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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!



Her honest personality is unknown. Though, she is mostly shown to be asleep, leading us to believe she's lazy. Though she may just be asleep because she's a kitten.


She is a small white kitten with grey patches all over her pelt. Her eyes are rarely open, but in Yoosung's after ending it reveals that her eyes are golden yellow.

Background Story

She was abandoned by her mother, and Jumin found the gardener trying to shoo her, so he quickly brought her inside, but Elizabeth 3rd wasn't pleased. He then spends the next few days trying to get her a permanent owner.



He found Lisa in his garden and took her inside, making him her original owner. However, Elizabeth 3rd dislikes Lisa so Jumin attempts to give her to the other members.


On Day 9 of Yoosung's route seen in Jaehee's visual novel: He went to Jumin's condominium and asked Jumin favors to 1) convince V to get treatment for his eyes that are worsening and turning blind, and 2) to send security guards to where MC is since he can't go to MC's apartment because he doesn't know the address thus, he can't protect her. Jumin agreed to do his favors under one condition, and that is for Yoosung to adopt and take responsibility of Lisa.

Yoosung is the current owner of Lisa, as seen in his After Ending.


Jumin constantly tried to give Lisa to her, though she always refused (as she hates cats) They most likely have not formally met.


They're not properly acquainted, however, 707 constantly tried to convince Jumin to let him own her.

He's on Jumin's "doesn't meet the standards list" because of how he treats Elizabeth 3rd.


He isn't quite fond of her because she's a cat.

Zen is on Jumin's "Doesn't meet the standards list" most likely because of his hatred of cats.


After the bomb is found, MC is put onto Jumin's "Doesn't meet the standards list". However, in Yoosung's After Ending it is shown that she and Yoosung are the owners.


  • Her mother is probably dead.
  • She is most likely a Siamese, though she may be a mix.
  • Jumin made a list of which of the RFA members were fit and unfit to own her.
    • Zen, 707, and (after the bomb is found) MC are on the 'unfit' list.
  • The name Lisa is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Lisa is Elizabeth. Hinting that Jumin may have named her, or at least referencing Elizabeth 3rd.