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I'll destroy your pathetic make-believe world.

—Unknown, Comment from RFA Top Secret Book


Unknown (real name Saeran Choi), is one of the main antagonists of the Mystic Messenger. He is the identical twin brother of 707 and a disciple of the organization Mint Eye. During visual novel sequences, prior to the revelation of his identity, his name is displayed as three question marks (???).

In Another Story, Saeran goes by the alter ego Ray. As of January 31, 2018 Ray is able to be romanced in Another Story.


Casual & Deep Story

Saeran presents himself as an "angel" who'll lead RFA and the player to "salvation" through forceful methods. He holds a strong grudge towards 707 and V who he often calls traitors. His hatred towards 707 is particularly intense and one of his main goals is to get revenge on him for leaving him and breaking their promise of always being together. His obsession for revenge is so strong he's willing to hurt the player to inflict as much pain as possible on Seven, otherwise, he'd rather keep her alive to recruit her into Mint Eye.

He has a tattoo of the Mint Eye symbol on his arm due to his fierce loyalty to Mint Eye and its ideologies. However, this loyalty is due to being "brainwashed," drugged, and tricked into believing he was abandoned by Saeyoung when they were younger.

In the Secret Ends which take place after Seven's route, he's rescued from Mint Eye and checks in a hospital but becomes increasingly aggressive and refuses to trust anyone out of fear of being betrayed again. It takes Saeyoung to slowly make amends with him for him to begin to heal.

In other Deep Story/Casual routes, Saeran's fate is ambiguous. That said, Seven returning to his humorous disposition in Jumin's AE and Yoosung's Valentine's day is a strong hint that Saeran survived in Yoosung and Jumin's stories. Sadly, there is no concrete evidence of his fate after any Deep/Casual routes except Seven's.

Another Story

In Another Story, the player becomes the major focus of Ray who's obsessed with keeping the player by his side and secretly grooming her to join Mint Eye. He explains he's an app developer and needs the player's help to test "his game" (which is actually not a game but the RFA chat app itself). He tries to trick the player into thinking the characters in the game are AIs programmed by himself and incites her into making them reveal their secrets.

He has a welcoming and charming demeanor towards the player and is very open about showing affection towards her. Besides being focused on tending to the player's comfort inside Magenta, he's an excellent hacker and programmer. He loves gardening and knows the symbolic meaning of each flower. He also enjoys cooking.

He's also highly possessive of the player and deeply afraid of losing her.

Later, it's revealed Ray is a split personality of Saeran, born out of select traits of the original Saeran. The current Saeran, however, is very aggressive, arrogant and demeaning; the complete opposite of his delicate and gentle self before his induction to Mint Eye. This Saeran also has no qualms about force-feeding V and other believers with the elixir and openly debasing the player with insults and ridicule. In his own route he resorts to starving her (reminiscent of his own mother's torture) and mocking her in the chatroom. Discretion is advised for sensitive players.

The two personalities are aware of each other and seem to be able to communicate with one another. Saeran thinks lowly of Ray and considers him weak while Ray is terrified of Saeran taking over. As hackers, Ray and Saeran have different skill sets. Ray's skills are more meticulous and considered better than Seven. Saeran is significantly less careful and more rushed with his hacking.

On the last days of Ray's route and V's AE, both personalities "merge" again and he goes back to his old self. In Ray's route, Saeran still goes by both names.


Seven 35.png

He has white hair. The pink tips are thought to be faded red, his original hair color. His eyes are mint colored.

In Casual and Deep Story, he wears a red tank top with a black patent leather jacket over it, and a black choker around his neck, as well as a black spiked bracelet on his right wrist. He has the Mint Eye symbol tattooed to his right arm with a moon motif below. At several points of the story events, he wears a black mask that covers the lower half of his face.

In Another Story, as Ray, his hair is better combed. He wears a magenta suit, with a blue rose pinned to the lapel. He pairs his suit jacket with a pair of tan slacks. In his route when his personality changes, he wears a black suit with a silver chain. In the last days, he wears a plain white shirt and black pants; in which he also wears them in Ray After Ending.

In the past, he had scruffy vermilion hair and golden eyes like Seven.


Saeran, along with Saeyoung, is the illegitimate son of a high-ranking politician. Shortly after birth, their alcoholic mother exploited their identities by forcing their father to pay hush money. During his childhood years, he and Saeyoung were abused by their mother, but he received the brunt of it due to becoming ill more often than his twin and, being "weaker", he could not attend church when Saeyoung did. His fondest memories were eating ice cream and sneaking out of his room to see the sky for the first time with Saeyoung.

Saeyoung dedicated himself to freeing his brother as well as himself by learning how to hack from a textbook. Unfortunately, as Saeyoung's ability to hack grew to a professional level, Saeran was left behind, as his twin was offered a promising job by V that would free him and his brother, but with the price of not telling Saeran where he was going. After Saeyoung's disappearance, Saeran was more vulnerable than before, his mental state extremely fragile, and his mother's abuse became more vicious than ever.

Under V's promise to Saeyoung to protect Saeran, he and Rika then paid a visit to his house, making a compromise with his mother to let him attend church school, or else they would expose her abusive behavior. One day, after Rika took a picture of Saeran to send to Saeyoung, she gave him a textbook on hacking, asking him to keep it a secret and believing in his potential.

Shortly before her "suicide", two years before the events of Casual Story & Deep Story, Rika kidnapped and recruited Saeran into Mint Eye, where he was forced to take numerous substances and brainwashed to believe that Saeyoung had purposefully abandoned him because he was a burden. As Saeran devoted himself to Mint Eye, he had his right arm tattooed with its logo.


As Unknown, he plays the role of the primary antagonist of the game. Under Rika's orders, he recruits the player into visiting Rika's apartment and forcing her to join RFA as part of Rika's master plan to absorb the RFA into Mint Eye. As the player busies herself with becoming acquainted with RFA and inviting guests, Unknown hacks the security system of the apartment to trap the player. He plots to kidnap her and use her as bait to lure in the other RFA members into Mint Eye. He is also given a manual switch to the bomb in case of an emergency. The way the plan is implemented varies depending on the route and ending. In Jumin’s Bad Story Ending 3, he is killed when he detonates the bomb.

In Casual Story, only a couple of hints from the climax of Yoosung and Zen's routes are revealed about Unknown's identity. Both routes reveal Unknown carries a deep grudge towards Seven for leaving him. Unknown is heavily involved in Seven's route, contributing not only to Seven's character development, but the story's plot as a whole. His backstory, as well as the aftermath of his involvement in Mint Eye, is further explored in the second part of the Secret Endings, which take place after Seven's After Ending.

707's route

On the 5th Day of Seven's route, Unknown successfully changes the algorithm to the security system in Rika's apartment. By the 7th Day, he breaks into it via the window to kidnap the player, but Seven arrives on time to save her. After Saeran reveals his identity, Seven is shocked but urges Saeran to leave so he won't get hurt by the apartment's security system. Saeran then retreats to Mint Eye.

On the 10th Day, Seven, fueled by his determination to rescue Saeran, breaks into Mint Eye with the player to hack their computers. Saeran catches them, and as the two plead with him, they show him his photos of the floppy disk Rika had sent to Seven. Upon viewing, Saeran becomes mentally unstable and runs out of the room. Outside, he is mistaken for Seven by his co-worker, Vanderwood, and is kidnapped at gunpoint.

Secret Ending

Though Saeran is irritated at being Vanderwood's hostage, he does not mind as long as it means Saeyoung's death. When Saeyoung and the player arrive at the exchange point, Saeyoung drugs him to sleep out and drags him into his car as he shields him from the bullets. The four manage to escape the intelligence agency and into a cabin. Saeyoung tearfully tries to make amends with him, but Saeran rejects him. Pretending to take a smoke break, he steals Vanderwood's cell phone and sends his location to Mint Eye for help. The next morning, the Believers arrive with, to his horror, V as the leader.

While Saeyoung, Vanderwood, and the player are held prisoner, Saeran criticizes Rika keeping V in Mint Eye, viewing him as a threat. He becomes more aggravated when, at the initiation ceremony begins, she makes the decision to have Saeyoung become a disciple instead of killing him; furthermore, she finds Saeyoung as a much more valuable asset. Feeling betrayed, Saeran begins to have a breakdown. Rika orders the Believers to give him medication, only to have an injured Saeyoung stop him. Seeing Saeyoung defend him, as well as fainting from blood loss, agitates him even more, causing him to take out his gun and threaten to shoot. He instantly chooses V as his target, blaming his involvement for swaying Rika's faith in him, and kills him.

After everyone is found by Jumin's guards, Saeran is secretly entered into a rehabilitation facility. As the toxins from the medications are purged, he is left with resentment and refuses medication. He becomes aggressive towards the hospital staff to the point Saeyoung decides to stay with him. Saeran's condition makes progress until he leaves a devastating injury on the therapist, forcing him to be moved into the psychiatric ward. Instead, Saeyoung escapes with him to his house, pleading to him to trust him. Angry, Saeran becomes destructive. At one point when Saeyoung leaves to buy food, he contemplates suicide, only to be stopped. This culminates in him strangling Saeyoung; however, he realizes through Saeyoung's unconditional love that he does not want him to die, giving Saeyoung hope that his brother is showing signs of recovery.

After a period of time, Saeran has made moderate steps to recovery and has joined RFA, who now considers him as family. Though still uncomfortable, he logs into the messenger when Saeyoung invites the other members to his engagement party with the player. They take a commemorative photo, which reveals that he has changed his attire and hair color to lead a much more normal life.



Saeran is presumed to have been initially close to V, as both V and Rika treated him as family while Seven was forced to leave him to work as a secret agent towards a better future for both of them. However, after being brainwashed by Rika which V initially wasn't aware of, he shows great animosity towards V, and even shoots him while having a breakdown during the first-of-two parts of the secret ending.


During Zen's route, he will meet Saeran and automatically despise him because he saw Unknown (Saeran) in his psychic dream as the person who will harm the MC eventually. So when they officially met, he told Unknown to let go of MC. However, within the other routes, Zen will be disturbed and cautious of the mysterious hacker, not knowing who the person is.

Saeran can be seen in Zen's 3rd bad ending. It is implied that the MC does not trust the RFA anymore due to the implantation of a bomb in Rika's apartment. Saeran will then break into the apartment and describes himself as the "angel who will bring you (MC) to paradise". The MC then agrees without hesitation, surprising Saeran. Saeran will then recite a story, featuring a princess who he refers to as the MC, a prince, Zen, and himself as "the angel watching from afar". He comments that Zen is rowdier than the MC in accepting his invitation, which forces him to feed Zen drugs. There will later be a CG with Zen dressed up in a majestic black attire looking a bit high from the drugs. He is later fed with the drugs again. Saeran can be seen at the back smiling giddily.


Seven is Saeran's twin brother.

When they were young, their father ran in the presidential election and their mother constantly blackmailed him to send them money, lest she reveals the existence of their two sons. His mother was said to abuse Saeran as he was weaker and fell sick more often than Seven.

Seven trained himself to hack and took it upon himself to help his brother and himself to have a good future. However, Seven met V and Rika at church, who convinced him to join them - on the condition that he leave Saeran behind.

While at the Mint Eye, Saeran was given drugs, which were used as a method of brainwashing. Saeran was told that Seven had abandoned him, which caused Saeran to begin feeling resentment towards his brother, even causing him to shoot and kill Seven in the 3rd bad relationship ending. However, at the end of Seven's Good Ending, Saeran apologizes for his acts, and his ties with Seven are restored.


In Yoosung's bad ending, Saeran forces him into a role-playing game where Saeran continuously tortures Yoosung. Yoosung is held captive by Saeran by the threat that he would hack and destroy the RFA. He is the one responsible for blinding Yoosung in his left eye Yoosung's route.


In Casual and Deep Story he tricks her into going to Rika's apartment. He wants her to join Mint Eye but isn't afraid to kill her if needed.

In Another Story he behaves much kinder to MC, convincing her to come to his home and help him test out a dating game. He treats MC like a princess and soon grows to obsess over her, wanting only for her to be happy and stay with him at Mint Eye.

In the Christmas DLC he quizzes MC on the event, in an attempt to take her away to Mint Eye. It is possible for you to get an ending with him. (See Endings)

Mother Choi

Kept solely as leverage to blackmail Saejoong Choi for money, she abused Saeran for being the weaker and more sickly of the twins. His punishments included being tied up, beaten, starved and/or dehydrated for a prolonged period (often few days at a time). This was worsened by her alcoholism.

In Yoosung's route, it is implied that she was murdered, and in the secret endings her death is considered a suicide, albeit it's hinted Rika and Mint Eye might be responsible for it. In Ray's route it's then revealed she was killed in an act of self-defense by Rika.

Saeran is often very disdainful towards his mother for abusing him. However, after Saeyoung left him he acquired some fondness towards her during a certain period, born out of the trauma of his twin brother, who he shared an unconditional love and deep trust with, leaving him.

The spaceship reveals

Ray's Route

  • "Did my eyelash into my eyes when I was rubbing them? It's itchy."
  • "The caffeine pill I took seems to be caught in my throat..."
  • "Miss you..."
  • "Would I look weird if I slick back my hair?"
  • "Huh? I think I can use this later."
  • "...I'm feeling dizzy. This is annoying."
  • "Never show your weak side"
  • "...If I was born with a different life."
  • "That believer just now ignored me, didn't he?"
  • "Should I buy a new mask?"
  • "I can win this. I can win this. I can win this!"
  • "Oh, I almost yawned in front of the believers."
  • "Why is this here?..."
  • "I'll die young one day."
  • "That scent from the room... What scent is it?"
  • "I want to make games like the escape room."
  • "Can't forget that shameful look."
  • "Sometimes I feel empty. Really..."
  • "......................"
  • "......"
  • "Smile at me when you see this flower later..."
  • "I want to hug you... When should I do this..."

Ray's After Ending

  • "I already bought a gift for our 100th day anniversary... But I have a feeling we have a LONG way to go until I can give it to her."
  • "From now on, I should be wary of people raising herbs in the wild."
  • "I guess the stamina nurtured from all that work at Magenta is still with me."
  • "MC.. She's so lovely. I'd thank heavens whenever I think of her."
  • "There was something for me to say... But I forgot. I was suddenly reminded of MC's laugh."
  • "I wanted to go shopping for clothes today... I wanted to get same clothes for us with this month's salary!"
  • "I think me and my brother can definitely be stubborn... Just like our father."
  • "I can feel where MC is when I gaze into the longing wish and feelings in my heart... Do I have some sort of superpower?"
  • Life on Earth is not simply about pain... There is a way to be free from pain forever..."

Welcome messages

7:00 (7 am) - 12:00 (Noon)


  • "I'm excited for what kind of day today is going to be"
  • "I wonder how many more mornings like today will you have."
  • "Shadows are created when the sun rises."


  • "I hope your day is full of happiness only."
  • "I'm sleepy... Where did I put the caffeine pills."
  • "I'd like to make you a brunch. May I?"
  • "I wish our mornings will be just like today."

12:00 (noon) - 17:00 (5 pm)


  • "Is it fun chatting in the chatroom?"
  • "You'll become my eyes."
  • "I just saw you smile. Haha"


  • "Pretty clouds... I should take a photo of it..."
  • "This is rose... this one's delilah... I hope you like them..."
  • "I'm thinking about you right now... What about you?"
  • "I wish I could hack your heart as well..."

17:00 (5 pm) - 21:00 (9 pm)


  • "You shouldn't trust them too much."
  • "Darkness shall fall soon"
  • "I'm the "nice person" who will guide you."


  • "I'll hack this site first... And then..."
  • "How about a walk in the garden? There's this flower I wanted to show you."
  • "What are you doing right now? I'm curious, I'm so curious..."
  • "Time for primrose to bloom and Morning Glory to wane."

21:00 (9 pm) - 00:00 (midnight)


  • "I wonder what will happen if I went to see you."
  • "If I visit you in your dreams, I won't be a ghost or villain, but an angel."
  • "BAMMMM! Hehehehehe. Did I surprise you?"


  • "I wonder what your day was like. Could you whisper them to me?"
  • "I'm used to being alone, but now I'm less lonely thanks to you."
  • "I'll visit you once this is over. Please wait for me."
  • "I heard a rabbit that makes ricecakes lives on the moon from someone. I wonder who said that to me..."

00:00 (midnight) - 7:00 (7 am)


  • "Sleep tight, the results aren't going to change whether you sleep or not."
  • "I'll gulp you down in the dead of night when you least expect it."
  • "I'll be watching over your every move."


  • "Can't sleep? Sorry, I don't know any lullaby... What should I do?"
  • "Will you be looking up at the stars too?"
  • "I hope you're staying awake to have a chat with me..."
  • "I usually stay awake at this hour. What about you?"
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