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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!


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Mother Choi was the abusive, alcoholic mother of 707 and Unknown as well as the ex-lover/former mistress of the current Prime Minister of South Korea and a presidential candidate of the current election.


While she was alive, she was an abusive and manipulative woman. Because the twin's father was a high-profile and married politician, she used the fact that she was his mistress and that she had children by him to her advantage to blackmail and to extort money from him.

The twin's mother often used their father's position to strike fear in them and to keep the boys in line. She constantly told the boys that their father would send people to kidnap them and kill them, and if it wasn't for her, they would already be dead.

Whether or not Mother Choi had genuinely loved her sons at some point in time or had only raised them into adolescents for blackmail material is unknown. However, she was hysterical when Saeyoung had disappeared to work for the intelligence agency.


She never physically appears in the game, but she likely has red hair and/or gold eyes like her two sons.


Saejoong Choi

At some point, she and him had a relationship, which resulted in the birth of her illegitimate sons. She blackmailed him for money in order to maintain her silence.


When he and Saeran still lived with her, she would often send Saeyoung to run errands such as buying medicine and water. Like with his younger brother, Saeyoung was also abused by her.


She was more attached to Saeran[1]. However, as a consequence, Saeran wasn't allowed to go outside and ended up to be abused more which weakened his composition further[2].


  • Mother Choi's death remains a progressing mystery to be solved throughout the course of Mystic Messenger.
    • In Saeyoung's Route, the player and Saeyoung are told she committed suicide 2 years and 6 months before the Deep Routes.
    • In Yoosung's Route, it was hinted at by Jaehee that she was actually killed. Players are led to assume it was by Saeran.
    • However, in the Mint Eye Believer's package that players can purchase on the Cheritz store, Saeran's diary reveals that he had recently escaped the home before she died. Though it appears to potentially be a murder, investigators cannot find out who did it and chalk it up to a suicide. Saeran is seen mourning her death despite the abuse he endured from her.
    • In the Good Ending of Ray's Route, it is revealed after the credits that Mother Choi was in-fact killed by Rika in self defense. Upon attacking Rika for taking Saeran away, thinking Rika is one of the Prime Minister's cronies, Rika defends herself and accidentally kills Mother Choi in the process. 
  • Cheritz revealed during the Otakon 2018 panel that Mother Choi's alcoholism is the reason Saeyoung refuses to drink throughout the course of Mystic Messenger.


  1. Seven's route, day 8 - Saeran;It must be so nice... Mom doesn't keep you locked inside... I wish mom would hate me too and let me go. Then I can be positive like you... I might even think that we can get out of here.
  2. Secret Story 2, episode 1 - Saeran;We are identical twins, but he was always stronger than me. Just because our mother liked to torture me more, I was always behind him.
    Saeran;Still, I didn't care.
    Saeran;If my other half was strong, it was the same as if I was strong.