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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

  V's mother was a talented musician who had a 30 year career as a violinist. She was the youngest student to enter OO School of Music and had countless first-place trophies from music competitions. Her career ended when she was caught in an accident when she was pregnant with her son, Jihyun.

The accident caused the loss of her hearing, and she eventually forgot how to use sound properly, resulting in poor speech and communication. Her other senses sharpened in compensation for her lost hearing; however, she greatly disliked these changes.

After the sudden end of her career, she gave up on everything. She lost her passion for her craft and got rid of all her violins. She felt empty and desolate, and would contemplate why she was still alive.

She died in a home fire after saving her son from the same fate.



V's mother is a middle-aged woman with turquoise hair, like her son. She is seen wearing her hair in a ponytail wrapped with a violet hair tie. V's mother, like her son, also has turquoise eyes.


She had been the one whom encouraged V to get into drawing as a hobby and she encourages him to take it on in his future.



After her accident, the only emotion V's mother stated she felt was the maternal love she felt for her son.

Since her son was taken from her, the first time V's mother saw him was at a gallery when V was 4 years old. She would occasionally catch glimpses of him when she attended church.

She wouldn't get a chance to reconnect with her son until V was in high school. She would encourage him to pursue art as a hobby, starting with drawing, with the condition that she wouldn't tell her husband about it. She eventually went behind V's back and entered one of his drawings in an art competition, which caused a rift between her and her son.

Chief Kim

V's mother and Chief Kim did not have a loving relationship, and was more of marriage of convenience. V's mother had called herself a trophy wife, and with the loss of her hearing and career, she was no longer interested her husband.

Her husband grew appalled at her life beyond recovery and took her newborn son away. He discouraged her from attending the church they had attended together and from interacting with their son.