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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

If only we can continue Rika and V's aspirations

—Jumin Han, Comment from RFA Orientation Guidebook


Jumin Han is one of the Deep Story characters available in Mystic Messenger. He is the son of a wealthy family and the heir of the C&R International company. He is always on business trips and usually talks about work or mature topics, which is why he doesn't know about youth slang or commoner food. He does, however, sometimes speak eccentrically. Jumin loves to talk about his cat, Elizabeth 3rd, and how beautiful she is and is very much a doting parent. However, because of past experiences, Jumin is emotionally closed off and is distrustful of women, having witnessed his father fall victim to many gold-diggers who never loved his father, only his money.


Jumin is a quiet, serious and cautious man who prefers to act mature. Despite this, he is interested in young slang and loves to talk about cats, especially his own, Elizabeth 3rd. In fact, in his own way, his general cadence will give off that of a child's. He also enjoys teasing Zen about his cat allergy in the chat room. He is often surrounded by rumors concerning his sexuality because of his complete lack of interest in women, leading the press and other members of the RFA to tease him for possibly being gay. He views situations objectively, and wants others to be like him. He is a workaholic, which is shown through how he works Jaehee Kang to the bone; however, Jaehee states that Jumin's workload is ever greater than hers. Jumin disregards others' opinions of him, so he lives his life how he thinks is right.

Jumin does not care for relationships because he thinks it isn't worth it, preferring to focus on his work and cat instead. This gives others the impression of a cold man or even a robot. He also keeps his work relationships strictly professional, believing that his employees will do anything as long as they are paid to. As Jumin has a high status, he lives luxuriously, but he hates people that only like him for his money. Jumin has his own sense of humor which most of the RFA members do not understand, and at most times, isn't very funny but he doesn't care. Despite his cold and objective perspective, Jumin treasures the members of RFA so much that when needed, he would use his authority to help them without hesitation.

It is revealed in Jumin's Route, that he is not so cold and unfeeling as he portrays himself; instead, he is a man who feels rather too much but, for the sake of efficiency, he pushes his feelings down, repressing them and using work and his cat to distract himself. This has led to Jumin to develop severe, crippling loneliness and he does not know how to work through it, viewing himself as a "monster", thinking himself to be an ugly creature because of how lonely and paranoid he is. To cope, he projected this loneliness onto Elizabeth the 3rd and is overcome with despair when he admits that he knows their relationship is a lie, that she does not understand him and never will. Jumin is also hinted at having feelings for Rika as he believed she could see into him and see the "tangled" emotions without becoming disgusted. However, even when Rika asks if they would have ended up together, Jumin is visibly uncomfortable at the joke and tells her not to say things like that as it makes him uncomfortable. Because of never having been in a relationship before and being forced to repress his emotions, Jumin's relationship with the MC is rocky at first. However, with the MC's help, Jumin overcomes all his fear and anxiety and "untangles" his emotions that were knotted for many years.


Jumin's normal ending clothes.

Jumin info.png

Jumin is a tall, young man with a slim body. He is 184 cm (6' 0") tall and he weighs

Jumin's After Ending appearance

78 kg (171.9 pounds). He has messy black hair that has a slight brown hue in some pictures. He has the same hairstyle that you would typically see an ahoge have. He has sharp grey eyes and also has a very pale complexion.

He is often seen wearing his formal suit even when he is in his penthouse. It consists of a striped long white shirt, a black vest, jacket, tie, pants and shoes. On his right chest on the suit is a little pocket with a violet handkerchief.

In the Normal Ending, Jumin is seen wearing his casual attire which consists of a long white shirt covered by a tan sweater, an open dark blue jacket and long black pants which he used to wear when he was the Director of C&R.

In the After Ending, Jumin is seen with slicked-back hair (with a slight greyish streak) and his usual attire with his jacket unbuttoned. Jumin's usual black tie is replaced with a dark red one and he wears sunglasses.

At the party, Jumin is seen wearing a formal suit, which is more dark blue. He is wearing a white long shirt and white gloves.


Jumin grew up in luxury. He is one of the current directors of C&R, a massive conglomerate that appears to have businesses in multiple areas (from wine that cats can drink to coffee shops), although it is said in one of the chats that they are currently attempting to expand globally. Due to his very privileged upbringing, Jumin has a very different perspective on the world, which often brings him into direct conflict with Zen. Regardless, he doesn't particularly seem to care what others think about him. He works hard as a member of the RFA and as a Director of C&R, even to the point that Jaehee admits that Jumin works harder than she does.

Jumin also has a very positive relationship with his father, Chairman Han, with the two often exchanging expensive gifts. However, Chairman Han is a womanizer, and as a child Jumin was subjected to a revolving door of women in his life. Chairman Han divorced his mother and remarried his step-mother, who he is now separated from. At the start of the game, Chairman Han has just entered into a relationship with Glam Choi and has announced his plans to divorce his second wife and remarry for the third time. Jumin is skeptical of Glam's intentions; due to his aloof and logical nature, Jumin was able to see that the women in his father's life were simply using him for his vast wealth. He also fears for the fate of the company, as his father's womanizing ways could cause their stocks to plummet. As such, Jumin has developed a natural distrust for women.

In Deep Story, Jumin mentions that he is Christian, as he grew up in a Christian neighborhood. Despite this, in Jaehee's route, Jumin is stated to not believe in god.


Jumin joined the RFA at the behest of his childhood friend, V, with whom he has a close friendship with. After Rika's death, the RFA became somewhat fractured, with the parties they hosted being held off until further notice until the arrival of the MC.

Jumin generally acts as the peacemaker of the RFA, his usual logical way of thinking often trumping the emotional thinking of the other members, such as Yoosung and Zen. Jumin acts as a source of power and strength for the RFA with C&R and his wealth behind him and he does not hesitate to make use of them to help any of the members, such as sending bodyguards to each of the RFA members during the hacker's attack.

Casual Story

In the Casual Story, Jumin acts as his usual, logically thinking self and often offers advice and help to the MC and the other members. He remains aloof and emotionally distant, adding to the belief that he is a "robot" amongst the RFA, often only talking about work and Elizabeth the 3rd. Throughout each of the routes, most notably Zen's, Jumin is unhesitating in helping his friends, such as sending the MC to Zen's house when he was upset about his hurt leg and sending more bodyguards to protect the MC at Yoosung's behest, albeit asking for something in return for helping.

Deep Story

Common Route

Jumin's heart; show an interest in Elizabeth the 3rd and cats in general and understand his sense of humor to gain them!

During the Common Route of the Deep Story, Jumin is accepting, albeit wary, of the MC and stresses the importance of the party coming to fruition and that it must not fail at all costs. Despite the rocky start, Jumin and the MC get along and understand each other, with the MC being able to get Jumin's humour and the MC helping Jumin to understand more about food that "common" people eat as well as cooing over Elizabeth the 3rd.

Jumin's Route

After the game branch and if the MC has successfully managed to obtain his route, the two will converse more frequently, with the other characters noting how nicer Jumin appears when he talks with the MC. Due to growing up in a somewhat neglectful home, Jumin has difficulties expressing emotions and unconsciously speaks about his feelings without being aware, such as flirting with the MC but being unaware of it until one of the other characters makes a comment on his behaviour. The MC and Jumin grow closer and Jumin confides in the MC about his past and how difficult it was growing up with a father who, though loving, was absent and always had a string of women, with the fact that many of those women never loved his father greatly affecting his perception of love and of women. However, Jumin admits to thinking that the MC is different to those women who surrounded his father, and that he wants to get to know her better.

Jumin shares dinner with Chairman Han and Glam Choi, where it is revealed that his father wants him to marry Glam's student, Sarah.

During a dinner with his father, Chairman Han has declared his intentions to marry Glam Choi, and wishes to arrange a marriage between Jumin and Glam's student, Sarah. This, in turn, causes the relationship between the father and son to turn sour as Jumin sees his father being blindly manipulated by Glam and is unable to change his father's mind. Jumin returns to the chatroom and vents his frustrations to the MC about the situation before hastily leaving as he does not want the MC to see him upset, believing that he is 'pathetic'. Jumin's appearance in the chatroom is scarce as he struggles to cope with his emotions, leading many to worry about him, Jaehee most of all. The situation only worsens when articles are sent out about the "relationship" between Jumin and Sarah, as well as when Glam and Sarah secretly visit Jaehee's home to question her about Jumin and his relationship with women.

Jumin confides in the MC about how deeply he loves his father but he doesn't know what to do, talking about how during his entire life, his father was the only one who would be nice to him simply because he was his son and he loved him and that he never had any ulterior motives, unlike everyone else in his life, especially women. Jumin continues to become emotionally unstable due to the havoc wreaking his life and it only deteriorates when Zen has a premonition about Elizabeth the 3rd escaping the penthouse. Despite Jumin insisting that he doesn't believe it, his anxiety increases tenfold when he begins to think that Glam and Sarah might try to steal Elizabeth the 3rd in order to force him into a marriage with Sarah, which results in him locking Elizabeth the 3rd into a cage. Jumin admits that his deep relationship with his cat was all make believe in his head to manage his overwhelming emotions ,and it is revealed that Jumin may have had feelings for Rika, V's fiancée, and that he projected the feelings he had for her, along with the anxiety and sadness he felt, onto Elizabeth as a way to cope with the crippling loneliness he felt.

Jumin locks Elizabeth the 3rd in a cage in a state of worry, as he believes Sarah and Glam will steal her.

In order to cheer Jumin up after him refusing to come to work as a result of his overwhelming anxiety over Elizabeth the 3rd, Jaehee and 707 suggests that the MC visit Jumin to cheer him up as it is clear that he enjoys her company and cares for her deeply; when the MC arrives, Jumin is clearly shocked at her appearance and immediately becomes smitten at the sight of her. However, as a result of having never truly experienced a romantic relationship, and having suppressed his feelings for the sake of efficiency, his sudden interest in the MC sends him into an emotional tailspin; immediately, he insists that the MC stays for the night as it is already too late for her to return home, and the MC can ask about why he has Elizabeth locked away in a cage. Depending on the MC's response, Jumin will either wonder why she doesn't like the cage or agree that the cage is pretty.

The other members, especially Zen, are wary of the MC staying the night, though Jumin and, depending on the choices made, the MC can calm them down by saying nothing will happen and that Jumin is a gentleman and that the MC trusts him; the beginning of Jumin's obsession with the MC shows when Zen asks for a picture of the MC to see if she is alright and Jumin possessively declines, saying that he wants to be the only one to look at the MC to which the MC can laugh off, or encourage his possessive tendencies. Ignoring Zen's worries, Jumin tells the MC that he will make breakfast and says that the MC looks tired and needs to be put to bed. This shocks Zen and the MC can either comply or tell Zen Jumin means nothing by it, but he should know that she isn't a pet.

Jumin instantly becomes deeply attached to MC and is saddened that she needs to leave and wonders if he should stay home before she does. His paranoia is lessened and he agrees to come into work after the MC and Jaehee convinces him it's safe and that the MC can look after Elizabeth as the MC is someone that Jumin can trust. However, when Jumin lets Elizabeth out of her cage to feed her, the cat escapes as Jumin introduces the MC to the head of security, leaving Jumin in a state of shock and betrayal, barely responding when the head of security asks what they should do. Elizabeth's escape causes Jumin's emotional state to deteriorate, becoming even more so aggressively anxious and, when the MC offers to go look, he says that she should not leave the penthouse, not now and not ever.

The other members become increasingly worried, none so more than Jaehee and the MC while Zen is concerned about the MC; as a result of Elizabeth's disappearance, Jumin becomes increasingly more unstable as all his repressed emotions become too much for him to handle and, as such, he begins to become obsessively protective of the MC, refusing to let her leave because of his anxiety that she would disappear too as well as the fact the hacker was still at large. Despite his paranoia, Jumin is aware of his behaviour and asks the MC only for a little time to sort through his emotions and that he wants to become a better man than before and hates the way he is acting towards the MC, but that he is only worried something might happen to her and that if something were to happen, he would never be able to forgive himself.

Bad Story Ending 2, where Jumin and the MC enter into a BDSM relationship after the MC provokes Jumin's darker thoughts and does not help him "untangle his thoughts"

Jumin's instability worsens as he refuses to come into work, not wanting to let the MC out of his sight in case she might disappear from him forever, and begins to ignore his duties, leaving it all to rest on Jaehee. He attempts to treat the MC like he would Elizabeth, asking if he wants to go shopping for clothes and that he wants to buy her nice things, with the MC being able to either encourage Jumin to see her as a replacement to Elizabeth the 3rd, or that she is staying because she is worried for his health. The MC can choose to comply and further goad Jumin into becoming more possessive of her, or she can continue to worry about Elizabeth and Jumin's health which will lessen his worry to some degree if the MC is understanding of him.

The situation worsens when Sarah appears, saying that she has a picture of Elizabeth that turns out to be false. She yells at the MC and calls her names, resulting in Jumin telling her that he will give her money to leave him and his father alone; Sarah falls for the trick, revealing that all she ever wanted was money all along but refuses to leave until Jumin kisses the MC to invoke anger in Sarah. Jumin admits to wanting to kiss the MC since first laying eyes on her and the MC can either tell Jumin if they can do this with Elizabeth missing, or continue with the relationship without heed.

Depending on the MC's choices, the game branch can be passed, and Jumin ends up becoming more paranoid and obsessive over the MC and her safety; during one particular moment, in which Jumin's emotional instability begins to become even more fractured, the MC attempts to leave, telling Jumin that perhaps it would be better for the two of them if they had some time away from each other. Jumin ends up snapping, slamming the door behind the MC and trapping her, upset that she would try to run away and doesn't understand why she wants to leave when all he wants to do is protect her from all harm, stating that only he knows what's good for her and that it's in her best interests to stay with him.After the MC reassures Jumin that she was going to get some air but it's best if she stays until his anxiety subsides, Jumin moves away and apologizes for his actions, saying he doesn't want to be like this and that he hopes the MC will forgive him and give him time so that they can move on to become a proper couple.

Jumin blocks the MC's way, preventing her from leaving the apartment as he asks her why she refuses to listen to him when all he wants to do is protect her.

Jumin continues to not go into work, much to Jaehee's despair, and many of the other members comment that it would be best if the MC leave the penthouse to return to Rika's apartment so that she may continue to work on the party, much to Jumin's irritation. Jaehee attempts to talk to Jumin in person but is turned away as Jumin wishes to focus only on the MC, much to the annoyance of Zen and Jaehee, who both begin to worry for the MC's safety. Jumin eventually meets with his father to tell him that Sarah and Glam are using him for money, but he finally understands his father and how unpredictable he can become when he falls in love; he admits that he is in love with a woman, much to his father's shock, and the two reconcile.

During Yoosung and 707's mission to Mint Eye, Yoosung spots Elizabeth as Zen's dream had predicted and brings her back after 707 and he have an encounter with Unknown. Despite Elizabeth being safe, Jumin refuses to take her back as he believes that he was unfair in treating her more than a pet and that he has the MC in his life, therefore not needing a cat anymore. This results in Yoosung being forced to take care of the cat until further notice before V, having heard of what was happening when his friend, arrives to bring her back home.

Depending on the MC's actions and behaviour, Jumin agrees to let the MC go and to take Elizabeth back after being reassured by his friend and the MC that he is a good owner. Jumin is deeply regretful of his earlier actions towards the MC and states that he wants an equal love with her, but to do this he needs to take care of one final thing: Glam and Sarah. (See Jumin Han/Endings for more details.)


Jumin's Mother

Carolyn is one of the main reasons Jumin is distrustful of women, according to him, their relationship is far from a normal mother-son relationship, describing her as cold, that he would do anything in his power to not turn out like her, even if he loses his money and honor doing so. She has little to no interest or care for her son, telling Jumin that conceiving him was not how other mothers would describe it as magical. that it was merely something she had to do, to produce the best CEO, with the best genes through a coordinated marriage, even using him to make deals with others that would only benefit her, Jumin also blames the way he turned out on his mother, saying that his therapist tells him to ignore her actions, and her telling him to be silent about his desires and needs, to control other and keep his dignity safe, telling him that work and power and honor matter more than love and family. saying that she sees no reason to treat him like a son instead of a tool since it’s a “non-profitable task”, and that if he wants her to be a mother to him, he should be something else to her.

Their relationship was later shown to be much more toxic, Carolyn bordering on mental and physical abuse to control Jumin. because according to her Jumin was born the way she wanted him to be, perfect. with no twists or turn, however that made him “far from a human being”, making him nothing like a child, that “he’s exactly to way she wants him to be, but he's creeping her out”, frustrated, she asked him why he can’t have fun like other ordinary, unfocused, disoriented children, with Jumin responding with “You are the one who made me like this”. Which resulted in Carolyn forcefully locking Jumin up in a basement filled with toys on several occasions to get him to act “normal”, the longest time being 17 hours and 14 minutes, she was satisfied that he was growing like her, but at the same time she hated it, which eventually led her to avoid him completely.

Jumin said that they both wanted an ordinary loving mother-son relationship, but “both of them had no love to provide each other with”.


Jumin and Jaehee have a professional relationship, although a bit strained. Jumin does not hesitate to often say blunt, and rather hurtful things to Jaehee, such as stating he's tired of hearing her voice, and straight out saying he doesn't care about her health or well being. She is also the one tasked to watch over Elizabeth 3rd when Jumin is out of the country, much to Jaehee's displeasure. Jaehee does show a bit of respect to Jumin regardless, whether or not this is voluntary or her forcing herself to be respectful for the sake of her job is up for debate. Jumin tells Jaehee to do many things that go beyond her role as an assistant (leading a presentation, looking over Jumin's cat, etc.) and he has a deep trust in Jaehee. The two know a lot about each other due to being side by side for many hours of the day.


Jumin and Zen share a somewhat strange friendship; the two can never get along and are always bickering, though it is more on Zen's side as he dislikes Jumin simply for his upbringing and because Jumin reminds Zen of his brother, with whom he has a bad relationship with after his brother began to verbally abuse Zen. Jumin teases Zen with photos of Elizabeth, aware of how Zen suffers from a severe cat allergy. However, Jumin doesn't actively hate Zen and is all the more willing to help him; during Zen's route, he sends the MC over to Zen's house, knowing that she will be able to cheer Zen up after he broke his leg and won't be able to take the role he was offered. Jumin says it is under the guise of having the MC convince Zen to be the model for his latest cat project, but he continues to help Zen, despite the latter's reluctance.

Depending on the MC's choices in Zen's route, Jumin and Zen can become friends and overcome their differences, with Jumin handing him an olive branch in the form of being a model for his father's teacup project instead. Zen declines and says he would rather be the face of his cat project and the two share some light hearted banter. Jumin is a big help in revealing Echo Girl's lies about being sexually assaulted by Zen and the two become closer as a result.

In all other routes, the two continue to bicker, with Jumin teasing Zen and Zen becoming annoyed.


Jumin and V are childhood friends, having grown up in the same neighborhood and are incredibly close friends; the two met when Jumin crashed his toy car into V's house while he was playing and Jumin asked V what he wanted for compensation, with V saying that he wanted Jumin to be his friend. They made a contract which Jumin still has to this day. Jumin was the main cause of V deciding to reconcile with his mother, telling his friend to meet and form his own opinion of her instead of being solely influenced by his father.

During Jumin's route, it is revealed that V was the one who gave and named Jumin's prized pet, Elizabeth 3rd at Rika's behest. After Elizabeth escapes the penthouse and is shortly recovered, Jumin thinks about returning Elizabeth to V. V is the only one out of the RFA to help Jumin finally overcome his anxiety of losing the MC and convinces him that she needs to leave in order to prepare for the party; V, with the support of the MC, reassures Jumin to take Elizabeth back instead of giving her to his friend after being reassured that he could be a good owner. It is also hinted Jumin had feelings for Rika but even so, his friendship with V was more dear to him and Rika even commented that she felt like an outsider whenever the three were together. Jumin respects V's judgement, as seen when Jumin automatically accepts the main character into the RFA when V gives his approval. Jumin was the only RFA member who trusted V after V left the RFA in 707's route, actively searching for V afterwards. When 'V' (actually Seven who was using V's phone) sends the RFA members coordinates to where they're being captured, Jumin insists on taking a helicopter to where V is himself.

At V's funeral, Jumin states that V was 'a good friend, a good teacher, and a mirror of truth'. He also states that he would never forgive V for leaving them the way he did, although it's implied that Jumin knows the truth behind V's actual death.

During V's route, Jumin reveals how deeply he cares for his friend and he remains steadfastly loyal, despite finding out that V lied about Rika dying. After regaining contact with the MC and 707, Jumin uses his influence to have V immediately prepped for surgery and is deeply grateful towards the MC for helping V; Jumin also tells the MC that V had called Jumin to request that should anything happen to him, that Jumin should look after the MC and make sure she is cared for and loved. So strong is his love towards his friend, Jumin is unmerciful towards Rika and tells her that they will destroy Mint Eye and she will pay for her crimes, with her stabbing V being the worst in his eyes.

It is revealed in V's Good Ending that Jumin has remained in contact with V but it is scarce, the last time he has heard from his friend being three months prior when he was in Alaska.


Yoosung and Jumin don't share a close friendship but care for each other none the less; before Rika's death, Jumin had even offered Yoosung a place at his company as he saw great potential in the boy. During Yoosung's route, Yoosung asks if that offer still stands and Jumin states that it does, even despite the fact Yoosung neglected his studies.

In 707's route, Jumin calls Yoosung's mother as an act of kindness towards Yoosung, hoping that his mother would be able to put her son's life back on track. Many of the members feel that he overstepped his boundaries but Jumin remains adamant that it was the right thing to do. Eventually, Yoosung admits to being grateful towards Jumin as he had missed his mother and that her company had helped him somewhat.


707 caught in CCTV playing with Elizabeth

Jumin and 707 share an awkward friendship; Jumin dislikes 707's treatment of Elizabeth and all other cats, while 707 takes great pleasure in teasing Jumin for his doting nature towards his cat and for his lack of interest in women, asking Jumin if he is gay, resulting in Jumin becoming annoyed and leaving the group chat whenever it is brought up. However, Jumin trusts 707 just as deeply as he does V, despite the hacker's endless teasing of him.


Jumin seems to have had great respect and trust for Rika, believing that she was one of the few good women out there who liked him for him and not for his money. It is hinted that Jumin had romantic feelings towards Rika as he stated that she was never meant to be his, but when Rika asks Jumin if they would have ended up together, Jumin tells her not to say things like that as they make him uncomfortable. Jumin then proceeds to project onto Elizabeth, saying to V that whenever he looks at Elizabeth, he sees Rika in her stead.

In V's route, whatever trust Jumin might have had towards Rika is gone when it is revealed that Rika stabbed V in a fit of anger. He bitterly rejects Rika and swears that she will pay for her crimes with Mint Eye and that she has become delusional and unstable; he also comments that her methods of "salvation" are wrong and that she was a coward for not staying with her followers, but instead leaving them to hide in her apartment. However, after her apparent death, Jumin is mournful at her passing and is visibly upset.

Chairman Han

Jumin and his father share a loving relationship with one another; despite this, Jumin strongly dislikes how easily his father moves from woman to woman but keeps his thoughts to himself as he values his relationship with his father more. The two frequently dine and exchange extravagant gifts with one another and it is clear Jumin deeply respects and loves his father.

In Jumin's route, Jumin reveals that he realised when he was younger that his father was kind to him, not because he wanted anything, but because he truly loved his son and that made Jumin want to become closer with his father; as a result, Jumin because increasingly unstable when his father attempts to force Jumin into marriage despite his protests. He admits to the MC that he feels genuinely upset and frustrated at his father and that he feels like he has hit a dead end. It takes a long time for father and son to reconcile when Jumin admits to his father that he understands the feelings he has towards Glam, however shallow, as he has fallen in love with the MC; this shocks the Chairman and he agrees to not force the marriage upon Jumin any longer since he has feelings for another woman.

During the party, the Chairman is momentarily angry with Jumin for confessing that he loves the MC, but it soon turns to shock when Jumin reveals that Glam had forced Sarah, who is actually her sister, to get plastic surgery and to change her identity in order to marry Jumin, with Glam marrying the Chairman for money as well. In his After Ending, the two are once again close and the Chairman has kept away from the dating life after his disastrous relationship with Glam.

Elizabeth the 3rd

Jumin's selfie with his beloved Elizabeth

Jumin deeply loves his cat more than anything in the world and spoils her endlessly with treats and toys. He believes that the only woman he needs in his life is Elizabeth and is often described by the other members as "cat obsessed", what with many conversations with him turning into about cats.

It is learned that he received Elizabeth from V and Rika as a gift and that V was the one who named her; however, his love for his cat runs deeper and it is revealed that Jumin projects his crippling loneliness onto the cat in order to cope. Because of his dependence on Elizabeth, he becomes overwrought with despair when he realises that their relationship was never real and that it was all made up in his head. He is worryingly paranoid about Glam and Sarah stealing Elizabeth to force him into marriage and he decides to lock her in a cage in order to protect her; this has a strain on the cat's health and love for her master and, when Jumin takes her out to show the MC how to care for her, she runs away from the penthouse. This leads Jumin to become increasingly more unstable and instead turn to the MC to project his feelings.

Eventually, Elizabeth is recovered by Yoosung and, depending on the MC's choices, returned to Jumin after being reassured that he was a good owner by both V and the MC.


Jumin's relationship with the MC is entirely dependent on the MC's behavior; for the most part, Jumin is somewhat wary of the MC at the beginning but accepts her into the group solely because he trusts V. Throughout each route, Jumin will offer advice for the MC and often give his viewpoint on the relationship she is pursuing; he remains supportive of the MC and Zen's relationship while all others are unsure since the two never met before. During V's route, Jumin is deeply grateful towards the MC for protecting and looking after V after he was drugged by Mint Eye and reveals that V had called him to make sure that to look after the MC if he did not survive.

Jumin professes his love for the MC in his Good Ending and proposes to her in front of the RFA and reporters

During Jumin's route, Jumin becomes unaware in his feelings towards the MC but acts on them unconsciously, such as saying to Jaehee and the MC that he would be jealous if the MC appeared in Zen's dream after Jaehee told him to stop being jealous about the fact Zen dreamed of Elizabeth. Due to never being in a relationship before, Jumin's feelings for the MC are too much for him to handle as he has spent much of his life repressing emotions and the sudden onslaught of feelings have sent him into a tailspin; he becomes obsessively protective over the MC and his anxiety over losing her increases tenfold when Elizabeth escapes the penthouse. Their relationship from then on depends on the MC's behaviour and actions, allowing it to either deteriorate into a BDSM relationship or, if the MC remains understanding and helpful of Jumin, letting it become a real relationship after the MC helps Jumin "untangle" his emotions.

In his After Ending, it is revealed that Jumin and the MC married quickly as Jumin did not want to spend a single day without her by his side.

The spaceship reveals

Day 1

  • "The pen is slanted by 1cm."
  • "White hair… hovering in the air."

Common Route 01 - Casual Story

  • "Everything seems to be off by 1 degree today. Quite annoying…"
  • "Ninja cat…? Interesting."
  • "I would like to develop a cube folder that accentuates the beauty of the perpendicular."
  • "I must refrain from using fine litter for Elizabeth 3rd’s pink jellybeans."
  • "I once wore overalls when I was little."
  • "I would like to see the ocean cat."

Common Route 02 - Deep Story

  • "Time for meditation… Whew."
  • "Tailored suits are preferable, but sizing is quite annoying."
  • "Will a tiger be similar to Elizabeth 3rd? I can’t say as I’ve never had a tiger."
  • "I must re-examine the performance report for the first quarter."
  • "The grill marks on this steak is consistent. Where is the chef from again?"
  • "Time to select new upcoming artists to support. I hope father doesn’t get too angry."

Zen's Route

  • "Driver Kim did very well. I must give him a bonus."
  • "One must be cautious of the information acquired through social media."
  • "I think even cats can manage to putt."
  • "Bow ties aren’t my taste. I only wore it when I was little."
  • "Bathing in money, that’d never even occurred to me. Commoners can be so creative."
  • "The echo was saying something… Was it not an echo?"
  • "People frequently ask me if I plan to run for office, but… I’ve never thought about it."
  • "Why don’t we build an underground sauna in the building for the employees."
  • "How much would I need in order to hire Luciel"
  • "It’s easy to become careless to those close to you."
  • "Does bus card come charged? Or would I have to charge it?"
  • "Sometimes artists do things I can’t even imagine about."
  • "Until your hair turns white… Oh, Zen’s hair is already white."
  • "I would like to create a cushion that has the texture of a cat’s paws."

Jaehee's Route

  • "Book of the day: How to control annoying colleague"
  • "Which pair of shoes should I wear today? The wingtips?"
  • "Should C&R start another game project? For cats of course…"
  • "It’s good to have our sticks rising, but maintenance is crucial."
  • "Is the client’s fly open…? Am I the only one seeing this?"
  • "Sometimes, although very very rarely, I wonder what Elizabeth’s food tastes like."
  • "Why did Cinderella wear glass slippers? They must be so uncomfortable."
  • "My father and I have nothing in common in terms of taste. It’s convenient to simply ignore it."
  • "I wonder if cats feel their ears itching when other cats are talking about them."
  • "I have my own principles."
  • "Everyone makes their own ‘choices’."
  • "I heard people express their anger through rapping… Would it work?"
  • "Elizabeth 3rd, I…."
  • "Jaehee takes her responsibilities very seriously…"

Yoosung's Route

  • "Someone said that the minute you wear a tank-top under your shirt, you're an old man. Not me though."
  • "Even bats are afraid of cats."
  • "I like ruled notebooks. Disorder only leads to chaos."
  • "Yoosung seems to want my attention. Hmm, is he what people call a drama queen?"
  • "The arm warmer the farmers are wearing… Can I make one for cats?"
  • "I’ve received a request to have my photo taken with my hair up. I don’t feel like it."
  • "How does Zen take care of his hair? Does he braid them?"
  • "Where is Assistant Kang right now?"
  • "Fair trade, the words I must carve into my heart as a businessman."
  • "Mi, miya, meow, meoow. I can understand everything you say, Elizabeth."
  • "For leftover wine, it is best to put a stopper and have the bottle stand on a tilted angle."
  • "I wish I could sleep in."
  • "Is there a way to secretly bring Elizabeth 3rd to the party… I can simply ignore Zen."
  • "It is a fortune to be able to use my wealth for people I care about."

Jumin's Route

  • "I just received a bath bomb made out of gold as a gift. Will it release gold dust when it melts?"
  • "I made it clear that I'm not interested in joining a social club, but they continue to contact me."
  • "Sometimes I feel trapped when surrounded by bodyguards."
  • "Elizabeth 3rd, you take two steps back for every step I go forward."
  • "The noise is never ending. I must reinstall the sound insulation."
  • "I don't want to give up... I don't want to let go..."
  • "My heart is racing faster when I look at Elizabeth 3rd."
  • "I hope she remains within my eyesight."
  • "This can't be enough. What more can I do for her?"
  • "Feeling happy in the present. Perhaps I'd forgotten about that."
  • "I feel like I am in a different universe when I am with you. Everything feels new."
  • "I don't need anyone else. I just need one person to understand me."
  • "Change is unfamiliar and frightening but it's worth it."
  • "I would like to lay out a red carpet everywhere you go, but I must stop myself."

707's Route

  • "Only those who are talented are given an abundance of work. It's ineffective not to put talents to use."
  • "The nutritionist has apparently declared today the 'calorie bomb' day. The burger is 20cm high."
  • "Should I buy some land around the company building and build a theme park for cats?"
  • "I find Assistant Kang giving me intense stares at times. I wonder why. Perhaps I should ask her directly."
  • "V, I hope you are safe. It's become impossible to reach you..."
  • "The beauty of angles. Product displays must also carefully consider angles and lighting."
  • "I am yet to be the age where I should be called old. I must read more of the urban dictionary."
  • "Everyone has at least one secret of their own."
  • "I must teach Zen how to control his feelings. Of course, he'll be a bad student."
  • "Three hours of rest is enough. I will get to the bottom of all this so that there aren't any loose ends."
  • "I will help whenever and wherever when it's needed."
  • "It's good to think of all the variables when planning a big event."
  • "I am out of wine. I must have forgotten to refill it. Must gather myself..."
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, hmm, no. I should be more casual with the opening."

Another Story

  • "Time to order more earl grey tea bags."
  • "Should I change my fringe to center-parting? No... it'll be too shocking."
  • "There;s a typo in the email from the customer. They typed a double period..."
  • "Is it true that you can search for new products by just searching the internet these days?"
  • "The fidget cube Mr.Kim has.. seems Mr. Choi needs it as well."
  • "The blue scarf, it'll look good on Elizabeth the 3rd."
  • "A storage bow in the shape of a wine glass, interesting."
  • "The new worker can't seem to look at me properly after I caught him dancing in the restroom, maybe I'm mistaken."

V's Route

  • "My thoughts are clouding.... the clouds have turned into a circle. Looks like a cogwheel."
  • "Listening to V's voicemail.... I do think his voice is slightly cheesy."
  • "Human's psychology state is very complexed and perplexed."
  • "I want to try.... the vampire costume."
  • "I should tell V to buy a bottle of wine when he comes back safely."
  • "It was a good idea to let Assistant Kang take care of the intelligence unit."
  • "The intelligence unit is more competent than expected...I should consider it making a permanent unit."
  • "There is cat hair on Assistant Kang's clothes, why is that?"
  • "It would be great if teleportation was invented... though they say it is difficult to divide and rearrange particles of matter."
  • "Must think of what can be changed in the future rather than complaining about the current situation."
  • ""
  • ""
  • "I need wine."
  • "Always stand straight and tall, my father's words."

Ray's Route

  • "I shall inquire to create a bronze statue of Elizabeth the 3rd when this project is over."
  • "The owner of the dealer I met today was bald. I hear hair loss traits are diagenic.."
  • "45 degrees, again 45 degrees. This one was 43.2 degrees..."
  • "I hear you can attach gems with cross-stitching..."
  • "Should groom my nails."
  • "The most efficient return trip between two points is... no. Let's think this over."
  • "Should start filling in the wine cellar with new wine."
  • "It's essential to keep a level head when circumstances change rapidly."
  • "Should read the online newspapers..."
  • "It's fun answering questions. Since I'm usually the one asking."
  • "They tell my mentality is strong as a steel... it's more of mithril than steel"
  • "Driver Kim's driving skills are improving by the day."
  • "I shall call father when this is all over."
  • "C&R stock prices has increased very slightly."

Christmas Special 2016

  • "I saw my father dress up as Santa Claus and appear on TV..."
  • "I am not interested in Christmas... but the Santa Cat ornament is fairly cute."
  • "Does Santa come on Christmas Eve? Or on Christmas?"
  • "Would I have to dress up as Santa Claus once I get married and become a father?"

April Fool's Special 2017

  • "Why don't my father and I switch responsibilities for the day?"
  • "I know it's April Fool's Day, but I do not wish to lie and say I hate Elizabeth 3rd."

Ray's After Ending

  • "No one would notice if I tried the SEVENSTAR drink here - it tasted a little like wine."
  • "I need Assistant Kang more than ever."
  • "A button on my shirt was out of place by approximately 37 degrees counterclockwise. I wonder if the executives saw that."
  • "My father sent me nutrition drinks... Free of alcohol."
  • "Driver Kim looks exhausted as well..."

Welcome messages

7:00 (7 am) - 12:00 (Noon)

  • "Elizabeth the 3rd, I'm heading to work."
  • "Chef made breakfast•••would you care to join?"
  • "Good morning"
  • "Good morning. A superb morning that you were able to access from where you are at."

12:00 (noon) - 17:00 (5 pm)

  • "A new business plan for cats have come to my mind."
  • "I miss Elizabeth the 3rd."
  • "I'm working right now."
  • "Have you eaten well? The tougher the situation you're in, the better you can deal it with food."

17:00 (5 pm) - 21:00 (9 pm)

  • "You've waited quite long, haven't you, Elizabeth the 3rd?"
  • "Hope you enjoy your meal tonight as well."
  • "I wanted to talk with you."
  • "How wine ages, the night ages with thoughts."

21:00 (9 pm) - 00:00 (midnight)

  • "I can hear your voice well as it's night time."
  • "I want to wrap up today by talking to you."
  • "Should I check the chatroom?"
  • "I wonder which night view you're looking at from the window of your room."

00:00 (midnight) - 7:00 (7 am)

  • "Nocturnal, just like Elizabeth the 3rd."
  • "Why not try some wine if you can't sleep?"
  • "Still awake?"
  • "This is a good hour for good ideas to come. For example, escape ideas."