes and make-up.

She is seen wearing a black dress shirt with transparent long sleeves, red dangling earrings and a golden necklace.



Not much of Glam's background is known nor can it be confirmed to be true, but she has stated that she was previously married and she has a daughter. She says the only reason she went into the acting business was to support herself and her daughter after her ex-husband's company failed.


Jumin Han

Although Glam acted friendly and cordial to Jumin, he showed no interest in her or in the fact that she was possibly becoming his second step-mother. However, as Glam's schemes are revealed and become more obvious, Jumin shows his contempt towards and reveals the ploy to his father in one of the most shocking ways possible. At the end of the route, Jumin and C&R International have begun the process of suing her and Sarah Choi.

Sarah Choi

Sarah is Glam's younger sister.

Chairman Han

In Deep Story, Glam is the current girlfriend of Chairman Han and at the start of Jumin's route, the couple announces that they are considering marriage, but are yet to be formally engaged. However, the couple's relationship is merely a ploy for Glam to settle her financial problems and to ensure her younger sister's own financial security.

Prior to the revelation of her scheme, Chairman Han and Glam were in what appeared to be a loving relationship. Unfortunately, during the relationship the Chairman was blinded by his "love" for his girlfriend and he was easily manipulated by her.