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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

Tips to get his route:

(Note: Some tips can be applied to other days)

  • Get a lot of Ray (magenta) hearts and avoid getting V (mint) hearts
  • Be nice to and flirt with Ray
  • Treat the RFA as AIs when interacting with Ray
    • Ray is better than the AIs and you like him more
  • Don't treat the RFA as AIs to their face
  • Pry out secrets from V and Seven
  • Doubt V
  • Don't mention the fact it's a game, the developer, or Ray.
  • Keep your situation a secret.

Tips to avoid Bad Endings:

(Note: Some tips can be applied to other days)

Bad Story Ending 1 (Days 5-6):

  • In the chatroom, don't talk like putting pressure on someone is a good method
  • Encourage the RFA and Ray to take breaks, show moral support
  • Don't be proud/boast of the hacker (Ray) nor compare him to Seven
  • Trust V
  • Don't talk like a believer (ex. Recruiting RFA, religion business, special treatment)
  • Don't try to suggest of taking or making the Prime Minister join the RFA
  • Be suspicious of the Prime Minister
  • Don't side with the hacker(Ray) nor C&R intelligence unit and Seven, and don't ask who will win. Settle the conflict peacefully
  • Don't be mean/cruel to Ray
  • Don't treat him as a weak useless person
  • Be worried and kind to him unconditionally
  • Prioritize his condition instead of forcing him to work and do his best

Bad Story Ending 2 (Days 7-9):

  • Stay positive
  • Be concerned with Ray, but be worried about Saeran too
  • Continue trusting V and being suspicious of the Prime Minister
  • Don't let Saeran intimidate you nor become his toy
  • Never follow his orders, even if he acted as Ray
  • Don't pry out secrets from the RFA, especially from V
  • Don't talk about being thrown away or useless (to the Magenta because it's your job) if the party will be postponed
  • Don't talk like a believer
  • Don't blame Rika nor degrade yourself, focus more on disagreeing with her beliefs in a polite way

Bad Story Ending 3 (Days 9-10):

  • Don't talk like a believer
  • Don't work together with Rika
  • Don't talk like you wanted Ray more than Saeran, you'll get no hearts if you keep talking about Ray
  • Be concerned for Saeran too
  • Push him to leave the place

Bad Relationship Endings 1&2 (Days 6 and 10):

  • Participate in at least 70% of the chatrooms everyday.
  • Make sure that you're obtaining Ray (magenta) hearts

Tips to obtain Bad Endings

Bad Story Ending 3

Tips to obtain The Last Ending and Another Ending (After Ending)

The Last Ending

  • Trust Saeran
  • Help Saeran with saving Saeyoung
  • Don't agree with Rika
  • Be cautious
  • Don't agree with Saeran's plan

Another Ending

  • Same as above
  • Choose "(Don't go save Saeran.)" in story mode after "The Last Discussion"

Tips to obtain Sad Endings (After Ending)

Sad Ending 1

  • Choose "(Do not move.)" in story mode after "Please Wake Up"

Sad Ending 2

  • Choose "Then let's leave. Let's leave behind everything, instead of saving Saeyoung", "Yes" and "I'll be fine. I want to be happy with you. That's all I'm asking for." in story mode after "Secure Chat Just for Us"

Sad Ending 3

  • Choose "You can go ahead. I think I'll try contacting the rest of RFA." and "Okay." in story mode after "ZEN is Awake!"