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I'll destroy your pathetic make-believe world.

—Unknown, Comment from RFA Top Secret Book


Unknown (real name Saeran Choi), is one of the main antagonists of the Mystic Messenger. He is the identical twin brother of 707 and a believer of the organization and cult Mint Eye. During visual novel sequences, prior to the revelation of his identity, his name is displayed as three question marks (???).

In Another Story, he is introduced as Ray, a game developer who enthusiastically wants the player to try their game and leads her to an undisclosed location in order to do so.

On January 31, 2018 a route for him was released in Another Story and his After Ending was released December 18, 2020.


Throughout Casual and Deep story, Saeran is seen as a threat by the RFA, whose identity is a mystery, due to his attempts in hacking and stalking the organization. Despite this, he sees himself as angel that will lead the RFA and the player to salvation in Mint Eye and if he can't take them willingly we'll attempt to achieve this through kidnapping and other unorthodox methods.

Saeran's biggest ambition is his revenge towards 707 for leaving him. In their youth, both sworn to be always together and amidst their precarious childhood they saw each other as their most precious companion. Thus 707's sudden absence brought unbearable pain and grief to Saeran, which turned into intense anger and hatred when the Savior (Rika) and Mint Eye manipulated him into believing he was intentionally abandoned.

He also considers V a traitor not only because of his past relationship with Rika but also because he blames him for taking away his brother, and refers to both V and his brother as 'traitors, 'liars', and 'hypocrites'.

As such, Saeran is willing to do everything he can in order to inflict as much pain and damage as he can onto 707 for revenge, even going so far as to hurt the MC and even killing her (see Yoosung's Bad Relationship Ending 2) or torturing her (Seven's Bad Ending 1) to make his brother suffer. Admitedly, this is a last resort for him as he would much rather recruit the MC into Mint Eye "peacefully".

Saeran's devotion to Mint Eye makes him one of its most faithful followers to the point he even has its symbol tattooed upon his upper right arm to show his devotion. It is likely he got this tattoo recently when the Deep and Casual story mode unfolds as it's not seen in Another Story which takes place one year earlier.

In Deep/Casual, not only his thrist for revenge blind him, but the anger towards the abuse he suffered at the hands of his own mother consumes him, and thus we'll easily abuse others to let out his anger even when he hasn't been part of Mint Eye for months (Yoosung's Bad End 3), or lash out violently when his plans aren't successful (Yoosung's route) to the point he blinds Yoosung's left eye when he stops him from detoning a bomb in MC's location with her in it.

Despite Mint Eye's manipulation having an hand in shaping his personality for the worse, he admits violence comforts him outside of the cult even after being weaned out of drugs, however, he's shown to have deep remorse over these bad actions after his anger subsides and is capable of improving to be a less harmful person, slowly becoming the warm person he used to be.

As a young child, Saeran was described to be a kind and gentle soul, and was the smallest of the two twins. Due to his gentler and forgiving demeanor, his own abusive mother was more toxicly posessive of him and tied him up so he could never go outside or be taken from kidnappers. Sadly due to this, it made Saeran more exposed to her drunken rages which made him bear more of her abuse, and thus develop a weaker constituition and more depressive state, which worried his own brother immensely who desperately sought for a way to rescue him.

Saeran hoped to escape his mother's grasp and live together alone with his brother. However, one day he disappears, bringing the worst pain Saeran ever suffered in his life, which he compares to an half of his body being torn apart (Secret End 2). This makes Saeran quietly look for Saeyoung which prompts him to learn hacking from the same book his brother began learning.

Saeran's hacking and coding skills eventually become amazing and easily rival Seven's even when he's in very poor mental state, in Deep/Casual Story, the apartment security is hacked and his brother is impressed even without knowing his identity since none of his security work has ever been hacked before. In many bad ends, Saeran is sucessful in his mission and bests Seven. In Another Story, it is outright pointed out that Ray is an extraordinary hacker, better than 707, and Vanderwood can't hide his admiration towards Saeran's coding in Ray's AE. It is worthy of note then, that each twin has their own gifts, 707 is more skilled at physical stealth-y activities like fishing and building infiltration and posesses more muscular strenght, Saeran is much better at menial tasks providing a huge boost for his coding work and hacking.

In the Secret Ending 2, Saeran begins to overcome his emotional trauma(s). After being rescued from Mint Eye following a major mental breakdown, Saeran's aggressiveness escalates and he refuses to trust anyone ever again due to his deep fear that he will be betrayed and abandoned again. Slowly and reluctantly, he begins to believe that Seven is being truthful and won't abandon him again which makes his anger subside despite the path of recorery being a rocky one. By the end of 707's Secret Ending, Saeran is a lot stabler compared to how he was before and he joins the RFA, being its newest member now, thus marking his road to recovery and becoming his own person away from Mint Eye.

In Another Story, which takes place one year before Casual/Deep Story events, possibly in another timeline, the player or MC becomes the major focus of Ray who's obsessed with keeping the MC by his side and secretly manipulating her to join Mint Eye. He explains he's an app developer and needs MC's help to test "his game" (which is actually not a game but the RFA chat app itself). He tries to trick MC into thinking the characters in the game are AIs programmed by himself and incites her into making them reveal their secrets. He has a welcoming and charming demeanor towards her and is very open about showing affection. Besides being focused on tending to the player's comfort inside Magenta, he's an excellent hacker and programmer. He loves gardening and knows the symbolic meaning of each flower. He also enjoys cooking. However, he's also highly possessive of the player and deeply afraid of losing her which leds him to manipulate.

Later, it's revealed Ray is an alternate personality, created by Rika during Mint Eye's cleansing program. The other personality, Saeran, is very aggressive, arrogant and demeaning; the complete opposite of the old Saeran's delicate and gentle self before his induction to Mint Eye. This Saeran also has no qualms about being a brute to V and other believers, forcing the elixir on them and openly degrading the MC with insults and ridicule. In his own route, he resorts to starving her (reminiscent of his own mother's torture) and mocking her in the chatroom.

The two personalities are aware of each other and seem to be able to communicate with one another. Saeran thinks lowly of Ray and considers him weak while Ray is terrified of Saeran taking over. As hackers, Ray and Saeran have different skill sets. Ray's skills are more meticulous and considered better than Seven. Saeran is significantly less careful and more rushed with his hacking. On the last days of Ray's route and V's AE, both personalities integrate again and become one. In Ray's route, Saeran still goes by both names but Saeran ends up to be the most commonly name in Ray's AE. His hacking skills are still known to be exceptional.

In Ray's AE, Saeran's demeanor changes to be that of a very loving boyfriend towards the MC. He fills her with compliments, sees her as his salvation and guiding light and stubbornly wants to do what it takes to sacrifice himself for her (and by extension his brother). In bad ends, it's shown he easily puts her own happiness above his to the point he foregoes his own wishes and wellbeing to make her happy. As for his brother, he regains his love for him back, claiming he always nurtured affection for him in the corner of his heart even when he was blinded by rage due to Rika's lies.


Saeran/Unknown's usual attire in Casual and Deep Story

Saeran has white hair, though his natural hair is a vermillion colour; the ends of his hair are frosted pink, which are thought to be the faded colour of his red hair. His eyes are a mint colour, though his original eye colour is a gold colour, sharing the same eye colour as his twin brother.

Saeran is 173 cm and weighs 130lbs, and can be seen wearing a red tank top paired with a large, leather jacket as well as wearing a black choker around his neck and a spiked bracelet donned on his right wrist. At certain points in the story, he will wear a black mask to hide his identity that covers the lower half of his face. He also wears his leather jacket off on his right shoulder, showing the Mint Eye symbol that is tattooed on his upper arm with a half moon motif just below it.

His appearance is altered slightly in Another Story; as Ray, his alter ego, he is more well put together, with his hair combed into a tamer position, and he wears a magenta, three piece suit that has a blue rose pinned to the right breast and a pair of tan slacks while pairing it all with a pair of leather gloves that sit below his wrist. Later in his route, when his personality changes, he wears a black suit, a white shirt complete with a silver chain. In the last days, he wears a plain white shirt and black pants; in which he also wears them in Ray After Ending.

Saeran's appearance as 'Ray' throughout Another Story.


Saeran, along with Saeyoung, is the illegitimate son of a high-ranking politician. Shortly after birth, their alcoholic mother exploited their identities by forcing their father to pay hush money. During his childhood years, he and Saeyoung were abused by their mother, but he received the brunt of it due to becoming ill more often than his twin and, being "weaker", he could not attend church when Saeyoung did. His fondest memories were of eating ice cream and sneaking out of his room to see the sky for the first time with Saeyoung.

Saeyoung dedicated himself to freeing his brother as well as himself by learning how to hack from a textbook. Unfortunately, as Saeyoung's ability to hack grew to a professional level, Saeran was left behind, as his twin was offered a promising job by V that would free him and his brother, but with the price of not telling Saeran where he was going. After Saeyoung's disappearance, Saeran was more vulnerable than before, his mental state extremely fragile, and his mother's abuse became more vicious than ever.

Under V's promise to Saeyoung to protect Saeran, he and Rika then paid a visit to his house, making a compromise with his mother to let him attend church school, or else they would expose her abusive behavior. One day, after Rika took a picture of Saeran to send to Saeyoung, she gave him a textbook on hacking, asking him to keep it a secret and believing in his potential.

Shortly after her "suicide", two years before the events of Casual Story & Deep Story, Rika kidnapped and recruited Saeran into Mint Eye, where he was forced to take numerous substances and brainwashed into believing that Saeyoung had purposefully abandoned him because he was a burden. As Saeran devoted himself to Mint Eye, he had his right arm tattooed with its logo.

Casual Story

Saeran operates under the alias of 'Unknown' for much of the story and serves as the primary antagonist for much of the game; As Unknown, Saeran leads the MC to Rika's apartment under pretense of having her return a phone to its rightful owner, telling her the code to enter the apartment as well as making her join the RFA chatroom which is all part of Rika's masterplan to absorb the RFA, the information it holds and all its clients into Mint Eye. Saeran plans to use the MC as bait to draw the RFA out and to lure the members into joining Mint Eye and does so in many different ways in each route. Saeran manages to hack into the apartment's security and is able to gain a manual switch to the bomb that was planted by Rika prior to the game's events in order to protect clientele information, using the bomb as a threat in several routes which can ultimately lead to several bad endings that result in the MC and, in some cases, his own death.

Saeran remains an absent antagonist for much of the Casual Story, rarely appearing. There are only a few hints from Zen and Yoosung's route that give way to his true identity of being 707's twin brother but it is never confirmed, and he does not have as major of an impact in the other members' routes as he does in 707's. However, in the Casual Story, it is shown that Saeran holds a long held grudge and deep hatred towards 707, even going as far as wanting to kill him as seen in Yoosung's route before Yoosung manages to save 707 but being blinded in one eye by Saeran in the process.

Deep Story

Jumin's route

Saeran's presence is scarce in Jumin's route and barely acts as the primary antagonist in his route, mainly due to the fact that the main threat towards the MC's life, the bomb, is no longer a factor due to her staying with Jumin in his penthouse. As in Casual Story, Saeran leads the MC to Rika's apartment under the guise of wanting the MC to return the phone, and the next time he is seen is during the game branch, hacking once more into the chat to threaten the MC and the RFA.

When 707 visits Mint Eye, Saeran greets him and Yoosung and it is shown that 707 recognises Saeran, the game once more hinting at their close connection to one another. However, 707 is forced to flee with Yoosung and Elizabeth the 3rd and Saeran is not seen for the rest of Jumin's route. Although 707 makes reference to his twin brother several times, asking V about him and remaining dejected at the party at the realisation of what has happened to his brother.

707's route

Unknown is heavily involved in 707's route, contributing not only to Seven's character development, but the story's plot as a whole. His backstory, as well as the aftermath of his involvement in Mint Eye, is further explored in the second part of the Secret Endings, which take place after Seven's After Ending. Saeran's involvement in the story increases in 707's route, as on the 5th day, he successfully manages to change the algorithm to the security to Rika's apartment, alerting 707 and making the bomb active, threatening to set it off.

Saeran as a young child with his twin brother, 707/Saeyoung; he comments that he loves eating ice cream.

Saeran acts as 707's foil as he tries to hinder his brother's progress in deactivating the bomb, eventually deciding to break into the apartment himself in order to kidnap the MC, but is stopped when 707 manages to arrive just in time to save the MC. Their meeting is one of shock to 707, leading him into a state of disbelief as Saeran finally reveals his identity to his long lost twin. Despite Saeran expressing his distain towards his brother whom he feels abandoned him to their abusive, alcoholic mother, 707 pleads with Saeran to leave the apartment so that he will be unharmed by the apartment's security system. Saeran eventually retreats back to Mint Eye, once more wanting to ruin 707's life and his plans.

707 is deeply affected by his meeting with his brother and, on the 10th day, he is fueled by determination to go save his younger brother, deciding to go with the player and break into Mint Eye, hoping to hack their computers to get all the necessary information needed and to hopefully save his brother from Mint Eye's clutches; their plans are thwarted when Saeran manages to catch them in the act and both the MC and 707 try to plead with him to see reason and to leave Mint Eye, showing him the photos Rika had sent 707 on a floppy disk in hopes that it would help him see through Mint Eye's lies and to escape with them. However, their decision ends up leading Saeran to have a complete mental breakdown upon viewing the photos and, unable to deal with it, runs out the room from the MC and 707; it is outside that he is mistaken for 707 by his co-worker, Vanderwood, and is kidnapped at gunpoint by the agent.

Secret Ending

Though Saeran is irritated at being Vanderwood's hostage, he does not mind as long as it means Saeyoung's death. When Saeyoung and the player arrive at the exchange point, Saeyoung drugs him to sleep out and drags him into his car as he shields him from the bullets. The four manage to escape the intelligence agency and into a cabin. Saeyoung tearfully tries to make amends with him, but Saeran rejects him. Pretending to take a smoke break, he steals Vanderwood's cell phone and sends his location to Mint Eye for help. The next morning, the Believers arrive with, to his horror, V as the leader.

While Saeyoung, Vanderwood, and the player are held prisoners, Saeran criticizes Rika keeping V in Mint Eye, viewing him as a threat. He becomes more aggravated when, at the initiation ceremony begins, she makes the decision to have Saeyoung become a disciple instead of killing him; furthermore, she finds Saeyoung as a much more valuable asset. Feeling betrayed, Saeran begins to have a breakdown. Rika orders the Believers to give him medication, only to have an injured Saeyoung stop him. Seeing Saeyoung defend him, as well as fainting from blood loss, agitates him even more, causing him to take out his gun and threaten to shoot. He instantly chooses V as his target, blaming his involvement for swaying Rika's faith in him, and kills him.

After everyone is found by Jumin's guards, Saeran is secretly entered into a rehabilitation facility. As the toxins from the medications are purged, he is left with resentment and refuses medication. He becomes aggressive towards the hospital staff to the point Saeyoung decides to stay with him. Saeran's condition makes progress until he leaves a devastating injury on the therapist, forcing him to be moved into the psychiatric ward. Instead, Saeyoung escapes with him to his house, pleading with him to trust him. Angry, Saeran becomes destructive. At one point when Saeyoung leaves to buy food, he contemplates suicide, only to be stopped. This culminates in him strangling Saeyoung; however, he realizes through Saeyoung's unconditional love that he does not want him to die, giving Saeyoung hope that his brother is showing signs of recovery.

After a period of time, Saeran has made moderate steps to recovery and has joined the RFA, who now consider him as part of the family. Though still uncomfortable, he logs into the messenger when Saeyoung invites the other members to his engagement party with the player. They take a commemorative photo, which reveals that he has changed his attire and hair color to lead a much more normal life.

Another Story

Ray/Saeran's hearts; be concerned over his health, promise to stay with him, and be distrustful of the RFA to gain them!

Unlike in Casual and Deep Story, Saeran leads the MC to the Mint Eye building and has adopted the persona of Ray, a submissive and insecure personality that wants the MC to test a 'game' he is developing, a game that is actually the RFA app and he has the MC talking to the other members under the guise that she is talking to AIs.

As Ray, Saeran is obsessive over the MC, smitten by her entirely and brings her flowers, attempting to make her stay at Mint Eye as comfortably as possibly while keeping the truth about the organization a secret from the MC. Ray attempts to keep the MC safe from Mint Eye for as long as possible without having her to undergo the initiation ceremony, before finally being told by his Savior that she needs to cleansed in order to stay at Mint Eye and achieve salvation. Ray worries about the MC and attempts to make her 'elixir' sweet so that it does not hurt her when she drinks it.

Saeran/Ray's route

Saeran and V come face to face; Saeran rejects his brother's gift.

If the MC manages to successfully pass the game branch, Ray will bring her into the garden to talk privately; here, Ray asks the MC if she trusts him enough, and explains what is to happen. That she will undergo a ceremony whereby she will 'see the truth' and be able to stay in Mint Eye. However, Ray is concerned for the MC and worries that she will be in pain because of the 'elixir' and decides to not have the MC be initiated, making the MC promise not to tell anyone she has not taken the elixir, and that if she is asked then she must lie to protect herself. Afterwards, Ray explains the purpose of Mint Eye to the MC in basic details, telling her it is a place created to provide happiness and to gather wounded souls together so that they may be happy; Ray also reveals that the 'game' the MC has been playing is fake and that she has been talking to real people all along, telling her he was afraid that she would be disgusted and hate him and Mint Eye.

Ray is overcome with the elixir, which is beginning to take affect on his physical and mental wellbeing.

V interrupts Ray and calls him by his real name, Saeran, which sets Ray off and the two fight with V commenting that the MC has put more faith into Ray than the RFA and her rescue is impossible at this time before he departs, leaving Ray mentally unstable. Ray expresses his fears about V stealing the MC from him to his Savior, who in turn degrades him and tells him he's a 'good-for-nothing', thus validating his internal fears about not being wanted after she threatens that should he fail his job, he will be ousted from Mint Eye. This results in Ray spiraling into self-hatred, which the MC can either help him cope with or continue to feed into his biggest fears while also vaguely expressing worries about the hacker or attempting to fuel the war between Mint Eye and the RFA.

As Ray's mental instability grows, this in turn leads him to recall flashbacks of his abusive childhood where his alcoholic mother would beat him, strangling him to the point that he almost died as a result of Saeyoung disappearing and taking her anger out on Saeran. His abusive mother would go onto insult him by saying that he will always be a 'coward' and 'nothing', before he recalls Rika's words of promising him happiness if he only obeyed her; Ray's doubts in his Savior seem to grow and have gotten worse with the arrival of the MC as it is revealed that he has not been taking his elixir and is forced to take it in front of another believer. Ray eventually catches on that his doses are being increased. Which is leading the elixir into taking a great toll on his mental and physical health.

Ray's Savior forces him to take another dose of the elixir, making him promise that she will control every aspect of his life.

During this time, the Prime Minister reaches out to V about buying his collection and tensions in the RFA rise due to 707's unease about Prime Minister Choi's contact with the RFA. Eventually, it is revealed that he and Saeran are the illegitimate children of the Prime Minister and their mother. However, their existence threatened the Prime Minister, which puts them in danger. As a result, the Prime Minister Choi had decided back then that the twins were to be hidden from the public by any means necessary so as to not have his political career damaged.

Regardless of the MC's actions, she is eventually welcomed into Mint Eye without anyone knowing she has not undergone the initiation ceremony, The Savior even comes in person to give the MC her own ID card which allows her full access to the entire building. Ray is anxious about the MC's future at Mint Eye, and as result, makes the MC promise that should anyone try to give her the elixir, she should say Ray will give it to her instead; Ray's Savior begins to doubt Ray's commitment to Mint Eye and its ideologies, and once more forces Ray to take another dose of the elixir, stating that he must pledge his entire life to her and to obey every command she gives.

Ray and MC share their first kiss.

Ray ends up having a severe mental breakdown, telling the MC that he believes he deserves all of the suffering he has endured, comparing himself to being less than an insect and that he doesn't care who hurts him as long as they stay beside him while they torture him. During this, the MC can express worry for Ray and comment that she does not believe that Mint Eye is good for him and can even ask if they can run away together. Saeran later visits the MC and provides her with a fake dose of the elixir, telling her that should anyone try to make her a real version of the elixir that she would be able to drink the fake one instead so she will not have to go through the pain of the initiation ceremony.

Depending on the MC's actions and whether the game branch has been passed on the 6th day, the MC will meet Ray in the gardens and there the two will share their first kiss, which will result in Ray to run away in a state of shock due to never having experienced a kind touch before in his life. The MC is then visited by another believer and takes possession of the bookmark V attempted to give Saeran when she is told that Ray is undergoing a cleansing, with later 707 stating that the hacker has completely changed patterns and is behaving like an entirely different person. 707's suspicions are later confirmed when the MC is visited by what appears to be Ray, but is actually Saeran. Saeran's personality takes over and he explains that Ray was the weakest and most pathetic parts of him, making several comments about how he doesn't understand why Ray was obsessed with the MC since she isn't his 'type'. Saeran is aggressive to MC, slamming her up against a wall and explains that he dislikes everything about her and that he is only being nice because his Savior told him to be. He then continues to taunt the MC, degrading her and mockingly calling her a 'princess' before forcefully grabbing the MC and assaulting her, all the while calling her a toy for him to play with and warning her to not tell the RFA anything.

Saeran forced by Rika to undergo his first cleansing, where she brainwashes him to hate his brother.

After the MC attempts to get help from Jaehee, Saeran hacks the chat and threatens the MC not to say anything lest she wants to face the consequences. Depending on the MC actions, she can either attempt to break through to Ray or remain frightened of Saeran. Saeran continues to torment the MC, promising that he's going to make her life 'a living hell', and going as far as to lock her in her room and starve her. Regardless of the MC standing up to Saeran or trying to appease him, he does not change his mind and states that he enjoys making her suffer. Saeran later visits the MC and attacks her once again, mocking her and Ray once again as he insults and degrades her, stating she has no self worth and that she doesn't even deserve to be cleansed to live in 'paradise'.

At the same time, the Prime Minister attempts to close in on 707 and Saeran, with Zen being interrogated about 707 and his role in the RFA. When discussing the situation with Jumin, Jumin ends up catching onto the MC's situation despite her assuring she's alright, but the chat is hacked before Jumin can receive confirmation on his suspicions; Saeran effectively cuts off her contact with the RFA and tells the MC he is installing cameras in her room so he can watch her suffer at all times.

'Ray' emerges and is horrified about how Saeran has been treating the MC.

As a result, the only chatrooms available from this point only has Saeran , who continues to torment the MC in various different ways, such as mocking her feelings for Ray and their relationship, or taking on the persona of Ray to taunt the MC. During a conversation with his Savior, it is revealed that Saeran had asked for the MC to stay, stating that he only did so because he saw her as a toy to entertain him and for something he could make suffer, and his Savior remarks that Ray is 'gone for good'. Saeran adds his Savior to the chatroom, and it's revealed that the Savior is Rika, who is alive and well. Depending on the MC's actions, she can call Rika out for her abusive behavior and for manipulating Saeran/Ray into being the way that he is. In a flashback, it is shown Rika took advantage of Saeran's fragile state of mid to manipulate him after the death of his mother, telling him that she will be his new mother. Because Saeran only ever saw abuse as love, he was pliable to Rika's tactics and never saw her actions as being abusive and thought that if she stayed by him, even while brainwashing and abusing him, then he could withstand it all.

Saeran visits the MC during the night and continues torturing her, mocking her feelings for Ray and asking her why she was upset since he has Ray's face which she loved so much. He attempts to attack her, and the MC can push him away which results in him hurting his head and 'Ray' emerges. Ray is horrified at how Saeran has been treating the MC, going into a panic attack as a result of it all. Ray then explains to the MC that both he and Saeran are two parts of the same person, but that 'Ray' as a single entity never existed and he warns the MC to run away as he doesn't want her to be hurt by 'him' anymore.

Saeran attacks the MC, unable to tell reality from the memories of his abusive mother.

The MC is later visited by V, who explains everything to her about how Rika created Mint Eye, how he lied about her suicide in order to protect the other members from her current state of mind and how Rika had been manipulating Saeran in secret; depending on the MC's decisions, the MC can show worry for Saeran despite his hostile and abusive nature towards her and Saeran begins to talk of her cleansing ceremony to be held later that night. However, he is upset that he cannot take part in it, saying that he will take his anger out on MC but is stopped from entering her room by other believers. Despite Saeran's antagonizing, he begins to say that the elixir shouldn't be wasted on someone like the MC, and remarks that she's his toy for him to use and throw away; with Saeran being forbidden to enter the MC's room, he becomes erratic at not being able to see her, even going so far as to attack the believer guarding the MC's door for not letting him enter.

Saeran threatens V at gunpoint.

At this point, a game branch will happen and depending on the MC's actions, the branch can be passed and the game can continue; Saeran comments that once the MC has passed the initiation ceremony he will no longer be able to 'play' with her or watch over her on the cameras, and attempts to convince himself that he doesn't care for the MC but seems unable to believe his own words. At this point, Saeran will take a kinder approach towards the MC and asks Rika to postpone her ceremony under the guise that they need to focus their energy in capturing the RFA instead. Rika notes that Saeran doesn't want to lose the MC and that is the true motive behind his actions, though Saeran tries to deny it by saying that the MC means nothing to him. Saeran grows more frustrated and breaks down in front of the MC while recalling his abusive mother's words to him and, unable to handle the mental trauma, threatens to kill the MC but is unable to do so, becoming overwhelmed with his past trauma in the process.

Saeran is met by V in the garden, who covers for Saeran and saves him from being taken by the believers; V attempts to get Saeran to escape Mint Eye with the MC in tow, but Rika's brainwashing runs too deep and he is convinced he won't be able to survive the outside world. The two face off as V tries to convince Saeran that he is a victim to Rika's manipulations and that he isn't truly happy in Mint Eye, but Saeran remains unstable, brandishing a gun and threatening to kill V and refusing to listen to his former guardian, however he is brought to his senses when V mentions the MC and Saeran states that the MC, unlike him, will be happy in the outside world and tells V to run away while he can with the MC.

Saeran visits the MC secretly, showing regret for his behaviour towards the MC.

Depending on the MC's actions, she can either show worry for Saeran or turn into a believer; the MC also has the option of showing no regard for Saeran and only caring about 'Ray'. Saeran's health begins to worsen, and he begins to show signs of doubt towards Mint Eye, as well as managing to tear down Rika's years of brainwashing. It is revealed in a conversation with Rika that Saeran's possessiveness over the MC was far greater than Rika had anticipated, telling the MC that no one else can access the cameras Saeran installed in the MC's room as he had it a password encrypted in it, making it inaccessible to anyone else.

Saeran eventually visits the MC secretly, with his personality entirely changed and no longer aggressive or erratic. He wonders why the MC continued to act kindly towards him even after all the suffering and torture he had put her through, apologising for the things he said to the MC and stating that they were never true but rather a projection of his own feelings of self-hatred. Saeran then apologises once more to the MC before disappearing, with the MC once more gaining access to the RFA app.

Saeran escapes with the MC, finally coming to peace with being both Ray and Saeran.

At this point another game branch will happen and, depending on whether the MC passes the game branch, Saeran ends up being captured by Rika once more and is forced to take more elixirs, with Rika hoping that it will cause him to become unstable and to become Ray, whom she feels is easier to control despite seeing 'Ray' as being more pathetic. Her plan backfires when Saeran begins to recall his childhood and his memories with 707, who was the only one who looked out for Saeran during their abusive childhood. During this time, he also remembers his mother's words and how they're similar to Rika's, before proclaiming that he's nothing like her or his father. Saeran ends up confronting Rika, stating he no longer wants to follow her or Mint Eye's ideology, eventually coming to the conclusion that Rika's abusive behavior towards Saeran and her other followers is a projection of her own parent's behaviour towards her as a child. Saeran calls Rika out for her own fear and cowardice, saying that she herself is the one who is truly most afraid of the outside world and of being abandoned and rejected. Saeran, no longer under the influence of Rika's manipulations, plots an escape and manages to take the MC with him.

Saeran once more expresses his deep regret over his actions towards the MC, admitting that what he did was wrong and not easily excusable. Saeran, now taking upon himself both Saeran and Ray names, then states that the reason Rika's elixir no longer works on him anymore is because he has already found paradise and salvation in the MC, calling her his angel. The two manage to escape Mint Eye and find a secure location where they contact the rest of the RFA to explain the situation at hand. Jumin reaches out to Saeran and he begins to work with Jaehee and the intelligence unit to locate 707's whereabouts. Saeran ultimately decides that in order to save 707, and to finally put an end to his father, he will publish all the information V and 707 had accumulated and asks Zen for his help in making the announcement on some of the Prime Minister's wrong doing.

On the 11th day, depending on the MC's actions, how many party guests attend and if every game branch has been passed, the player will be greeted with an ending (see Unknown/Endings for more details).

V's route

If the MC has passed the game branch, Ray will lead her to her initiation ceremony, asking her to stay with him forever and to never leave him alone, asking her to drink the 'elixir' and promising everything will be alright. When V shows up to disrupt the ceremony, his appearance leads Ray into an emotional tailspin, leading him to break down and cursing V for ruining everything. Ray's emotional and mental stability worsens as he worries the MC will be taken away from him by V and the RFA; he begins to show doubts in his Savior when she asks to spend time with the MC, and he asks the MC to stay with them in Mint Eye and to never trust V, stating she will only be happy if she stays with them in paradise.

'Ray' attempting to get the MC to drink the elixir and to stay with him forever in paradise.

Ray's instability culminated in him nearly killing V by giving V an overdose of the elixir as a result of V trying to plead with him by calling him by his true name. Frightened of that part of himself waking up, Saeran tries to shut V up but ends up giving him too much of the elixir, resulting in him becoming worried that his savior will be mad at nearly killing V.

Ray's obsession with the MC grows worse, telling the MC he still sleeps in her room despite her not being there as he misses how she smells, and begs her to come back to them and that she should not trust V or the RFA members, especially 707. It is revealed that he has not been taking his elixir as it makes his head hurt and Rika admonishes him for not doing so, with Ray's doubt in his savior growing as he asks if she will abandon all of Mint Eye for V, but eventually he is convinced that she cares more for Mint Eye than for V.

Saeran eventually wakes up and he expresses his disgust for his alter ego Ray, calling him weak and pathetic and that he was sick and tired of hearing Ray whine about how much he missed the MC. Saeran is aggressive towards the MC, telling her that he wants to know why Ray was so obsessed with her and threatens to kidnap her, even making several remarks that once he gets her in his possession that he will show her everything that Ray ever thought about doing with her, only he will not be as gentle with her. Eventually, 'Ray' wakes up and pleads with the MC to return home once more, his mental stability at its weakest as he calls her several times crying and in pain. In the end, Ray detonates a bomb that results in Mint Eye's destruction with him still inside, to Rika's shock since she had initially planned for Ray to escape safely with the other believers. She then asks for V to grieve for Ray in the chat. V is utterly confused by this, then in the After Ending it's revealed his prolongued 2 year absence was due to him rushing to Mint Eye's ruins to rescue and rehabilitate Saeran who managed to survive the explosion.



Saeran with V and Rika, whom he once thought of as family.

At first, Saeran and V were initially close with one another, with V deciding to take him under his wing with Rika. Together, the two treated Saeran as family and gave him the much needed love he craved all his childhood under his alcoholic, abusive mother's thumb, with Saeran seeing them as his own family after Saeyoung left Saeran to go work as a secret agent in order to work for a better future for the two of them away from their mother and their father.

It is unknown when exactly Saeran turned against V, but eventually he grew to hold a deep hatred towards the older man as a result of Rika becoming more manipulative and warping Saeran's mind and brainwashing him to hate not only V, but the rest of the RFA, especially 707. V is deeply regretful that he had not noticed Rika manipulating Saeran and that he had allowed Saeran to become the person that he was, deciding ultimately to keep everything a secret from 707, as he believed it would be too painful for 707 to bear. Eventually, so great is Rika's brainwashing and Saeran's hatred of V, that in 707's Secret ending, he ends up shooting and killing V as a result of an emotional breakdown.

During Another Story, even as 'Ray', Saeran holds a great deal of contempt towards V and tells the MC not to trust him, with the MC being able to comment that its strange how much he hates his own creations (as she was under the impression that the RFA was a game app talking with AIs). Throughout V's route, Ray/Saeran tells the MC how much he hates V, saying he is a hypocrite and a liar, going so far as to even send defaced pictures of V and Rika to the other members' houses. In V's route, V continues to hide Saeran's true identity from 707 as he does not want 707 to be in pain over what has happened to his brother. In V's AE, V rescues Saeran/Ray from the Mint Eye explosion Ray caused nurses him back to health and rehabilitates him for awhile (6 months in Judgement Ending or 2 years in the Forgive Ending), then finally allows both brothers to reunite after Saeran lets go of all the hatred in his heart.


707/Saeyoung is revealed to Saeran/Unknown's older, twin brother; the two were illegitimate children due to being born out of wedlock to their mother and their father, who was a presidential candidate when they were younger. As a result of their status as illegitimate children, their mother would often blackmail their father with revealing everything to the public unless he would supply her a constant flow of money. Saeyoung tried to protect Saeran as best as he could as their mother was an abusive alcoholic who would beat the two of them up, but seemed to favour beating Saeran most of all as he was weaker than Saeyoung and was more likely to fall ill than his older brother.

Saeran and Saeyoung as children, when they shared a close bond.

The two appeared to be very close in their childhood, feeling as if they only had each other and had to look out for one another in order to survive; because of their hopeless situation at home, Saeyoung took it upon himself to try and better their future and began to teach himself how to code and to hack, hoping that learning to do so would allow him to get a job and that they could both escape their abusive home life. Eventually, Saeyound would meet Rika and V at church where they would convince him to join them, but only on the condition that Saeran would be left behind. Despite the difficult decision, Saeyoung left Saeran under the impression that he would be protected by Rika and V, and left to work as a secret agent where he ended up giving up his identity as Saeyoung Choi to protect Saeran.

Saeran would eventually begin to see Saeyoung's decision as abandonment, becoming resentful of being left at home with his mother and Rika began to manipulate Saeran and fed into his growing hatred for his brother, eventually leading Saeran to becoming her most faithful follower at Mint Eye, all the while she told Saeyoung that Saeran was safe and sending him old photos to prove her statements. Saeyoung never knew what happened to his brother and never attempted to contact Saeran in fear that it would lead to his brother being in danger but always worried about Saeran's safety, with his ultimate goal being to build a stable future where the two of them could live happily.

In reality, Saeran would end up becoming manipulated by Rika. Two years before Casual/Deep Story takes place, Saeran is taken to Mint Eye, which had a great affect on his mind and his mental stability, with Rika feeding into his fear that Saeyoung abandoned him, resulting in Saeran's animosity towards Saeyoung to only worsen to the point he only wishes to destroy Saeyoung and the RFA through any means necessary.

Saeran can reconcile with Saeyoung in different routes (V's AE, Secret Endings and Ray's AE) with different outcomes. However, in certain bad endings it can culminate in him killing or torturing Seven.


During Zen's route, he will meet Saeran and automatically despise him because he saw Unknown (Saeran) in his psychic dream as the person who will harm the MC eventually. So when they officially met, he told Unknown to let go of MC. However, within the other routes, Zen will be disturbed and cautious of the mysterious hacker, not knowing who the person is.

Saeran can be seen in Zen's 3rd bad ending. It is implied that the MC does not trust the RFA anymore due to the implantation of a bomb in Rika's apartment. Saeran will then break into the apartment and describes himself as the "angel who will bring you (MC) to paradise". The MC then agrees without hesitation, surprising Saeran. Saeran will then recite a story, featuring a princess who he refers to as the MC, a prince, Zen, and himself as "the angel watching from afar". He comments that Zen is rowdier than the MC in accepting his invitation, which forces him to feed Zen drugs. There will later be a CG with Zen dressed up in a majestic black attire looking a bit high from the drugs. He is later fed with the drugs again. Saeran can be seen at the back smiling giddily.


In Yoosung's bad ending, Saeran forces him into a role-playing game where Saeran continuously tortures Yoosung. Yoosung is held captive by Saeran by the threat that he would hack and destroy the RFA. He is the one responsible for blinding Yoosung in his left eye in Yoosung's route.


For most of Casual and Deep Story, Saeran acts as a primary antagonist towards the MC, tricking her into going into Rika's apartment and seeing the MC as a tool for him to manipulate, with his ending goal being to get her and the rest of the RFA to join the RFA. Because of the role Saeran takes as being a villain, he does not interact with the MC that often, nor does he care much for the MC, and at times isn't afraid to threaten her life or, in certain Bad Endings, kill her without any second thoughts. In 707's route, he recognises his brother's attachment to the MC, and tries to take advantage of it, hoping to use the MC as a way to hurt his brother; with the release of Secret Ending, it is seen that Saeran has repaired ties with his brother and is friends with the MC and even the rest of the RFA.

'Ray' is replaced by Saeran, who is a lot less gentle at first towards the MC.

However, in Another Story, Saeran takes a different approach to the MC as his alter ego, Ray, interacts with her; unlike Unknown, Ray is kinder towards the MC, and manages to lure her to Mint Eye to test a 'dating game' that he has developed, making her believe that the RFA members she was interacting with were actually just AIs he created; however, soon Ray ends up becoming smitten with the MC to the point of obsession, treating her like a princess and trying to get her to hate the RFA, which the MC can either agree to or take the RFA's side; it is unknown if Ray truly loves the MC at this point or simply sees her as the object of his happiness since she came to him willingly, but he obsesses over her nonetheless. Doing everything he can to try and get her to stay with him in Mint Eye, such as making her her food and bringing her flowers and even bringing her on walks in the garden. It is because of Ray's feelings for the MC that he shows his first signs of doubt towards his savior, as well being hesitant to hand the MC over to the Savior to look after. Ray incessantly worries over the MC, even going so far as to try and change her 'elixir' to a sweeter taste as he does not want her to be in any pain during her initiation ceremony.

Should the MC get V's route, Ray's obsession with her shall increase tenfold and he begs her to come back to Mint Eye, asking her if he can change anything, including himself, so that she will return and then they can be happy. Ray eventually ends up being replaced by Saeran's true personality, where he wonders about what made Ray so attracted to the MC and states that he's going to kidnap her, even going so far as to make several, explicit comments about what he will do to her when he kidnaps her, telling the MC he's going to show her everything Ray ever thought about doing to her. Even despite if the MC decides to show concern and worry over Saeran/Ray in V's route, their relationship is severed when Ray detonates a bomb inside Mint Eye to get rid of incriminating evidence. However, he betrays Rika's original plan of escaping with other believers and remains inside, suffering damage from the explosion. Rika shows remorse over this event and the subsquent aftermath leads her to regain conscience over her own actions in V's After Ending where she shows deep regret and seeks forgiveness for her wrongdoing that caused Saeran much suffering. The player then can choose for the RFA to judge her or forgive her.

In the Christmas DLC he asks MC to reveal confidential information about the RFA to him via text message, in an attempt to take her away to Mint Eye. Giving away the information he wants leads to getting an ending with him. (See Endings)

Mother Choi

Saeran was in fact mother choi's favorite child, revealing that her toxic possessiveness made Saeran more pessimistic and her disregard for Saeyoung turned his sibling more "independent".

A chronic alcoholic. Not much is known about her identity despite having had a great impact on the twins in their formative years. She kept her sons as leverage to blackmail Saejoong Choi for money. Despite Saeran being his own mother's favorite child, he bore the brunt of her abuse due to being more exposed to her violent outbursts and temperamental personality, while Saeyoung was let go to run on errands (being treated as more expandable by putting him more at risk of his father's kidnappers). Unfortunately, Saeran being kept indoors and being more exposed to his own mother's alcoholic outbursts made his constitution more sickly, weak and pessimistic. His punishments included being tied up so he wouldn't escape, starved and/or dehydrated for a prolonged period and possibly beaten.

In Yoosung's route, it is implied Saeran committed matricide, and in the secret endings her death is reported to be a suicide.

In Ray's route it's then revealed she was killed in an act of self-defense by Rika. It's possible that due to timeline differences between Another Story and Deep/Casual Story, there's different outcomes in regards to her fate.

Saeran is often disdainful towards his mother for abusing him. However, after Saeyoung left him he acquired some fondness towards her during a certain period, born out of the trauma of his twin brother's absence, who he shared an unconditional love with, leaving him. In Ray's AE this attachment towards her develops even more to a distorted extent where he paints her as more sympathetic despite her history of abuse and exploitation towards him and even grows to miss her presence.

The spaceship reveals

Ray's Route

  • "Did my eyelash into my eyes when I was rubbing them? It's itchy."
  • "The caffeine pill I took seems to be caught in my throat..."
  • "Miss you..."
  • "Would I look weird if I slick back my hair?"
  • "Huh? I think I can use this later."
  • "...I'm feeling dizzy. This is annoying."
  • "Never show your weak side"
  • "...If I was born with a different life."
  • "That believer just now ignored me, didn't he?"
  • "Should I buy a new mask?"
  • "I can win this. I can win this. I can win this!"
  • "Oh, I almost yawned in front of the believers."
  • "Why is this here?..."
  • "I'll die young one day."
  • "That scent from the room... What scent is it?"
  • "I want to make games like the escape room."
  • "Can't forget that shameful look."
  • "Sometimes I feel empty. Really..."
  • "......................"
  • "......"
  • "Smile at me when you see this flower later..."
  • "I want to hug you... When should I do this..."

Ray's After Ending

  • "I already bought a gift for our 100th day anniversary... But I have a feeling we have a LONG way to go until I can give it to her."
  • "From now on, I should be wary of people raising herbs in the wild."
  • "I guess the stamina nurtured from all that work at Magenta is still with me."
  • "MC.. She's so lovely. I'd thank heavens whenever I think of her."
  • "There was something for me to say... But I forgot. I was suddenly reminded of MC's laugh."
  • "I wanted to go shopping for clothes today... I wanted to get same clothes for us with this month's salary!"
  • "I think me and my brother can definitely be stubborn... Just like our father."
  • "I can feel where MC is when I gaze into the longing wish and feelings in my heart... Do I have some sort of superpower?"
  • Life on Earth is not simply about pain... There is a way to be free from pain forever..."

Welcome messages

7:00 (7 am) - 12:00 (Noon)


  • "I'm excited for what kind of day today is going to be"
  • "I wonder how many more mornings like today will you have."
  • "Shadows are created when the sun rises."


  • "I hope your day is full of happiness only."
  • "I'm sleepy... Where did I put the caffeine pills."
  • "I'd like to make you a brunch. May I?"
  • "I wish our mornings will be just like today."

12:00 (noon) - 17:00 (5 pm)


  • "Is it fun chatting in the chatroom?"
  • "You'll become my eyes."
  • "I just saw you smile. Haha"


  • "Pretty clouds... I should take a photo of it..."
  • "This is rose... this one's delilah... I hope you like them..."
  • "I'm thinking about you right now... What about you?"
  • "I wish I could hack your heart as well..."

17:00 (5 pm) - 21:00 (9 pm)


  • "You shouldn't trust them too much."
  • "Darkness shall fall soon"
  • "I'm the "nice person" who will guide you."


  • "I'll hack this site first... And then..."
  • "How about a walk in the garden? There's this flower I wanted to show you."
  • "What are you doing right now? I'm curious, I'm so curious..."
  • "Time for primrose to bloom and Morning Glory to wane."

21:00 (9 pm) - 00:00 (midnight)


  • "I wonder what will happen if I went to see you."
  • "If I visit you in your dreams, I won't be a ghost or villain, but an angel."
  • "BAMMMM! Hehehehehe. Did I surprise you?"


  • "I wonder what your day was like. Could you whisper them to me?"
  • "I'm used to being alone, but now I'm less lonely thanks to you."
  • "I'll visit you once this is over. Please wait for me."
  • "I heard a rabbit that makes ricecakes lives on the moon from someone. I wonder who said that to me..."

00:00 (midnight) - 7:00 (7 am)


  • "Sleep tight, the results aren't going to change whether you sleep or not."
  • "I'll gulp you down in the dead of night when you least expect it."
  • "I'll be watching over your every move."


  • "Can't sleep? Sorry, I don't know any lullaby... What should I do?"
  • "Will you be looking up at the stars too?"
  • "I hope you're staying awake to have a chat with me..."
  • "I usually stay awake at this hour. What about you?"