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If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. So please pay attention!

You're staying happy thanks to my mercy! I'm the Tragic Informant here! I am! Would you mind giving me some spotlight now?!

—Vanderwood to 707, V's After-ending

 Vanderwood is a side character who appears in 707's route and Another story. He is an informant and he is currently assigned to be 707's handler.


Deep story

Vanderwood is seen to have a disliking towards 707 at the start of the route, often saying he will 'taser' him if he doesn't complete his work on time, which is a very harsh thing to do. Vanderwood seems to be rather shut off from people, including Seven and appears to do everything his 'boss' tells him to do.

His personality seems to change in the after ending, as he changes from the boss's pet to a bit of a risk taker, as he took Seven's offer of running away from the agency and the boss, as they were going to dispose of Vanderwood for failing to capture and silence 707. After this Vanderwood becomes scared and uncertain where to go next, and decides to take Seven's option of changing his name and running away with Seven, MC and Saeran.

Another Story

Vanderwood has a relaxed but sarcastic attitude when interacting with MC as he jokes around and thanks her if the player calls him handsome.

Ray's After Ending

Vanderwood has the same sarcastic attitude as in Another Story. He's shown to be very afraid of the agency and what they can do, telling the player and Saeran to run away and not get affiliated with them in any way. Despite this, he says that he's isn't going to do anything extra for the agency because he's "too lazy".

Vanderwood sees himself as "not a good person", saying that he's selfish, ruthless, and coldblooded. If the player compliments him by calling him nice or if she implies that Vanderwood cares about Seven, he always denies it. He's still empathetic though, as he agrees to help Saeran and the player save Seven after seeing the two twins interact.

He's also clever - he came up with the plan to save Seven, which included planting fake information and anticipating the agency's moves.


Vanderwood has pale skin, light brown eyes, and shoulder length light brown hair. He is seen wearing a black shirt with a purple collar, and a black jacket with animal print patterns on the underside.


Background story

Where or what background Vanderwood comes from is a big mystery, as he had joined the agency, and anyone joining the agency is required to have no family. He is told that Seven ran to the agency away from a drunken, abusive mother and to help his sick brother, but no one knows what Vanderwood has had to suffer to get where he is now.



Vanderwood works in the same agency as Seven, and often goes to his house to check on his work. When he visits, he usually cleans Seven's house, which results in Seven giving him the alias of his housemaid. Seven gives him the fake name of Mary Vanderwood 3rd when he is mentioned in the RFA messenger.

Although at times Vanderwood seems like he dislikes Seven, this is proven wrong as he seems to care about the other hackers safety, which includes going to length such as saying seeing Seven's dead body would ruin his life. It is also said that Seven cares for him, so much as to hack into the government's documents and get Vanderwood a new identity to keep him safe from harm's way.

In Ray's After Ending, despite initial protests, Vanderwood helps Saeran and the player save Seven at the cost of his job at the agency. He also sticks around to help Seven take down the agency for good.


Vanderwood is tasked with watching over MC when Seven has to work, and he seems rather indifferent towards her initially. Later in the game, when he sees how caring she is towards Seven, he notes that she's "so devoted", and seems to respect and possibly admire her for it.


In Secret Ending 01, Vanderwood doesn't seem to particularly care for Unknown as he is their hostage. They aren't hostile towards Unknown and talk with him in some parts.

In Another Story, Vanderwood is impressed by him since he can keep up and even outmaneuver 707. They consider taking him into the agency afterwards, as he would be a great asset to have.

In Ray's After Ending, Vanderwood works together with Saeran to save Seven and take down the agency.


  • Due to a translation error, and Seven jokingly referring Vanderwood as Mary Vanderwood the 3rd or as Madam Vanderwood, Vanderwood was often mistaken for a woman by fans.
  • The RFA's original Secret Book refers to Vanderwood as "she", although this is proven to be a translation error. The 2nd and 3rd batch versions have confirmed that it was a mistranslation and have since fixed this error.
  • Because of Seven's security gate, Vanderwood carries an Arabic dictionary.
  • Vanderwood carries around a taser and is, according to Seven, "basically a walking box of weapons".
  • He also works for the same agency as 707, which infers he too has ran away and left his family behind.
    • At the end of Ray's After Ending, Vanderwood goes back to his hometown though it's not clear if he has any family or friends there.
  • Vanderwood appears to have a strange sense of humor, as when Seven gets paranoid and tells him he heard laughing and doesn't know where it came from, Vanderwood proceeds to laugh in rather mocking way, and asks Seven if he was happy now.
  • Vanderwood doesn't trust romantic feelings or relationships, as he says they put the agent and the lover in danger.
  • He has been Seven's minder/handler since the younger man has at least been in college.
  • In the Christmas DLC, it's stated he doesn't celebrate Christmas.
  • In Secret 01, Vanderwood states he has been an agent for 7 years, making him Seven's senior by 1-2 years.
    • In Ray's After Ending, he says that he's been with the agency for 12 years.
  • Vanderwood has stated, after much provocation from Seven, that he hates his name or code name. If he had to choose a new name, it'd be Stark.