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I honestly want to slap people who can't think beyond their own views. Like the world doesn't revolve around you, and there are thousands of others who think differently than you!

If I call you a strawberry and you're offended, please take it as the offense that it is meant to be. I hate strawberry people as they are spoiled children/people who can't handle anything outside of their own views, are self-entitled pieces of shit, are extremely mentally weak, are quick to threaten suicide/self-harm and/or harm to others when they don't get their way, and are idiots who think they are special little snowflakes.



Most liked to most hated, based off their personality and the way the behave.

  1. Han Jumin
  2. Choi Saeyoung
  3. Kang Jaehee
  4. Kim Yoosung
  5. Zen / Ryu Hyun (I honestly hate his narcissim, how he thinks he's the only one MC should be in love with and that no woman can resist him, his sexism, and his stupid control issue that he never fucking acknowledges!)


Characters listed from most loved to most hated

  1. Han Jumin (2nd Route)
  2. Choi Saeyoung (3rd Route)
  3. Kim Jihyun
  4. Choi Saeran
  5. Kang Jaehee (5th Route)
  6. Vanderwood
  7. Chariman Han
  8. Echo Girl
  9. Kim Yoosung (4th Route) [with the new Another Story, I despise him even more]
  10. Zen / Ryu Hyun (1st Route) [grew to hate his narcissim more and more with each new day]
  11. Choi Sarah, Choi Glam (equally hated)
  12. Rika (I honestly want her to be slowly and painful tortured for every single horrible thing she did to V, Saeran, RFA, and every single other innocent person.)

MysMe Trivia

Rika's Age

The guidebook states Rika is 23 by international age, so she's 2-3 years older than Seven making Rika the same age as Zen or Jaehee. There has not been confirmation on whether or not the guidebook age is her age at her supposed death or her current age.

The game says Seven started using computers at 14, so by international age, he was 13. He was informed of the agency at 15, and left for the agency at Korean age 15-16, so he was 14-15 by international age.

If we go with the assumption that 23 is Rika's current age and that the party is held in mid-spring like it is shown to be in Yoosung's route and the Deep routes, we can assume Jumin and V are both 26 going on 27 and Rika is 23 going on 24 by international age. The same can be said for the twins and Jaehee, but not Yoosung and Zen.

So with the above logic and assumptions, Rika was 15-16 when she gave Seven the book on computers, and she was 17-18 when Seven left. V's current international age would have been 19-20 when Seven left for the agency. Keep in mind the age of majority or the age of a legal adult in Korea is 19 by international age, 20 by Korean age.

On the other hand, if we assume 23 was Rika's "age of death", she would currently be 24 going on 25 seeing as her "death" occured 1 and half years ago and just before Yoosung's high school graduation (which in Korea is in February). So that would mean she was 18-19 when Seven left. Both she and V would have been adults or almost adults in Rika's case, when Saeran was placed in their care.

Saeyoung and Saeran's Separation

The twins are currently 21 yo by international age and were separated from each other since they were 14-15. According to that logic, they haven't seen or even interacted with each other for 6-7 years. Going by age and corresponding grades, Saeyoung would have left for the agency in 9th grade.

When was Saeran kidnapped? The game states very clearly that Rika kidnapped Saeran 5 years prior to the game's current timeline, so literally within 1-2 years of Saeyoung leaving. With the information Saeran gives, the picture was taken during spring or summer and that he was kidnapped not long after the photos were taken. Going by this logic, Rika kidnapped and started brainwashing Saeran when he was in 10th grade meaning he was only 15-16 years old at the time.

V's Awareness of Mint Eye and Saeran

So a lot of people keep saying that V has been aware of Mint Eye since it was first created and that is aware of all of RIka's horrible crimes. That is actually wrong, and extremely so.

Going by what is given to us in the game, the foundation of Mint Eye was created long before the RFA was even founded. This is essentially established when Rika kidnapped Saeran and started drugging and brainwashing him, which occurred 5-6 years ago.


  • Now, was V aware that Saeran had been kidnapped though?

To but it simply, no, V didn't know Saeran had been kidnapped and by Rika no less. In the game, it was stated very clearly that Rika had told both V and Saeyoung that Saeran had been sent to a safe place where he could be happy and free, which is the furthest thing from the truth.

According to things shown in the game, V hadn't been aware of what had actually happened to Saeran until after his and Rika's big fight and the formal establishment of Mint Eye. So in total, V's really only known of what had happened to Saeran for a year and a half at most; the same length of time since Rika's supposed death.

  • Why didn't V check up on Saeran?

He probably did on occassion, but he was also often away for his photography trips so a majority of Saeran's care was entrusted to Rika as Saeran was placed in both of their care. And after Saeran's kidnapping, V couldn't check up on Saeran anymore as he didn't know where Saeran had been sent to.

  • Why didn't V question Rika about Saeran?

Probably because he didn't really have any reason to for a long time? At this point and time, V was pretty much completely unaware of Rika being mentally ill. Going by the game, V seemed to really only be aware of some of Rika's problems around the time of the 2nd RFA. That's approximately 2 years since the start of the game, and also 3-4 years since Saeran was kidnapped.

After learning about Rika's mental illnesses, V really doesn't have an excuse to not ask about Saeran. I can only assume he was too concerned with stopping Rika from hurting herself and getting her the help she desperately needed to ask about him.

Mint Eye

  • So he didn't know Saeran was being drugged and brainwashed, that still doesn't mean V didn't know about Mint Eye.

Yeah, it actually does. V is shown to have only known about the actual existence of the Mint Eye cult and that Rika is its leader since his and Rika's big fight. Aside from Rika once mentioning to him about her extreme ideals, V firmly believed that it was only Rika's ideal. He had no way of knowing that Rika had actually formed a cult. And no, he didn't ask Saeyoung to check because he didn't think Rika would actually go out and create a dictatorship.

Plus Mint Eye had existed for much longer than just the time of the 2 RFA parties. As it's been stated multiple times, Mint Eye is several years older than RFA and has been around possibly before Saeyoung even left for the agency. Mint Eye's 6-7 years > RFA's 4-5 years.

  • Did V know the group that attempted to hack into the RFA system during the 2nd party was Mint Eye and Saeran?

Absolutely not. V knew that someone or something was attacking them, but he didn't know it was Mint Eye or that Rika had another organization out there. If V actually knew that the hacker had been Saeran or Rika's other group, it's highly unlikely that V would have allowed the bomb to be implanted in his apartment. And yes, Rika's apartment is V's. Let's not get into that.

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