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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

Everyone is fairly chatty in the chat room, but we are serious about the organization's party. Hopefully, we can invite many people.

—Jaehee Kang, Comment from RFA Orientation Guidebook


Jaehee Kang is one of the characters available from the Casual Story option in Mystic Messenger, and the only female character with a route. She is the chief secretary in the C&R International company and works as Jumin Han's assistant. She is kind and hardworking.


Even though Jaehee is a fairly serious and independent business woman, she is very caring. Jaehee has her own sense of humour and knows how to have a good chuckle at herself and others. That being said, she likes things to be organized and kept in line (One of the reasons she doesn't like taking care of cats; the one hair she misses while cleaning up after them drives her mad). It's very frustrating to her when things do not go according to schedule or if she is saddled with unexpected extra work. But ever the responsible one, she always comes through and deals the best she can despite the challenges her boss and friend Jumin always throws at her both in work and personal life.


Jaehee info.png

Jaehee is a young woman of average height, 165 cm (5'5"), who weighs 54 kg (119 lbs). She has short brown hair and gold-ish brown eyes. She wears non-prescription glasses that were given to her by Jumin. She is often seen in a business suit due to her job. She wears a white dress shirt, a dark brown/black jacket with a short pencil skirt, tights and black heels. In her after-ending, she has long, wavy hair that goes down to her upper back.

Background Story

Jaehee's mother married a man 20 years older than her, despite her family's wishes. Her father passed away from a disease when she was young leaving her and her mother on their own. When Jaehee was in the 9th grade her mother got into a car accident and later passed away, leaving her to be raised by her uncle despite his wife's wishes. After graduating from high school, she got a scholarship to a top university from which she graduated a year early. She immediately entered the workforce after graduating from college, where she was hired by Jumin Han. Jumin hired her because V proposed the idea of hiring Jaehee to him. She later joined the RFA on Jumin's recommendation.

In Deep Story, Jumin mentions that Jaehee is Catholic, which she later confirms.

Casual Story

In Jaehee's route, Jumin decides to embark on a cat project. She is tasked with most of the research and is in charge of organizing the presentation. During this time, Seven notifies the rest of RFA that the messenger has been hacked. Jumin deploys bodyguards for every member except for the player, as the address to her apartment must remain undisclosed. Jaehee is concerned about Zen when he hurts his leg, and after some convincing from the player, she decides to take care of him. Seven contacts V about the hacker, and V claims that he will solve the situation by some unknown means.

In addition to the cat project, Jumin decides to have Jaehee research coffee. Upon learning more about the process of coffee-making, Jaehee becomes more interested in the subject and is very disappointed when Jumin demands her to give up the project in favor of the cat project. The other RFA members are appalled, especially Zen, who is angry that Jumin is making her work more. With some persuasion from Seven and the player, Jaehee secretly investigates more about coffee while Seven makes her presentation.

During the presentation, Jumin is shocked when Jaehee decides to make Longcat the mascot of the cat project instead of Elizabeth 3rd, and, humiliated, he fires her. Jaehee, however, feels free and decides to follow her dream. At the same time, as revenge, Jumin steals one of Seven's cars to vent his anger and lets it crash.

As the hacker situation has yet to be solved, V decides to sort out the problem again. At nighttime, he approaches Jumin to tell him that he has appointed him as the next leader of RFA, since he has terminal liver cancer and may be unable to proceed with duties soon.



Jaehee is Jumin's Chief Secretary, her job involves auditing his schedule and also looking after his cat, Elizabeth 3rd, which tends to drive her crazy. Jaehee isn't happy about everything her job with Jumin has to offer, and gets frustrated with him from time to time. But she is always loyal to her boss. She also refers to him as "Mr. Han", showing their professional relationship.

Although Jumin seems indifferent to her suffering (he believes that as long as he pays her well, she should have no reason to complain about her workload), he entrusts her with work that goes beyond her role as an assistant (eg. taking charge of a presentation). Because the two are together frequently, they know each other quite well, as well as having respect for one another as a team and friends.


At the beginning of the game, Jaehee will be the most suspicious of the player's sudden involvement with the RFA. But will gradually grow to be best friends depending on the player's choices. In her Good Ending, Jaehee will state that the player inspired/enabled her to chase after her dreams, which causes her to resign from being Jumin's Chief Assistant, and becoming a baker instead. She asks the player to be her partner, and in her After Ending, it is seen that they both opened a bakery, tasting their success.

MC feeding Jaehee a piece of the cake they baked for the store.


Jaehee is a big fan of Zen's works. Despite her formal and serious approach she often fangirls over him and often agrees with him when talking about his handsomeness and compliments him. It is hinted more than once that Jaehee likes Zen as more than a fan or a friend, although she is loath to admit it. This is possibly because Jaehee strongly believes that romantic relationships between actors and fans would be extremely detrimental to the actor's career.


Jaehee trusts V because Jumin, her boss, trusts him. V is the reason why Jumin hired Jaehee in the first place as he recommended her to him. V admires Jaehee for being a hard working woman, and Jaehee refers to V as a role model to her.


Due to her more serious personality and interests, Jaehee doesn't often agree with Yoosung's addiction to video games. However she does often show a more caring side towards him, and tries to encourage him to take his life more seriously. Yoosung brings up at one point that he sometimes sees Jaehee as an older sister looking out for him. In the Christmas special, Yoosung and Jaehee work together for the C&R fundraiser. Jaehee says she is proud of Yoosung for working so hard.


She is often exasperated with 707 because of his endless jokes and pranks, but does not dislike him. She also respects his work abilities. When 707 is trolling someone, she is often the "straight-man" in the conversation. However, at times, Jaehee will sneak a joke into conversations with 707, to which he greatly enjoys.


It was said, in Casual Story, that she was not very familiar with Rika; due to the fact Jaehee was the last member to join RFA. However, it was stated that Rika was a nice and kind person who cared about Jaehee's well being.

However, in Another Story, it's shown that the two of them had been really close and viewed each other as sisters.

Elizabeth 3rd

She does not hate Elizabeth 3rd nor cats in general, but doesn't want to be around her because the cat fur - or she called it "C-Fur" - gets everywhere. Jaehee often mentions how exasperated she is to have to take care of Elizabeth 3rd on such short notices and after-hours. She also finds Jumin's cat projects which often feature Elizabeth 3rd tiring, because they're often unprofitable and require a lot of work she personally has to handle.

The spaceship reveals

Day 1

  • "This collar is quite uncomfortable."

Common Route 01 - Casual Story

  • "What is the definition of work hours? Does it even exist…?
  • "Hair stands up on the back of my neck when Mr. Han passes by."
  • "I would like them to know that I’m not a matchmaker…"
  • "I’m sure all this stress from working late will vanish once I see Zen in uniform."
  • "I can do it. Just one more. Cheer up."
  • "My shoe size is 240."

Common Route 02 - Deep Story

  • "Jalapeno topping… I want to see it again…"
  • "Craving a dark roast pour over coffee today."
  • "Perfectly aligned bedding like a hotel room is a small joy of mine."
  • "The cafeteria’s serving kimchi cheese beef roe fried today. Did they have to list all their ingredients?;;"
  • "I feel like I’ll become C&R’s poltergeist."
  • "Avocado, speedo, tornado, kendo, judo, I want to play judo."

Zen's Route

  • "Do we have four quarters because of the four seasons? I really hate writing quarter reports."
  • "Combo menus are so convenient. Wish they would have that for coffee."
  • "Is my comforting not enough?"
  • "I’m seeing more office couples secretly meeting in the exit staircase."
  • "This magical company card. But all I do is drink coffee."
  • "They probably disposed of Zen’s cast already. Hope no one’s secretly keeping it…"
  • "Mr. Han is actually fairly generous. He gave all the employees resort vouchers."
  • "I heard the other assistants want to call Mr. Han Lord Jumin."
  • "I just purchased a rice ball that’s coffee flavored. Quite exciting."
  • "Don’t ever forget the importance of marketing."
  • "Aside from health, the Black Angel suits Zen very well."
  • "I almost joined a haters forum for Echo Girl… I’ll take this secret to my grave."

Jaehee's Route

  • "I wish Luciel would create a game called Boss Crush…"
  • "I want to drink an einspanner with a bunch of cream on top."
  • "Morning meeting is done, and now I must check Zen’s legs… Oh that’s not it!"
  • "My pants size is getting to me since I haven’t been working out the past few days."
  • "Pursuing your dreams requires enormous courage."
  • "Triangle rice zens for lunch, I mean triangle rice balls!!"
  • "If Zen is in a coffee commercial, I’ll drink it regardless of the taste."
  • "Non-prescription glasses… They were uncomfortable at first but now I’m used to it."
  • "The representative’s warmth was awkward at first, but now I really like it."
  • "I was talking to my friend the other day, and the first thing out of my mouth was Director Jumin Han’s office…"
  • "Should I just throw away my glasses? Or keep them? I should think about it."
  • "I think it was the first time I’ve rebelled against anyone. It didn’t feel so bad."
  • "I feel like I’m proposing. Calm down, deep breaths."
  • "I never believed in the power of words, but I have no choice but to now."

Yoosung's Route

  • "Expect to leave work at 24:03... God...."
  • "The cafeteria's serving... catnip salad?! Is it Mr. Han again?!"
  • "Keep calm and work... Who'd write this? It's got to be Mr. Han."
  • "Shoulder-throw, hip=throw, and of course, the best is Mr. Han-thr..."
  • "I want a thai massage. If only I had the time that is..."
  • "Why are there so many typos today?"
  • "It's dreadful getting off work late, but I like the quiet streets at night."
  • "The sole of my shoes are all worn out. No wonder I kept slipping."
  • "It's a secret that I keep a photo of Zen under my mouse pad."
  • "This is so ridiculous it could be on TV… Nothing will seem real now."
  • "I’ve had five cups of coffee. I hope Zen releases an album of lullabies…"
  • "Should I have given Yoosung a wake-up call? Oh, perhaps that’s not my place."
  • "Should I suggest we go on a holiday after the party? I don’t really want to travel with my boss though."

Jumin's Route

  • "Santa, if you exist, please gift me with a 'vacation'."
  • "Someone keeps leaving their snack on my desk. Why is that?"
  • "I think 80% of my blood is caffeine."
  • "One arm shoulder throw, single leg takedown, shoulder wheel, small inner reap reversal..."
  • "I told an employee to refrain from making personal calls during work hours, and she cried... I want to cry..."
  • "The company's blowing up... I mean... the phone line's blowing up."
  • "I must delete all ebooks with the keyword #RomanceWithHeir"
  • "I don't know if I'm working under a boss or a stubborn child."
  • "Does the word moderation exist in Mr. Han's dictionary?"
  • "I don't really like alcohol, but at a time like this I'd like to go drinking with a friend."
  • "Should I go to the company cafeteria today? I heard they're serving spaghetti."
  • "A trip to hot springs or a spa... I can't believe this is my issue right now!"
  • "I heard duty free items are 30% cheaper on average. I should make a list."
  • "Vacation vacation vacation vacation vacation vacation vacation vacation"

707's Route

  • "Finally home... I have to take a shower.... and check Tripter... but I'm sleepy."
  • "I do not like people who are always late. I wish they'd be more considerate of others."
  • "Hmm? Why do I have a missed call from Yoosung? I was in a meeting."
  • "I should work while listening to the musical numbers Zen sang! Hmmm~"
  • "A rice ball has to be more nutritious than Honey Buddha Chips, right...? Or maybe they're pretty much the same."
  • "I ended up humming without knowing. I hope no one heard. Maybe I should pretend it wasn't me."
  • "Dear God, are you looking the other way right now?"
  • "Mr. Han has no idea that other companies refer to him as the iron mask."
  • "I feel like writing in my diary tonight..."
  • "It's not easy to trust someone and wait."
  • "I wish I were taller. Of course, I won't grow anymore now..."
  • "Sometimes Mr. Han's memory surprises me. He seems indifferent but he remembers everything."
  • "My bangs have already grown out. I must trim it before I leave."
  • "It's a part of my job to catch people parking illegally during hectic hours."

Another Story

  • "The cat hair on Mr. Han's shoulder is getting on my nerves."
  • "These glasses are hurting my ears. Should I take it off for a while?"
  • "We should lessen the usage of plastic in the office."
  • "There's a toaster in the lounge. Who put it there?"
  • "The party guests whom they invited.... is everyone serious?"
  • "I must have slept in the wrong position... my right shoulder feels tight..."
  • "They say having three cups of coffee a day lengthens your lifespan....."

V's Route

  • "I think drinking hot coffee eases the tension in my body."
  • "This coffee pot seems to have the same image as me.... must be my imagination."
  • "I should add another espresso shot in my coffee from tomorrow onwards."
  • "I was away for a while and there's a 'You can do it' memo stuck on my monitor. Wonder who it's from?"
  • "Head of the Intelligence Unit, such a hard title to get used to..."
  • "Do I fit better with the intelligence unit than being a secretary?"
  • "I just saw the manager of the intelligence team eating chicken skewers as a late night snack."
  • "Would there be a day when I can binge watch Zen's DVD?..."
  • "I guess my judo belts are of no help to me..."
  • "Intelligence unit... hope we can disband this unit soon."
  • ""
  • ""
  • "Focus on work."
  • "Everyone in the intelligence unit..... you did a great job."

Ray's Route

  • "Did I...just kick the power strip right now with my feet? Hope not..."
  • ""
  • "Whoa... I almost spilled coffee on my keyboard"
  • "Feeling like logging into my fangirl account... I'm curious once in a while when I'm busy"
  • "Must be of help to everyone but... my responsibility is a burden..."
  • "Zen's Zekyll and White, I want to see it soon..."
  • "I get the uneasy feeling that I won't have time to rest until the party."
  • "Mr. Han is a genius. A genius in creating more work..."
  • "Things can be different depending on the team leader..."
  • "Feels like Mr. Han is away at the busiest time... Hope I'm mistaken."
  • "Give us hope. Amen."
  • "Friend chicken and pizza... which should I order?"
  • "The only thing I can do is pray..."
  • "Seven left this glasses cleaner... I hope he comes sooner or later and takes it..."

Christmas Special 2016

  • "I used to like snow when I was little. But now all I think about is how I'll be going to work."
  • "Santa rides Rudolph... I mean, Santa rides a sleigh. Look at me..."
  • "It's not so bad to spend Christmas being surrounded by so many people."
  • "Organizing the party is hard enough, but cleaning afterwards will take forever..."

April Fool's Special 2017

  • "Who put red ink in my black pen?"
  • "If I hand in my resignation, would Mr. Han consider it a joke? Or actually believe me?"

Ray's After Ending

  • "Once we find peace, I will go on a trip to Indonesia, if I can."
  • "A total of 5 meetings and 31 reports in a day... That's a new record."

Welcome messages

7:00 (7 am) - 12:00 (Noon)

  • "I pray that I can get off work on the dot today."
  • "Did you have breakfast?"
  • "A brand new day has started"
  • "I woke up 10 mins earlier than usual and started the morning leisurely"

12:00 (noon) - 17:00 (5 pm)

  • "I think deciding what to have for lunch is the most difficult thing to do."
  • "Don't you feel lonely all by yourself?"
  • "I'm quite anxious as Mr. Han seems to be planning another strange business project."
  • "A new lunch box in the convenience store was out... I want to try it for lunch."

17:00 (5 pm) - 21:00 (9 pm)

  • "Do you like watching musicals? I will lend you Zen's performance DVD if you want."
  • "Drinking coffee is making me focus well."
  • "I keep staring at my phone because I want to chat with you."
  • "A busy day goes by. I'm curious about how you were."

21:00 (9 pm) - 00:00 (midnight)

  • "Sweet dreams"
  • "Logging more hours for work is what's awaiting me."
  • "You should take it easy today."
  • "I hear hackers tend to be active during the night. Is the hacker where you are at also like that?"

00:00 (midnight) - 7:00 (7 am)

  • "Why don't you go to sleep early in preparation for tomorrow?"
  • "Working so hard till late."
  • "I watched Zen's DVD all night and it's now the break of dawn."
  • "I reccomend a warm glass of milk if you can't sleep."