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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

This will be a party that holds my, Rika's, and everyone's memories. Rika will always be with me in my heart.

—V, Comment from RFA Orientation Guidebook


V (real name Jihyun Kim) is one of the side characters in Casual Story and Deep Story, and one of the main characters of Another Story, which was released on September 8, 2017 for Android users and a few days later for IOS users.

He is the current head of the RFA, however is often offline because of his trips as a photographer and his blindness. He was the fiance of Rika, and fell into a state of depression after her death, but did not show it.

V is a person who often works with Seven together and keeps things as a secret to the RFA members. He is also childhood friends with Jumin, as Jumin has talked about both of them having used to go to the same church and V talking about their schooling times together.


V is a person who respects one's privacy. This can be seen when he did not know Rika's password even though the apartment was under his name. He is also the type who keeps everything to himself, to the point where he would rather live with the burden of all his secrets than tell the other RFA members. He did not tell Seven all his secrets until he had no choice. Also, Zen says that although V is famous within the photography industry, he is not well-known amongst the public since he does not like being talked about.

Jumin has also stated that V is timid and faint-hearted, saying that if someone were to be against hosting the party again, V would talk about not hosting the party again. This implies that he is a people-pleaser and is sensitive toward the opinions of others, which can contribute to why he is a very private person.

In addition, he is a very loyal person. Although Rika suffered from depression and paranoid delusions with her twisted personality, he never left her and even said, "Even if you strangle my neck, blind my eyes and break my limbs... I will still love you."

V is also someone who hates getting innocent lives involved in his problems. He became a mole in Mint Eye in order to watch over Rika so she wouldn't target the other RFA members. He feels extremely guilty over Rika brainwashing Saeran, Seven's innocent younger twin brother, and begs Rika not to involve any more innocent lives in her goal at Mint Eye. He was also concerned about the main character's safety; if he hadn't accepted her into the RFA in the prologue chat, V believed she would've been targeted by Rika as a result.

When he was in high school, V's personality was very different from his current one. He was extremely pragmatic and had similar values to his father. He also looked down on artists who valued abstract ideals over success and lived empty, desolate lives; seeing them as pathetic. He believed that he needed brilliant accomplishments (financial and social success) before he could begin discussing abstract values.


V info.png

V is a tall and lanky character with turquoise eyes and hair. His hair sweeps slightly to the left, just barely covering his eye. Throughout the story, he's often seen wearing a pair of grey dress pants and a loose black shirt (or a black turtleneck) with an open silver suit. Along with his grey boots, he wears a necklace, which is generally silver.

Due to being a victim of domestic violence committed by his fiancé, Rika, V's eyes are hurt badly, resulting in severe corneal damage from external trauma that almost blinds him, which is why he always wears dark sunglasses and a special lens, and can be seen with a cane at times.

In Secret 001, both his eyes lose their vibrant turquoise color, as a clue that he has turned completely blind. Also in Jaehee's route, Jumin notes that V is already no longer able to see during their meeting.

During Another Story, V's hair is much longer and shaggier and opts to wear a long brown coat over a button down shirt and slacks. At times, he can be seen wearing the robes of a Believer from Mint Eye as it is his guise to infiltrate the place in order to gain more information about the cult and the MC. During his Good Ending, V's hair is once again short and he wears more comfortable clothes, the necklace usually placed around his neck being replaced by colorful beads and a peace sign, signifying his growth and healing after his abusive relationship with Rika. His blindness is completely cured after receiving surgery and no longer wears sunglasses as he had in Casual and Deep Story.

Background Story

As a child, V grew up in a wealthy family. Not much is known about him because he is known to be very secretive. V and Jumin have known each other since childhood for 20 years due to him being neglected by his family during his younger days. Jumin notes that his parents were 'quite strange, but probably because they were artists'. V also appears to have a rather strong connection with Seven, always calling him by his baptismal name Luciel, and only tells specific things to him. Additionally, he had the intention to marry Rika before she passed away.

In Another Story, it is learnt that V's mother and father were separated and that V rarely got to see his mother. Jumin convinced his friend to learn more and to develop a relationship with his mother and V began to spend time with his mother; V's mother saw V had the soul of an artist and encouraged him to pursue a life of painting, despite her son being reluctant to. V's mother entered an art piece he created into a competition behind her son's back and this resulted in their relationship breaking down as he was frightened of showing his artwork to the public and of his father's reaction. It is later revealed that V's mother died to save him from a fire in their home and V spent much of the years following regretting his actions towards his mother.


V created the RFA with his fiancee Rika to help those in need with the help of their friends. The parties were very successful but it is revealed that during the last party that both he and Rika had a small fight and not long after, V was blinded by Rika, though he only told Jumin.

After Rika's apparent suicide, V remained the head of the RFA and worked with 707 in order to keep the confidential information hidden from the other members. The group rarely did anything without V's say so, hence why the MC is so readily accepted into the group after he asked them to accept her as their new member.


See also: Secret Ending

In this "After Ending", it is shown that V met Rika during an art exhibition. He stated that Rika had been coming for two days and there she stood for many hours looking at the photograph he took. Rika then complimented his work, stating that the pictures he took always warmed her heart. He decided to give the photo to Rika as a gift without any cost for it. She declined the offer saying that she couldn't accept such a beautiful piece without payment for it. In the end, it was decided by V that Rika would buy coffee for him after the exhibition and he would give her the picture.

After a few episodes, it will then be revealed that Rika is actually the leader of the religious cult by the name of Mint Eye. Rika held a grudge against V because V was against her ideas of a happier world (he called it a dictatorship). This caused her to tell V off by saying that he was like her parents who never saw through her hard work and determination.

As a result, the couple had a big fight and this caused them both to part and go their separate ways. Rika thought V would tell the other members about how she tried to steal the classified information she kept in her apartment.

The deterioration of Rika's mental health finally culminated in Rika abusing V, giving him the eye injury that would eventually turn him blind. With that, Rika left V in order to fully pursue her goal at Mint Eye.

V couldn't tell the RFA members about Rika's true colors because he was scared that Rika would involve them if they knew and he doesn't want to tarnish Rika's image to RFA members' memories of her; so he covered up her absence by lying and saying that Rika committed suicide instead.

V begs Rika to torture him so that she may let the others go.

V's involvement in Mint Eye is also finally revealed. The reason why he hasn't been active in the chat rooms anymore was because V had been doing undercover investigation at Mint Eye in order to gather information about the cult. Rika found out about this, calling V a traitor and threatened to have him killed in front of the cult because she thought V cared more about protecting the RFA than about her.

Saeran sensed that Rika was very displeased with V's presence in the cult, leading him to believe that V didn't belong in their 'paradise'.

In the 6th episode, Saeran began to feel pain in his head and started screaming at Rika for betraying him by letting Saeyoung join the everlasting party of Magenta. He claimed that his "savior's change" was due to V's involvement. In the end, V was shot to death by Saeran.

Although Rika threatened V that she would be the one who would "cleanse his soul" and destroy him, after he was shot by Saeran and parted his last words to her, she mourned over his death and suffered from a severe trauma due to that incident.

Another Story

Common Route

In the Common Route, MC is taken to Mint Eye under the guise of testing a video game. There she meets the creator of the "game" - Ray. Ray insists that whomever she talks to is an AI and that she must host a party by the end of the game. When entering the group chat for the first time, the MC finds all the members talking until her presence is

V's heart; be trusting and supportive of V and the RFA to gain them!

noticed. Although flustered, V accepts the MC into the group very readily for his own reasons and the other members accept the MC just as quickly. Throughout the route, the MC can play along with the idea that the members are AIs and that it is all a game, siding with Ray and being suspicious of V. The MC can also be wary of Ray and his lies, being sure that V is a good man and trusting him wholeheartedly. Depending on the MC's actions, the game will branch off on the fourth day to decide which route she will be pursuing.

V's Route

On the fourth day of V's route, in a VN, Ray attempts to make the MC take the elixir so that they may be together in Magenta forever. Depending on what the MC chooses, V interrupts the ceremony before the MC can drink the elixir. Before he can rescue the MC, V is chased from Magenta and hurt while the MC is shocked that he is not an AI. The MC is then locked away in her room again and V begs the MC not to tell the others about what happened in Magenta, promising to save her from Ray and the Savior.

V meets the MC and Rika in the garden, begging Rika to let him take the MC's place so that she would not be hurt.

The MC can continue to support V while gently reminding him he can rely on his friends and her as he works to infiltrate and free the MC. Eventually, the Savior asks to meet with the MC and it is hinted that she is attracted to the MC, asking Ray to leave her and the MC alone so that they can get to know each other. The MC can choose to keep faith in V or become interested in the Savior, asking about her past and her inner devil before finally being able to either reject her or embrace her. Rejecting the Savior will continue V's route and, eventually, during a night's walk with the Savior has V attempt to save the MC and have the Savior reveal herself to be Rika.

V will be dragged away from the two, begging Rika to let him be in the MC's place because he cannot bear the thought of an innocent person being hurt. Rika, instead, continues to laugh at V and reject his pleas, saying he doesn't deserve to be tortured by her. V is locked in a dungeon and the MC can continue to worry about him, which will annoy Rika but she will give the MC a chance to be with her instead of V.

V succumbs to effects of the elixir, leading to it having devastating effects on his body and mind.

They find V delirious from the elixir which Ray had forced on him but he still continues to beg Rika to leave the MC alone and to not hurt any more innocent people. Rika continues to reject him until V admits that what they had was not love, but rather an obsession with one another, that they were not in love and that it had been a toxic relationship. This causes Rika to break down as she begs V to say he's lying, begging him to love her again but all V can think about is the MC and her safety, which in turns worsens Rika's mental state. This is witnessed by 707 who, working with Jaehee Kang and Jumin Han, managed to infiltrate Mint Eye to save V and the MC. Due to her unstable state, Rika does not notice 707, V and the MC leave Magenta. Having taken the elixir, V body begins to deteriorate and 707 says that the drug can likely kill him if they don't get to a hospital fast. V refuses to go to the hospital out of fear that it would be traced back to Rika. The MC becomes a pillar in helping V heal before Vanderwood comes to detoxify V and help him overcome the drug's effects.

The MC embraces V, leading him to confess the last person who ever held him was his mother.

To protect the RFA and their location, 707 forces everyone from the app and shuts it down but Ray, having collected enough data, manages to recover some of it and both he and Rika are able to talk with 707, V and the MC. All contact with the other members is cut off and throughout the chats, Ray begs the MC to return while Rika talks about her and V's relationship in the past. It is revealed that V attempted to help Rika through his love alone, complying to her every wish but this annoyed Rika, to the point it led her to blind him as a test of his love. Rika tells the MC how she hated V for trying to kill the darkness in her, that she refused treatment because she didn't want anyone to kill her devil.

V rejects Rika for the final time, leading to her stabbing him in anger.

Depending on the MC's actions, she can choose to either be rude to Rika or attempt to gently persuade her that she needs treatment and to let V go. Supporting V and helping him learn that he can move past Rika and that he should prioritize himself will prevent a Bad Ending occurring and will have him end things with Rika romantically, but he will still continue to offer himself up as a sacrifice - but instead of it being an act of love, it is to protect the MC and the RFA. Eventually, V admits that he was wrong to blindly pour his feelings onto Rika without thinking of how she would feel, much to her surprise and anger. V says that what they had wasn't love and they only wanted to prove they were capable of love, that he saw her as a blank white canvas to paint with his love. This causes Rika to break down again and to grow angrier at V for rejecting her as she reminded him that he had once promised to love her even if she hurt him and tormented him.

Through the support of the MC, V can realise that even if he sacrifices himself, Rika will never stop and that the only way to stop her is to break down Mint Eye. During a conversation with the MC, V admits that he wants to grow and become a better person, talking about his mother and his past, and hints at his feelings for the MC before the MC embraces him. V admits to never having been held and that Rika was the one who needed to be embraced instead of him in the past and that he wants to experience a new and beautiful love. V sends the MC inside under the guise of recollecting his thoughts before Rika appears. The two former lovers talk about the past and how much V has changed due to the love and support the MC has given him. Angrily, Rika begs V to love her again, that what they had wasn't an obsession but real, true love. V continues to tell her that they were young and arrogant and that they need to move on and heal. Rika continues to break down and begs V to come back to her, to let her torture him and love him. V rejects Rika for the final time which results in Rika stabbing V. Momentarily, she regrets her actions and V tells her to run so that no one can see that she was the one who hurt him.

707, Vanderwood and the MC regain contact with the rest of the RFA and tell them about V's condition; with Jumin's help, V manages to make it to a hospital in time for surgery, meeting with the MC and telling her how grateful she is for her support of his friend. Meanwhile, Rika has fled from Mint Eye and has abandoned her followers to return to her apartment, telling Ray to evacuate the building of all people. The rest of the RFA members are shocked at Rika's survival, with Yoosung at the point refusing to believe she was a bad person who committed multiple crimes. Rika admits to stabbing V and attempts to reconcile with the rest of the RFA but is rejected by Jaehee and Jumin angrily tells her she would pay for her crimes and for what she did to his friend, asking would she stab him too for rejecting her. Yoosung remains in disbelief at Rika and it is at this point that Rika admits to being a bad person - but also being a good person, as she had shown selfless acts of kindness for many people before succumbing to her darkness.

In the meantime, Ray evacuates the building of all believers but remains behind as he doesn't see a life for himself outside the walls of Mint Eye; he says goodbye to Rika and to the MC one last time, confessing his feelings before the bomb inside the building detonates, much to the shock of 707 and Rika. Eventually, V wakes up from his coma to say goodbye to Rika one last time, much to her dismay. She begs V to love her again, that she would never try to do anything, that she would live like a doll if only he would love her again. V leaves the group chat and Rika begs, and threatens, the MC to bring back her sun to no avail. The bomb detonates in Rika's apartment and is presumed dead; V and MC share another heartfelt conversation as he laments over his past, his mother and his failed love, but admits to wanting to become better and to love himself before loving another. Once again, he nearly tells his feelings to the MC but stops himself as he first wants to love himself and to heal before entering into another relationship.

The party is cancelled following the previous night's events much to the sadness of the other members, who mourn for their friend. It is then revealed that Rika did survive the explosion and was still attempting to recruit more followers by giving out wine laced with the elixir to the disgruntled party guests, before Yoosung shows up and restrains Rika, telling the guests to not drink the wine. Yoosung finally sees that Rika has changed and lets her be taken away for treatment.

V and the MC talk once more before V's eye surgery and, depending on the MC's choices, V tells her that he wants to become an artist, to finally not be afraid of painting instead of using photography as an outlet of his artistic ambitions. He talks about wanting to learn more about himself, to heal himself after his traumatic experiences with his relationship with Rika after the surgery and hopes the MC can wait for him while he does so.

Jihyun returning to the MC and asking her to be with him, after learning to heal and love himself.

Good Ending

(see V/Endings for more details)

Two years have passed and the RFA are holding their first party after the disaster of the last one. It is revealed the V has left the country and has been travelling the world, last being heard from while he was in Alaska three months prior. One by one, the RFA members turn to attending to the party, leaving the MC alone before a voice calls out to her from behind. Turning around, the MC sees V at the party and he now looks healthier and happier, no longer losing his vision. He tells the MC that he has been waiting for this moment and that there were so many times during the past two years where he booked a ticket before cancelling that he could now fill a scrapbook. He tells the MC that he has missed her so deeply and that he has finally learnt to be proud of himself, to be proud of being an artist and that he now wants to go by his real name, Jihyun Kim. He asks the MC to stand by him and to paint a canvas together of their love and that he has learnt to love himself and that he loves her and will continue to love her.

After Ending




Seven, V, and Rika all attended the same church when they were younger. V was there when Seven was baptized under the name Luciel. The other RFA members always said V talked to 707 about everything, but V never told him about Rika brainwashing Saeran or Saeran's involvement with Mint Eye. This secret would cause 707 to not only completely distrust V, but also accuse V of putting Saeran in danger. Even after Seven denounces V, he still loved and cared about Seven like he was a son. He showed deep concern in Secret 001, when he found Seven injured with the MC, Saeran, and Vanderwood. V also tried to convince Rika not to kill Seven because he still considered Seven innocent and did not want to involve him in Rika's plans, much to the displeasure of Saeran.

At V's funeral, Seven tells V not to be lonely in the afterlife; he also states that V shouldn't worry about protecting anyone anymore so he could finally live a more selfish life, in contrast to how V lived when he was alive where he constantly shouldered the responsibility of others' actions and devoted the last years of his life trying to protect everyone.

During V's route, 707 begins to doubt V after learning about Rika being alive and begins to ask about his own brother, Saeran, and if he was alive and alright. Unable to tell 707 that his brother was brainwashed and manipulated by Rika, and that he was the very hacker 707 was up against, V lies to 707 that the hacker is not his brother. 707's doubt in V fades as he sees Rika and her behaviour, realising why V lied about his fiancee being dead and that she has now changed. The two mended their fractured friendship.


Rika and V began a seemingly idyllic relationship that rapidly deteriorated as Rika became increasingly abusive and manipulative towards V, asking him to promise that he would love her even if she hurt and maimed him. Rika grew weary of V complying to her every wish and became hateful towards him when he tried to "kill" her "devil" with his love. Rika's abuse culminated into physical violence when she injured V so badly, that he was beginning to lose his sight.

Rika is overwhelmed with despair after V's sacrifices his life to her; she snaps out of her anger and hatred towards him after realising the one person who loved her is dead.

V loved Rika dearly, even up to his eventual death. He made several comments in Secret 001 about what he viewed as her 'innocent soul', and saw her as his sun. In the Top Secret book (only VIP's have access to), it is said that V had a "philosophical love" towards Rika. V was one of the few people aware that Rika was mentally ill and encouraged her to seek treatment. Even though V tried his best to help to better Rika's condition, her view of the world became worse. In the hopes of stopping Rika from hurting herself, V tells Rika to hurt him instead. Eventually she blinded him. V tried to simultaneously stop Rika from harming others and kept her actions a secret because he wanted to preserve the good memory of her that the others had.

V desperately wanted to save Rika and did anything to protect her, despite her hatred of him. In the Secret Ending, V sacrifices his life for Rika which leads to her breaking down and becoming near catatonic at the realisation that she finally got what she wanted - V gone from her life. Now with the one person who truly loved her dead, Rika becomes a former shadow of herself, rarely responding to others and her environment.

In Another Story, Rika's hatred of V is further developed and it is revealed that she despises him and is disgusted by him as she believed he had never really accepted the real her, the dark her and that he tried to kill her darkness. V begs Rika to not hurt the MC and to let him take her place but Rika laughs at him, rejecting him and telling the MC how much she truly hated V. However, when V admits to their love not being real love but an obsession, Rika breaks down in the shock that she had never really been loved by anyone in her life, that no one had accepted the real her. As V continues to move on past their relationship, Rika simultaneously begs him to return while talking about her disgust for him. Eventually, V ends it all with Rika and it causes her to, yet again, break down at the loss of his love, begging and threatening the MC to bring back her sun. At the news of her apparent death, V does appear upset and mourns for his failed love but he has now learnt that the love they had was toxic and that he wants to move past it all with the MC.


V still cared about Yoosung a lot, despite being hated by him.

In Yoosung's route, in the good ending, V rushes over to Yoosung's house after facing the boy's pain and anger. He then allows Yoosung to blame him for everything bad that's happened which helps Yoosung to let go of some of his pent up grief. When Yoosung finally saw V's eye he became upset and worried over him. As a result, Yoosung rushes over to Jumin's house where, after asking for more bodyguards to protect the MC, he also asks Jumin to try one more time to convince V to get surgery to prevent becoming completely blind. Yoosung admits that, while he still doesn't trust V completely, he saw how happy Rika was with him and their relationship becomes better as a result.

At V's funeral, Yoosung states that he finally forgives V, although he still doesn't know if V truly loved Rika.

In V's route, their relationship is even more so troubled when it's revealed that Rika is alive, Yoosung doubts 707 and the MC when they say that Rika is the one that hurt V and he stubbornly refuses to believe that V is the victim of domestic abuse. Despite V's life hanging in the balance, Yoosung still doesn't believe that Rika is the one that hurt him and refuses to believe V when he says that Rika has changed. Earlier in Another Story, Yoosung even goes so far as to say that V was the one who killed Rika, that it is all his fault and asks the older man if Rika was ever even happy with him. Yoosung later admits to regretting his words and says that he knew Rika was happy with V. Despite it all, it's only until the very end when Yoosung believes V's words and helps to bring Rika in for treatment.


V and Jumin are childhood friends and have been friends since kindergarten. They grew up in the same neighborhood together and are incredibly close. The two met when Jumin crashed his toy car into V's house while he was playing. Jumin asked V what he wanted for compensation and V asked Jumin to be his friend. They made a contract that Jumin still has to this day. He also encouraged V to meet with his estranged mother and "to see the world with his own eyes, instead of his father's".

A young V and Jumin singing in choir, where V states it is the only time he's been better than Jumin.

In Jumin's route, it is revealed that V was the one who gave and named Jumin's prized pet, Elizabeth 3rd at Rika's behest and Jumin even thinks about giving Elizabeth back to V after the cat is recovered. During Jumin's route, it is only after V visits does Jumin finally overcome his anxiety of losing the MC and allows her to leave; V, with the support of the MC, convinces Jumin to take Elizabeth back instead of giving her to his friend after being reassured that he could be a good owner. It is also hinted Jumin had feelings for Rika but even so, his friendship with V was more dear to him and Rika even commented that she felt like an outsider whenever the three were together. Jumin respects V's judgement, as seen when Jumin automatically accepts the main character into the RFA when V gives his approval. Jumin was the only RFA member who trusted V after V left the RFA in 707's route, actively searching for V afterwards. When 'V' (actually Seven who was using V's phone) sends the RFA members coordinates to where they're being captured, Jumin insists on taking a helicopter to where V is himself.

At V's funeral, Jumin states that V was 'a good friend, a good teacher, and a mirror of truth'. He also states that he would never forgive V for leaving them the way he did, as the cover up story is that he committed suicide although it's implied that Jumin knows the truth behind V's actual death.

In V's route, so great is Jumin's loyalty to his friend, that he immediately manages to get V into surgery after being fatally stabbed by Rika. Jumin is endlessly grateful towards the MC for taking care of his friend and even reveals that V had called to ask Jumin to take care of the MC should anything happen to him and to make sure she is looked after and cared for. Despite whatever feelings Jumin might have had towards Rika, his love towards his friend is even greater and he angrily calls her out for her despicable actions towards the innocent people she forced into Mint Eye, but he is more furious about the fact she hurt his friend and Jumin bitterly rejects whatever words and excuses Rika might have had, the anger of his friend in pain more powerful than the sadness of losing the girl he might have had feelings for. Through Jumin's connections, V manages to get eye surgery which prevents his blindness and in the Good Ending, it is revealed that he has kept in contact with V as he traveled the world.


Jaehee is very respectful towards V, praising his photography skills. V, in turn, praises Jaehee's hard work in helping with organizing the last RFA party. Jaehee wholeheartedly trusts V mostly due to Jumin trusting him too, but also because she believes him to be a competent leader.

At V's funeral, she states that he was like a role model to her.

In V's route, Jaehee works endlessly with the Intelligence Unit and 707 to bring down Mint Eye and Rika and to save V and she remains worried when V is stabbed by Rika.


Zen shows a huge amount of respect towards V since V and Rika were the ones who introduced him to the 'family' that is the RFA. Zen said that V took him to the hospital and saved his life when he once got into a motorcycle accident, for which he is very grateful. Zen trusts in V but does have some doubts about his leadership at times but still defends him whenever Yoosung tries to call V out for secrets. It is because of Rika and V that Zen joined the RFA and he admits that if it wasn't for V and Rika, that he wouldn't even be friends with any of the members but is glad he is because they are like a family to him. In the Secret Ending, he calls V a 'warm and fair person' at V's funeral.

In V's route, Zen is clearly very worried about V as he is taken by Rika and Mint Eye and is in disbelief at how much Rika has changed. He remains loyal to V and in the Good Ending, he asks Jumin about V's whereabouts after all this time.


Chief Kim is V's father. When V was young, they had a close relationship, but as years went by they grew more distant from each other. Chief Kim is mentioned to have the opposite thought process of V, and is more like Jumin. He lives outside of Korea, and may be returning to South Korea if the deal with C&R International goes through.

He raised V mostly as a single parent, and rarely allowed his wife near their son. V grew up under his father's strict upbringing and it was because of his father that he was afraid to become an artist. Instead, he began studying business until his mother encouraged his talents. After her death. V became distant from his family and rarely speaks to his father. In the Common Route of Another Story, Jumin attempts to set up a dinner between V and his Father and V is visibly uncomfortable and awkward at the thought, as he does not get along with his father and they do not see eye to eye.


V had a tumultuous relationship with his mother. As a child he didn't recognize his mother, and had little to no interaction with her.

Up until he was in high school, V viewed his mother in much the same way his father did. But with encouragement from Jumin, V chose to reconnect with his mother and form his own opinion on her. As a result, V grew closer with his mother but still remained somewhat aloof to her, even despite her strong love that she had towards her son. V's mother recognised his artistic abilities and encouraged her son to pursue painting after he admitted to being frightened of becoming a painter. Their relationship broke down when V's mother entered a piece V did into a competition and the teen angrily tore it up, saying she had no right to and deeply upsetting his mother.

V's mother eventually died trying to save her son from a fire that engulfed their house; her death deeply traumatized V and he regretted his actions towards his mother after reading her diaries that she wrote, learning about how much she really loved him. He learned unconditional love from his mother and attempted to give Rika that same love, only for it to become toxic. His mother had a profound impact on V's life and it is because of her, and the MC, that he finally becomes a painter without fear.


V deeply cares for the safety of the MC and accepts the MC into the group in order to protect her from harm. Throughout the course of the Casual Story and Deep Story, V rarely comes into contact with the MC but he trusts her to protect the RFA. In Zen's Route, there is a meta-moment where the MC can ask V if he believes if they can "all clear this game" and V says that there is nothing that they can't do. Earlier on, V even says that he believes and trusts in the MC to protect and love the RFA as they were "chosen" but leaves before he can expand on it.

In the Common Route of Another Story, V is deeply concerned for the MC regardless of which route the MC decides to pursue; he instantly accepts the MC into the RFA and continuously asks about their safety. So deep is his concern about the MC, that even before his route the other members can comment on the relationship between the two. In V's route, his concern for the MC is so strong that it rivals his love for Rika, which has begun to break down if the MC is gentle and supportive of V. Even when he is delirious due to the elixir, all he can think about is the safety of the MC and, prior to that, he offers to be in her place and be tortured by Rika - but instead of it being a grand act of devotion to his former lover, it is now to protect an innocent person.

In V's route, depending on the MC's choices, V can eventually overcome his toxic relationship with Rika and learn to love himself due to the MC's support and kindness. Their closeness is commented on by several characters, such as Vanderwood who wonders if they are romantically involved. Despite the feelings he has for the MC, V tells her that he first wants to love himself and become more confident before entering into another relationship and, in the Good Ending, he returns two years later, telling the MC he has missed her so deeply but he has now returned and asks her to be by his side and that he loves her and will continue to love her.

The spaceship reveals

Another Story

  • "Where can I see a yellow daffodil?"
  • "The sun, mother of all living creatures..."
  • "I've only brought my pipe and not my tobacco leaves. I genuinely thought it was in my pockets..."
  • "Should I buy another mini cactus and decorate it?"
  • "Wow, Jumin sent a photo of Elizabeth."
  • "These must be the new camera lenses...."
  • "The sun... is always bright"
  • "That tree... how rich and abundant it is... I wonder how old it is..."

V's Route

  • "So it's true.... that my hair color is... unique."
  • "Oh god, that surprised me. It's just a cat meowing."
  • "White puzzles... where did I leave it?"
  • "When did my hair grow so long... should I tie it?"
  • "I shall pray to the stars..."
  • "Should I cut my own hair....?"
  • "Will she... be thinking of me?"
  • "Self-love...self-protection...self-hatred..."
  • "The ctrl button doesn't seem to work properly."
  • "Wish there was a machine that reads minds..."
  • "Ray Bay May Day...Um... Oh... sleepy."
  • ""
  • "I should write a diary as well..."
  • "I should stop and look where I'm headed."

Ray's Route

  • "I'm almost out of battery on my phone. Where did I put the charger..."
  • "Hair coloring...would this be over the top?"
  • "Hmm... Did I put too much leaves in my pipe?"
  • "What do they call those people who enjoy pain?..."
  • "My body feels heavy since it's been long being on a trip in the wild. Should I start working out...?"
  • "It would be great if I can see the future..."
  • "My believer number is N186... N186... N186..."
  • "The weather is different from what it said on TV."
  • "Is it that the purer you are the easier you can be tainted with other colors?"
  • "Should take warm water."
  • "I shant look back..."
  • "There is only one thing I can do... for the sake of everyone."
  • "Now, the daffodil stands in the dark."
  • "Hope everyone to become happy..."

Ray's After Ending

  • "I will always be here for you, like the shining sun... I think I heard that in a song, but I cannot recall the title."
  • "Herbal tea that helps to soothe body and mind - not optional for breakfast and dinner!"
  • "Rika smells just like fertilizers... Her nose must be far from functional."
  • "I am so glad I opened an installment savings account a couple years ago, thanks to Jumin's suggestion."
  • "I wish only the best for you, Jumin... I am terribly sorry about this, my friend..."
  • "How to smile like a bad guy... I have been putting it on replay on MeTube..."
  • "I wonder if I will look good with my hair reaching my waist... Will I look like Hyun?"
  • "I feel ashamed. I witnessed grown-ups no better than children."
  • "Is this what people mean by the hedgehog's dilemma?"

Welcome messages

7:00 (7 am) - 12:00 (Noon)

  • "Wishing you a peaceful day."
  • "Awakening to the sound of birds chirping"
  • "Are you awake?"
  • "I pray the sun has come up where you are staying at..."

12:00 (noon) - 17:00 (5 pm)

  • "You should eat well."
  • "I think the photo I just took turned up pretty well."
  • "If there is any inconvenience, do not hesitate to tell me."
  • "I hope the sun at it's highest will look over you."

17:00 (5 pm) - 21:00 (9 pm)

  • "You want to see my photos?"
  • "Traveling soothes us."
  • "Thank you for joining RFA."
  • "He was a child who used to smile looking at a flower bud shining with the rays of sunset."

21:00 (9 pm) - 00:00 (midnight)

  • "When the sun sets, countless emotions comes forth."
  • "Good Night."
  • "I guess you probably had dinner by now. You should always eat well."
  • "Thank you for withstanding today so firmly as well"

00:00 (midnight) - 7:00 (7 am)

  • "I want to take this to heart"
  • "The wee hours of the night will keep our secrets."
  • "Look at that night sky. I should take out my camera."
  • "Is it a sleepless night for you? Same here."