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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!


Another Story generally deals with more mature content than the Main Story. But please be aware the Judge ending in particular is highly disturbing due to its intense and demeaning overtones. Read at your discretion!

DLC V After Ending

See V/Route Tips for advice on how to get either ending

Judge or Forgive refers to the After Ending story that is accessible after the player obtains V's Good Ending. In each episode, you will unlock a special free chat with a random character, depending on if you picked options that forgave or judged Rika for what she did. The story consists of six episodes, with two separate ending episodes; each requires 80 Hourglasses to unlock and they will stay unlocked forever after purchase. As a result, the play requires 640 hourglasses total to play through the entire plot of Judge or Forgive. An additional 100 hourglasses are required to reset so that you can get another ending.

It focuses on the details of what happens to Rika and RFA after the ending of Another Story.

Episode 1

The episode starts off with V announcing to the player that he would be departing on a trip with the purpose of self-healing and rediscovery. V asks the player to wait for him and promises to write.

The scene changes to Jumin's apartment as the news reports the events of the RFA party. The reporter talks about how the bottles passed at the event contained drugs and hallucinogens, as well as how the suspect is currently in police custody and how they are suffering from mental illness, bringing up the discussion of what should be their transmission for treatment. The news then shows a speech made by Rika at the cult, in which she talks about how Magenta is a place that will not forsake anybody and is willing to love all. 

After this, Jumin is seen looking at the news. He comments that he should have seen Rika's state before, saying that maybe V wouldn't have suffered so much if he had done so. Jaehee recomforts him by saying that she had tricked them all, and that there is no accounting for what people will become when led by their emotions. Jumin questions what kind of emotions one has to have to do what Rika did, to which Jaehee says that it is unlikely anyone knows, although V might have a clue. Jaehee says that he needs some time to find himself, and that he wouldn't have gone far without the player. Shortly thereafter, it is revealed that Jumin has started drinking in order to hold off his judgment towards Rika. Jaehee suggests trying to understand her instead of judging her, as to not strain himself more. She leaves and Jumin comments that it is an interesting theory. 

Afterwards, the scene shows a chat between Yoosung, Zen and the player. The three of them briefly comment on V's departure, with Yoosung stating that he doesn't think he could have handled the trauma if he had been in V's shoes, before passing the topic onto Rika and the upcoming trial. Zen expresses his confusion at Rika not being sent to the hospital immediately, and Yoosung says that they first need to assess how heavy her mental illness is. Zen asks the player if they are able to forgive Rika, and the player is able to choose between "I will never forgive her", "I wish I could forgive her" or "I already forgave her". Regardless, Yoosung expresses that he can't find it in himself to forgive her for her actions. After this, Jumin enters the chat and asks for Luciel. It is revealed that Seven went fishing with his "housekeeper" under the excuse of needing some air. Zen points out Jumin's recent drinking behaviour, but Jumin disappears without answering. Yoosung and Zen talk about how the C&R is doing everything in its power to help the current investigation, with Zen noting that Jumin's focus might be due to feeling betrayed by Rika. 

Soon after, Seven enters the chat. He asks the player how they are feeling, before offering to take the player to join him in nature. The three remaining characters talk about him for a moment before passing to the idea of holding a small gathering and taking care of each other. Yoosung then reveals he bought a psychology book in order to understand Rika a bit more, and leaves to pick it up as it had just arrived. Zen shows some degree of confusion over Yoosung's choice, but concedes that it might be a good idea and asks to borrow it sometimes.

After Yoosung leaves, Zen and the player briefly discuss what will happen with the RFA. 

The scenery changes to a visual novel in which Seven is talking to Jumin, that is asking him why does his DNA match the hacker's. Seven realizes that the hacker must have been Saeran, his twin, and shortly thereafter ends the call in shock. 

Episode 2

At the beginning of the episode we are shown that in fact Saeran survived the explosion at the Mint Eye and is asking if Saeyoung is there to help him.

A mailman approaches the player's house with a letter from V, if the player decides not to burn the letter V ends up talking about a flower he found and goes into its meaning.

In a chat room after Zen shockingly announces that Rika has been kidnapped while going to custody and that the traffic was sabotaged. We are then greeted with a cabin scene in which Vanderwood and Saeyoung talk about Rika, who they have kidnapped, Saeyoung gets into a fight with Rika and talks about his brother and how she ruined him. Saeyoung then goes for a walk to clear his head questioning if Saeran is still out there. In a chat room Yoosung is being conflicted and enraged by the fact that V is gone while the RFA is having a crisis regarding Rika.

Episode 3

707 58

Saeyoung is yet again seen blaming himself for Saerans death. A mailman approaches the players house with another letter from V, this time he is caught in a storm and talks about the ever so loving sun that comes after it.

Jumin and Jaehee along with the intelligence unit find out where Saeyoung has been hiding with Rika and go confront him, he first explains how he met Rika and V and is then seen discussing the fact that he would like to leave the RFA and everything behind him. In a chatroom with Yoosung, Zen and the player decide to go to the cabin to decide on what they are going to do with Rika.

In the next scene Saeyoung and Vanderwood go for a walk, Saeyoung starts talking about how he wants to quit the agency as well, Vanderwood then apologizes to him and fires a shot, which he misses. Saeyoung is then seen on the ground questioning the current situation in his life and his brother. Jaehee then tries to confront Rika but is then cut off by Jumin who needs her attention.

Episode 4

Yoosung 39

Yoosung and the player are seen discussing Rika's current situation in the cabin when suddenly Rika wakes up and confronts Yoosung, Yoosung is seen in absolute rage towards her and constantly keeps cutting her off while she's trying to explain her situation, we find out that her delusions caused her to think that she's'' not ill but just "overly emotional", the player either tries to stop Yoosung from yelling at Rika or supports him in it. Jaehee announces in the later chat room that Jumin and her would have to leave for the company. The two are then seen talking about Saeyoung and how they would like to give him a job in the intelligence unit

2 years ago, Rika and Mika are seen in Rika's apartment, Mika seems to be in a terrible condition as her cancer is taking her away. Mika then almost immediately becomes passive-aggressive and starts to be extremely manipulative towards Rika. She convinces her that the two of them won't ever be truly loved and that they should embrace their inner devil and darkness, Mika touches up on V and convinces Rika that he would leave her like the others. Mika also states that the two of them are going to start "saving people" soon, breaking the fact that the Mint Eye was her idea, considering Rika's fragile and declining mental state her delusions kick in and Rika agrees to it because Mika was a person she truly trusted.

In the cabin, Rika talks about how Saerans room was specially prepared to survive any type of explosion giving Saeyoung hope that his brother is perhaps alive.

Episode 5

Common 83

In a chat room, Jaehee tells everybody the possibility of Saeran being alive. Yoosung, Zen and the player are chilling in the cabin when Rika wakes up and asks if there's anything new about Saeran, Yoosung shuts her down and tells her to go back to her room.

The three of them sit at the table and discuss Rika's situation once again. Yoosung wants to judge her while Zen is saying that the past is in the past, it's up for the player to decide on whose side they are.

Another letter from V, he talks about forgiveness and wishes the player happiness and the sun's love.

Episode 6

V 55

Jumin and Saeyoung are seen in the C&R building where Jumin proudly welcomes Saeyoung to his new workplace, the intelligence unit, and asks him to sign a 1- year contract.

The player goes for a walk and hears someone crying, they go to check and it's Yoosung. He is having a hard time between forgiving and judging Rika for her actions and the player gives their opinion depending on the ending they are going for.

We are then presented with a scene in which V is seen carrying Saeran on his back. Saeran asks V if he can go back to see Saeyoung and reunite with him which V tells him that they would go after elixir's effect fully wears off. Saeran then asks him if he can go back to live a normal life which V gladly confirms as a Yes.

Episode 7 (Forgive Ending)

Forgive ending occurs if the player is willing to forgive Rika and is being open-minded towards her.

Common 82

As the episode opens we are greeted with Rika's dream in which ??? is involved, supposedly God. She comes to the realization that she isn't her darkness and that she can become the sun and better herself.

Fast forward in a chatroom Yoosung and Zen find out that Rika escaped from the cabin and her room, soon enough Jumin, Jaehee and Saeyoung hear about the news but are distracted by Jumin's TV which shows the Prime Minister or Choi Saejoong announcing his illegitimate sons and blaming C&R's intelligence unit for illegal practices and a government privacy breach. Rika then joins the chat with the player explaining that she would live on and find her happiness as well as wishing the RFA the best.

Saeyoung then distracts everyone's attention with a video Rika posted of herself, in which she exposes the Prime Minister and his horrible treatment towards his sons. She as well explains about her realization to become the sun and claims that she would take a proper path to her happiness from now on. 

2 years later the RFA is gathered in a chat room discussing the party that's happening today as well as the fact that Rika is doing something great and has found happiness. V and Rika are then seen splitting off.

V 56

As the RFA is enjoying themselves and greeting the guest V shows up and takes everyone's attention. V proudly tells the guest to welcome their new member, who is Saeran, Saeyoung becomes overwhelmed by the fact that his twin lived and we get a scene where the two hug each other, describing how much they missed one another. 

5 years later we find out that V and the player are getting married and have already adopted a child, Lucy, who they would continue raising into a healthy adult. Lucy is seen playing with her table as the couple jokes about it being bad for their kid, and thus concludes the ending. 

Episode 7 (Judge Ending)


The judge ending happens if the player is unwilling to forgive Rika for what she did and is more close-minded.

Yoosung 40

We start with a sequence in which Rika is visiting her mother, her mother reacts horrified by the sight of her supposedly dead child, Rika tells her that this house is hell and that both of them would make people suffer even more. She nextly visits each RFA member asking them for forgiveness, they all, in unusual tones, reply harshly and bash her for everything she did, this is incredibly upsetting. 

Saeyoung then greets her and tells her that he has a suggestion on what she could do to be "useful". He suggests that they start a "circus" for Rika, shortly after he starts laughing and giggling at her while he explains how she would do everything that they ask her to, she would have to be pastors wife (who sexually molested her in her childhood) and wear provocative clothes so that people can start pitying her.

V 57

At the end, Rika greets the player and asks them if that's what they wanted to happen. We find out that it was all just a dream. In a chat room, Jaehee is asking if Rika's state has improved since she had fallen into a coma because of her health condition, Zen blames himself for not noticing it as well as Yoosung. Meanwhile, in Jumin's penthouse, Jumin tells Saeyoung about the signal from Nepal that V sent, they notice that there are two people shown in the signal, which is the other person is high likely to be Saeran. Saeyoung then plans to meet V there. Yoosung is then seen standing by Rika's hospital bed being conflicted of what he wanted and his feelings for her, though he genuinely wants her to wake up, even of all her wrong-doings.

6 months later V and the player are in the chatroom and he is on his way back to South Korea and finally meet her again. He then promises his best to find her happiness. Later on, it is shown that Saeyoung and Saeran are finally together. Saeyoung commits their names, Saeyoung and Saeran, will be the names they'll carry on through their lives, and will fulfill their promise they made that they will live outside in a new home together.

A month later, Yoosung is seen as the speaker in a gathering for healing to free themselves from their past. After the event, V and the player are seen cuddling together in bed where they are being lovey-dovey and expressing their love for another.