If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!


Another Story generally deals with more mature content than the Main Story. But please be aware the Ray's after ending in particular is highly intense and demeaning overtones. Read at your discretion!

See Unknown/Route Tips for advice on how to get either ending

Ray's After Ending is one of the key features in the original story of Mystic Messenger that can be obtained from the in-game store for 300 Hourglasses (Note that the player does not need to do anything first and can simply buy it any time). The route takes place two weeks after the events that occurred in the good ending of Ray's route, and consists of four days of continuous play where Ray, you and the members of the RFA will be in search of the unknown whereabouts of Saeyoung (707) after he was unexpectedly kidnapped in the events of the night of the 9th day of Ray's route in Another Story.


The ending kicks off with a news report. We get to know that the prime minister still keeps denying all the allegations that were made against him, as well as Saeyoung's company, SEVENSTAR DRINK, has been donating all the profits to orphanages. It is a nation-wide success! We get thrown into a chatroom, where the RFA’s members are discussing their incoming meeting. Everybody starts to talk about the situation, and how it evolved with the pass of time; Zen explains that the RFA has gained a lot of attention, because they tried to expose the current prime minister, Saejoong Choi. Yoosung mentions the Mint Eye, at first everyone was demanding to find out who was behind it, but as of now, things have completely stopped. Everyone then shows their concern towards Saeyoung and his whereabouts. Our goal is to find where he is and bring him home. V hasn't been seen as much ever since we exposed the prime minister, but he made it an exception to come to visit our meeting.

As the rest of the RFA leave the chatroom, we are left alone with Saeran. He tells us that he has a bad feeling about things, but yet wants to stay positive and keep his hopes up. Once the meeting begins, Yoosung is still curious about the Mint Eye. Thus Zen joins in to mention that the leader looked like Rika. However, Jaehee tries to deny it, saying that the saviour was taller and more outgoing than Rika.

After this, V arrives and apologizes for being late again. Before we start, he says that he wants to give us a perfume as a gift. Saeran has a bad feeling about it, so he tells the MC to hold their breath. As V sprays it in the room, the RFA starts coughing and eventually passing out, all except Saeran, because the perfume is a gas variation of the Elixir.

Once everybody fell asleep, Saeran and V have a conversation about the gas. Here, V explains the gas was made mainly for Saeran, to make him fall asleep and bring him to the place where Saeyoung is. Since his plan failed, V tells Saeran to hurry up, because Saeyoung’s life is on the line. He asks Saeran to trust him, but he feels uneasy, he is unsure about what he should do. In the end, once the conversation ended, Saeran blocks V from accessing the Messenger. V has betrayed the RFA, and Saeran seems very conflicted on the matter. Later, the RFA is in a hospital, where MC wakes up first but remains paralyzed. Saeran expressed his love towards her, and in the meanwhile, he feels more sure about what he should do.

Day 1

In the first chatroom of the day MC, whose the first one to wake up, asks Saeran where he is going. He notifies her that he is currently in the intelligence unit, discussing a recent attack on the messenger. Suddenly, V enters the chatroom, despite Saeran previously blocked his access. He informs both of them that Saeyoung is in mortal danger, and the only way to leave him free is to make Saeran show up to Saejoong. At this point, Saeran doesn’t know how to feel, because he thinks that V is luring them into a trap, but at the same time wants to have trust in him.

Rika will enter the next chatroom of the day, and she is impressed to notice that MC is still with Saeran. Once she said that she and V are together again, Rika will explain what the couple is planning to do. Their plan consists of protecting Saeran and then creating a new family with him and Saeyoung. MC noticed Rika has changed despite being with V for short. She says she is finally feeling the truth of V's love; he recognized her flaws, and he accepts her for who she is. But Saeran doesn't understand why they got back together, why was V so obsessed with her, despite what Rika have done to him?

Next, we get an insight into Saeyoung's side. He's back at Rika's apartment along with his agency boss and Saejoong. aeyoung is currently shocked that his "childhood saviours" turned against his brother and him. The boss, though, interrupts his thoughts, saying that he would have never ended up in this situation if only he did not try to expose his father. Saejoong reveals that some tasks of Saeyoung were, in fact, meant for him. Saeyoung had no idea about it, since he thought he was protected from the government after entering the agency. After this, the three decided to make a deal: if Saeyoung refuses to work for them, the boss would kill both his brother and him. Their ultimate plan is to destroy the RFA and C&R. Saeyoung tries to make his way out of the situation using some chopsticks used by his boss, but he’s unsuccessful which leads to the boss injuring his head and Saeyoung passing out.

In a later chatroom, MC congratulates V on reuniting with Rika, sarcastically. MC calls V out, saying that he has no idea how badly Rika hurt Saeran. While MC is talking about this, V provides an old family photo of his, which was dark and gloomy at all times. As his mother aged up, she lost her hearing, and V’s father left her. Because of what his father has done, he is afraid to leave Rika and her fragile mental state: he is afraid of his future, he is afraid that Rika might be gone just like his mother. V believes that everything would turn out alright: Rika would recover and become stable like the others. Rika learnt she does not always need to prove herself, and with this, her inner devil started to be stabler. She understood she cannot save and love like others, but she would still try to become a happy person.

Saeran creates a secure chatroom, which only the MC, Saeyoung and he can access to chat. The two of them would always be hunted by their fate, his father clawing his way after them. They won't give up, they will resolve this and get their victory. Rika surprises us with a childhood picture of Saeran, V and her when they lived at a cathedral. The three of them used to have a lot of fun together. Rika, now, feels the need to recreate that family, she rules out that both Saeran and she struggle to control their personas. While in a car, a broadcast plays on the radio, informing us that the Chairman of C&R hold 49% stakes of SEVENSTAR DRINK and that they lie about donating the profits to orphanages. This is all a hoax by the agency boss and prime minister. Meanwhile at C&R Jumins Father finds Zens phone in the meeting room and contacts the MC, asking them if they saw the news.

In the evening V comes back to the chatroom with an address. He gives MC and Saeran a task to go there in order to save Saeyoung. This is, of course, Rika's old apartment. Rika joins in and breaks it to us that the apartment was the place where Mika and she first came up with the idea of Magenta and Mint Eye. She also questions if V ever thought about someone staying at the apartment, but he says he had no reason to.

Saeran returns in the next chatroom explaining that he's checking apartments building monitor. MC asks what he believes would happen when they visit tomorrow to which he only replies that they would always stay in love each other.

Day 2

As the night begins, the secure chat catches activity. Saeyoung's username pops up, Saeran and MC immediately take notice of this and begin asking questions. Turns out this is Vanderwood speaking to them, the agency ordered him to check through 707s phone. Vanderwood starts talking about the agency, once you enter your life becomes meaningless, broken down and wasted. No one is able to enjoy true peace before death. He shows his concern towards Saeyoung, admitting that Saeyoung was lazy at home but at mission mysterious. Saeran begs him to tell us more about Saeyoung, only response we get is to "run while we can" before Vanderwood takes his leave. In the next chatroom Saeran says that if Vanderwood handed Saeyoung's phone to the agency his boss would be able to read everything they say in the chatroom. Saeran then tries to sum up Saeyoung's life, he tried his best to protect Saeran, disappeared one day without an explanation which led Saeran to hate him for years-on-end. While the only thing he wished for was freedom. As the morning rises Zen enters the chatroom to inform everyone that he woke up from the gas accident. Due to yesterday's news broadcast every media and news company started attacking them. If only Jumin and Jaehee haven't fallen asleep things would have been resolved more quickly. V betrayed everyone.

MC and Saeran have finally made it to the apartment, they're going to save Saeyoung. As soon as they enter the boss confronts them. Saeyoung has been trapped here for 2 weeks, he says that we shouldn't have come and that we would only get in trouble for it. The boss explains that he won't lay a finger on the two while telling Saeyoung to relax. He explains that Saejoong and he need the brothers as marionettes to serve as a promotional banner for the prime ministers campaign. Saeyoung breaks down and suggests an offer, he's gonna stay with the agency while letting Saeran go only if he's capable to check on his brother. In the end Saeran and MC unfortunately leave him where he is. Later Vanderwood explains that he never handed Saeyoung's phone to the agency and that we should encounter him at a specified address.

All his life Saeyoung has sacrificed himself, this makes Saerans head go numb. Another news report strikes, this time is Saeyoung, he starts off saying that him going missing is a hoax and that he had been going to therapy for 2 weeks which confirmed he has a mental illness. All this time he has framed the prime minister as a criminal. This was performed to lower the media's suspicion, it's all utter lies. Rika enters a chatroom showing us that Saeyoung is with her, V and her agreed to put him under Elixir because Saeyoung is too smart. Their entire deal consisted of the agency and prime minister lending the twins to V and Rika who want to create a family with them. Rika claims its an only thing that can be done in order to "protect them." Meanwhile at the C&R Jumin and a team of board directors are holding a meeting. They conclude that it is too risky to part ways with the CEO, who has been legendary due to CFO, Jumins, help. At the end Jumin ends up resigning from the company due to him largely commanding the RFA as well. He's taking all the responsibility for media publications.

Vanderwood, Saeran and MC meet. As they get to Vs house Vanderwood informs MC that they're the only one that can enter the house. Vanderwood lied, his plan was to take MC to Rika. Later he sends a few texts explaining that he's leaving the agency behind, he's taking the risk. After that, Rika and MC are relaxing in the living room. Rika had become much more calmer after finding satisfaction in small things. She mentions that once Saeran finds out the MC is with her, he would come to save MC. With that Rika would be able to create a family by trapping the brothers with V and her. Rika start praising Jumin in the next chatroom for making a tough choice because he's cold hearted and has no problem "Sailing the world." She asks both C&R and RFA to forget the truth and past for the twins sake. V hops in explaining to MC that they can't stay in their house because of their profound feelings towards Saeran.

707 65.png

Saeyoung wakes up to inform the MC that they must attack the agency and his father in order to escape. Briefly before Vanderwood left them, he had left a note with the agency's security info Saeyoung had never seen before. V enters the room informing Saeyoung that he must hand his phone over to the agency, there is nothing they can do about it. Saeyoung begs V to rethink who his father is and to not force him and his brother back into their childhood environment. V replies that he would now be their new father, to which Saeyoung says that him and Rika are out of their minds. Saeyoung would do whatever it takes in order to be free like Saeran, V still denies it and raises Saeyoung's drug dosage.

V enters a chatroom informing us that Saeyoung is fine. He also believes that Saeyoung would find a way to free Saeran because he is smart and that would but V and Rika into danger. Zen opens a chatroom, he says that they should stop talking on the messenger because it's risky and there is no point in it now that Jumin resigned. Saeran and Vanderwood are now seen together, saying that the info Vanderwood gave to Saeyoung was fake, it was a bait. Now that the agency is distracted, they can find their weak points.

Day 3

Jumin 48.png

Rika realizes that the RFA wont be using the messenger anymore, she informs them that their path is way different than V and hers. She claims that keeping the twins with them is the only way to "get out". Chairman visits Jumins penthouse to confront him about his company leave. Thankfully the C&R didnt completely fell apart due to the allegations. It appears that Saeyoungs announcement has made the situation even worse. Chairman reveals that he did sign a contract with Saeyoungs company, which's value was close to nil. Chairman mentions that comprehending V would be a challenge to them, Jumin responds that he thought he knew his best friend and now feels foolish about it. His dads only advice is to let V go the same way he did with his mother. MC has an interesting dream in which Saeran and they are enjoying their stay at a resort while he feeds her sweets. MC truly wishes it wasnt just a dream.

Ray 35.png

In the morning Saeran reports that he is near Vs place and would be there soon. He only brought his phone with him. Rika joins to question if Saeran would like to live with them happily, but Saeran only wants to be where he should be. He realized that everything that happened at the Mint Eye was traumatic, now he looks at the past concluding that a world of happiness is one where no one is in pain, similar to what Rika tried to recreate at Magenta. All of this because she, too, has suffured in the past. Rika flinches out yelling at him to stop before leaving the chat. From now on Saeran promises to cherish himself and protect those dear to him. Saeran finally makes it to the house, V and Rika seem to be overly happy about it because they believe theyre helping the twins. Rika informs MC that Saeran doesn't belong to them and that they should just go back home. She promised not to torture him anymore because she claims that she has changed.

Saeran is later seen chained up, Rika tells him to hang in there until they "go back to their happy selves." After Rika leaves Saeran stands up to hug the MC, hes so thankful that he got to see them again. He apologizes that he couldn't find a way to get out with the player, but he did find a way for Saeyoung and MC to leave. Between 11pm and midnight there would be a blind spot in the security because Vanderwood and he manipulated the agencies schedule. This really shocks the player, theyre so sad to leave Saeran and outright refuse the plan. Saeran keeps assuring them not to worry about him, he would still love them even if theyre not togheter. Rika informs MC that they would have to leave tomorrow, Saeran is still determent on his plan while MC keeps refusing the idea. Saeran reflects on his time at the Magenta saying how he was blinded and tricked to believe he was useless while on a marathon to reach Rikas satisfaction. All-in-all he found his true worth after meeting the MC and ranaway. Rika notices that Saeran started to change. Saeran tried to understand her which Rika didn't like because she thought he was making fun of her. V then tries to comfort her, saying that they should forget about it.

V and Rika return, Rika goes to rest while V questions if MC is sad because they have to leave. V takes his turn to acknowledge Saerans change, his heart is bigger than Vs. V is proud, but jealous of him at the same time. He wants Saeran to hide this from Saeyoung, he claims it would cause conflict for everyone. Saeran replies that no matter how hard they try to restrain him it would not work. Later Yoosung is seen laying down on Zens lap expressing how bad he feels for Saeran, it hurts to know the truth. Rika cant take in Saerans change so she asks MC to step outside and go for a walk. Rika flinches out on Saeran because Ray went away. Saeran understands that she is stressed out because he grew. Rika suddenly has a change of attitude and starts breaking down due to Saerans understanding of her. She, now, wants to be hated and despised by him, she doesn't want to be understood because she cant forgive herself for what she did to him. Saeran admits that he would rather choose understanding than hatred. Rika still wishes for love she didn't receive as a child and she thinks that why she has hurt people because she was scared they would walk away if she didn't turn them into her puppets. Rika and Saeran join a chatroom later saying that they went out to buy ice cream and would get one for Saeyoung as well.

V brings Saeran outside to talk to him. V explains how he met Rika because he was drawn to her insecurities, but she started to grow less cruel over time and V accepted it since no one was forcing her to change. V recalls to what Saeran has said before about rather understanding than hating and proceeds to tell him about... Rika goes into a chatroom and questions what's taking the two so long, she wonders what they're talking about. V joins to finally break it to us that he had told Saeran about the death of his mother and that in fact Rika murdered her even though the documented case labeled it as suicide. They all agree to go find Saeran, he must be in pain upon hearing the news. Rika goes on a rant about scared she is and that she doesn't want to see him since she had hundreds of imaginations about her adoptive mother who never loved her properly. That's why she wanted to become a loving parent but instead turned into a killer. When the two leave Saeran joins abruptly to send MC coordinates of where they should meet for the "last time".

Ray 41.png

Saeran hopes that MC and Saeyoung would be able to leave safely, he thinks things would work out if he stays here. For a strange reason he feels happy about it. MC gets incredibly sad due to comfort them asking them to remember him and be happy. He would always be watching them. Later the RFA and Vanderwood join the chatroom greeting the player, their heart is breaking for Saeran. MC and Saeyoung are expected to escape in about 2 hours. Rika and V finally meet up with Saeran. Rika explains that she is dangerous and no matter how much Saeran forgives her she would never be able to come back to him. Saeran explains that his mother was just uncontrol able, but still she wasn't completely evil, not enough to be murdered. His life turned into a storm after her death. Rika starts apologizing for it saying that she shouldn't even dare to be forgiven for it. Still Saeran chooses to understands her and forgives everyone that has hurt him. Now Saeran announces that he made the two come all the way here to die and get his brother and MC out of here.

Day 4


Obtainable Endings

Unlike the rest of this game, most endings can only be obtained by saying specific things in specific visual novels.

Ray After Sad Ending 1

Obtained by picking (Do Not Move) in the visual novel after the chatroom "Please wake up" on day 1.

Saeran expresses his helplessness, feeling that he failed to protect MC. This makes him belive he cannot save Saeyoung, and ultimately does not do anything. 2 weeks later, MC does not wake up and Saeran is stuck without the motivation to save his brother.

Ray After Sad Ending 2

Obtained by picking "Then let's leave. Let's leave behind everything, instead of saving Saeyoung." and "Yes" in the visual novel after the chatroom "Secure chat just for us" on day 1.

Time skips 6 months later, and MC and Saeran are on a lone beach together. Saeran says that he doesn't mind this ending, where he spends his days idleing with the one closest to him.

Ray After Sad Ending 3

Obtained by picking "This seems familiar..." and "You can go ahead...." in the visual novel after the chatroom "Zen is Awake!" on day 2.

Saeran ventures into Rika's old apartment where Saeyoung is being held by himself, leaving MC behind. MC waits 6 hours, but Saeran does not return. They then go to Rika's apartment to find him, but the room is empty by the time they arrive. Two days later MC is in a C&R meeting room when they get a call from an unknown number that turns out to be Saeyoung. He informs MC that Saeran had died saving Saeyoung. Saeyoung says that Saeran said that he would never stop loving MC, even in the afterlife. He then says he will explain more when he gets back before hanging up.

Ray After Sad Ending 4

Obtained by picking "I'm scared...", "Why don't we go back to the hospital?...", "Why don't we go back to C&R...", and "Okay. That'd be better than getting us both in trouble." in the visual novel after the chatroom "Saeyoung is with Rika" on day 2.

Ray 33.png

Not trusting Vanderwood, MC returns to the C&R building while Vanderwood brings Saeran to Rika. Since they are trying to escape, Rika keeps putting them under a sleeping drug causing them to sleep all the time. Rika treats the twins as a "family," saying her dream has come true.

Ray After Bad Relationship Ending

Obtained on the first day 4 branch not getting enough purple (Ray/Saeran) hearts or participating in too few chatrooms.

Ray 48.png

After realizing that MC and Saeyoung have escaped, Rika twists it as MC leaving Saeran to die. She says she's the only one who truly loves him, and hides Saeran from the Agency. Rika asks him to never speak of MC again in exchange for "protecting" him. Rika keeps Saeran behind lock and key. A table of sweets can be seen inside the room, as well as Rika holding a chain connected to Saeran's neck. Saeran's eyes are lifeless, and Rika commands him to show her some emotion. Saeran comments that his heart is "no longer with him."

Ray After Bad Story Ending 1

Obtained on the first day 4 branch by picking options that agree with Rika, be possesive over Saeran, and sabatoge Saeran/Vanderwood throughout the route.

Ray 47.png

After escaping, Vanderwood and Saeyoung split up from Mr. Kim and MC. Jumin calls Mr. Kim, causing him to step away. While waiting, V finds MC. He reveals that Rika no longer trusts Saeran, and instead is putting her faith in MC to protect him. V begs MC to return and keep Saeran safe. MC agrees and follows V back home. Rika greets MC, saying that she and they will "protect" Saeran. 3 months later, MC and Rika are styling Saeran to be an actor for the Prime Minister. Saeran agrees, as it is what MC wants. He states that while he doesn't know what true happiness is, he knows he still loves MC.

Ray After Bad Story Ending 2

Obtained by picking "Looks like there's nothing we can do..." and "I think I'll stay here..." in the visual novel after the chatroom "Vanderwood and Zen's Arguement" on day 4.

Ray 49.jpg

Saeran wakes up from a slumber in the forest, and checks his phone immediately. He sees that MC and Saeyoung made it back safely. He wishes both of them a life full of happiness, and says he has a feeling he will never get to see MC again. Saeran walks into the lake, and continues to wish MC and Saeyoung a happy life. He expresses his gratitude for being born and knowing such wonderful people. The visual novel ends with Saeran saying "Mother, I'll join you now" before walking off into a lake.

Ray After Bad Story Ending 3

Obtained by picking "(Do not follow V)" in the visual novel after the chatroom "Saeyoung is back"

Ray 50.jpg

MC returns to C&R where Jumin reveals his plans to enter the world of politics. 3 months later, Saeyoung is seen on his computer looking for Saeran. Vanderwood knocks on the door to visit, when the news on the TV announces that the missing son of the prime minister had been found unconscious after the arrest of the Prime Minister. It is also revealed that the public learned the truth and Jumin was assigned a governmental office. Saeyoung and Vanderwood take MC to see Saeran in the hospital. Upon arrival, Saeran is unconscious. Saeyoung keep apologizing, saying its all his fault. The two leave the room, leaving MC to what is left of Saeran. MC is seen collasped on Saeran's body, holding a Lily of the Valley in her hand against his chest. The visual novel ends with MC saying they hope Saeran is happy in his dreams, or that he can rest now.

The Final Episode (Good End)

Obtained by picking "(Go save Saeran)" in the visual novel after "The last discussion"

The Alternnative End (Normal End)

Obtained by picking "(Don't go save Saeran)" in the visual novel after "The last discussion"

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