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Information on this page is part of an alternate continuity.

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Invitation of Mystic Messenger (also known as the Mystic Messenger 수상한 메신저의 초대) is a webtoon published by BookCube and illustrated by MeriG. It is in the genre of Drama, Romance, and Mystery; published in Long Strip form.[1]

The prologue was released on 3rd April 2020, but the episodes were started to release on 11th April 2020. Each episode costs KRW 400, excluding the first 2 episodes and prologue, which are free. It also can be rented at KRW 200 for three days.

A large part of story will be based on the game, but Hana Kang the protagonist, is a different character from the game's main character/player.[2]


The comic adaptation of the dating-sim game phenomenon has arrived! Hana is usually a glass-half-full sort of person, but lately, nothing seems to be going her way. After yet another fruitless day of job hunting, she finds herself pouring out all her frustrations to a stranger in the street. The kind stranger disappears before they get a chance to exchange names or numbers, however, leaving behind a phone with nothing but a single messenger app. “Can you read this message…?” As soon as Hana logs on, username “Unknown” tells her they know the person she is looking for. Although a little suspicious, she is intrigued.

Who was the stranger that lent her a shoulder to cry on? Who is this “Unknown” she is chatting with? To find the answers to her questions, she must first accept a mysterious invitation. Time to get reacquainted with Jumin, 707, Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee and the rest of Mystic Messenger! [3]



This chapter closely follows the events of the Common Route's Prologue.

A woman named Hana Kang picks up a stranger's phone. She receives texts from Unknown and is sent to a mysterious address. She reflects from the future on how this event would change her life forever.


Deviations from the Source Material

  • MC has been replaced with a new character entirely. The new character named Hana Kang has her own personality and background.