2017 MMValentine活動介紹 编辑


因應2017 Valentine's Day,Cheritz於2017/02/13在官方twitter公布了MMValentine的活動,邀請玩家們一起集思廣益,設想五位角色會在情人節對你說什麼,並於2017/02/15前以「#MM_Valentine」的hashtag標記即可參加。

得獎作品 编辑


英文組 编辑


  • Yoosung
    • Your chocolate would be the best item I could get, but this time it's my turn to find an item that will max your HP ❤ (@ChihiroNonette)
    • I cast my ulti on you! (@KoeniginKatze)
  • Zen
    • If you hold up 11 roses in front of the mirror, you'll see the 12 of the most beautiful things in the world. (@eyprillklaris)
    • Our love is a romance movie, but the best part is that it never ends. Happy Valentine's day, babe~ ♡(mikazuki_nadia)
  • Jaehee
    • you're my secret ingredient for making this chocolate taste much sweeter than our coffee (@rosa_licht)
    • This coffee I made symbolizes who you are. Warm and sweet. (@darkbsolitude)
  • Jumin
    • i'm not gay (@doblasado)
    • you know this won't be the only thing that's wrapped with a red ribbon tonight (@Acille_A_Marrar)
  • 707
    • Mayday Mayday! Need permission to land! Space ship 707 is falling..... in love wth you right now :3 (@ijuforever)
    • should I say it? *whipser to ear* 01101001 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 01111001 01101111 01110101 (@dhedewmaha)

韓文組 编辑

韓文組得獎作品公布於twitter,得獎作品之英文翻譯已獲得tumblr的「Mystic Messenger Q&As and Translation - Korean POV(@mysmess-seol)」同意,可見此頁面

  • Yoosung
    • …이거 초콜릿 저 주는거에요? 발렌타인데이라고? ….(입가리고) 미치겠다. 저 지금 그 쪽 키…는 무리일거 같다. 뽀뽀하고 싶은 거 알아요? (@kcu97741)[…Are you giving these chocolates to me? For Valentine’s Day? …(covers mouth) I’m going crazy. Can I kiss yo…is a bit too much. Do you know what it’s like to want to kiss someone?]
    • 이건 당신을 향한 내 마음이에요. 마치 초콜릿처럼 달콤한 당신의 입술을…콜럭! …죄송해요, 젠형이 이렇게만 하라면서 알려준 멘트인데 도저히 못 하겠어요ㅜㅜ (@Momo_km0105)[This is my feelings that desire you. Your lips as sweet as chocolate…COUGH! …sorry, Zen hyung said to do it like this but I really can’t do it T-T]
  • Zen
    • 조금 진부하지만…초콜릿 받을래, 자기야? 너와 함께있는 지금 이 순간이, 내가 느끼는만큼 네게도 달콤하기를. (@scribere_MM)[It is a little corny but…will you accept my chocolate, MC(jagiya/honey)? Being together with you here and now, I hope you can feel the same sweetness I do.]
    • 자기한테 달콤함을 선물하고싶어. 물론, 세상에 우리 자기보다 달콤한건 없겠지만…그래도 내 초콜릿 받아줄래?(@not_hunt_you)[I want to gift you sweetness. Of course, there is no one sweeter than you in this world but…will you still accept my chocolate?]
  • Jaehee
    • 늘 망설였지만 오늘만은 조금 욕심을 부려보고 싶어요. 저만의 발렌타인이 되어주시지 않겠어요? (@5959Yunicorn)[I was always hesitant but today I want to be a little greedy. Will you be my Valentine?]
    • 담당자님! 이거 보세요, 젠 씨가 이번에 광고 촬영했던 초콜릿이에요! 세상에…무려 황홀한 얼굴 사진도 있는걸요!! 좋은 건 좋은 사람과 나누라는 말이 있잖아요? 함께 먹어요! (@RyuHann)[ MC (담당자 - person in charge)! Look at this, it’s the chocolate from the commercial Zen was on! Oh my god…there is even a photo of his radiant face!! They say that you share good things with good people. Let’s eat it together!]
  • Jumin
    • 1억 2천 전부 초콜릿이야. (@xhehakcmS2)[120 million won(Korean currency) is all chocolate.]
    • 초코릿은 돈으로 살 수있는데, 당신 마음은 어떻게 얻을 수 있는건지 궁금하군. (@starstory_msg) [You can buy chocolate with money, but I wonder how I can win/get your feelings/heart/etc.]
  • 707
    • 달콤한 별을 모아 태양에 녹이고 차가운 수성에 넣어 꽁꽁 얼린 다음 반짝반짝 금가루를 뿌린 뒤 달토끼의 틀로 예쁘게 조각해서 이렇게 지구로 가져왔어요. 이제 내 우주가 먹기만 한다면 완성인데, 어때요? 받아주지 않을래요? (@music_Q_music)[I gathered sweet stars and then melted them in the sun, put them in the cold water to freeze them, and then after sprinkling gold power, I frame them with the moon to pretty pieces, then brought them to Earth. Now if only my space/universe would eat them it would complete, how about it? Won’t you accept it?]
    • 님님, 초코릿 선물 받았어요? 님을 위해 내가 집적 구한 카카오열매로 만들었어요. 달콤하지만 쌉싸름하게 녹아드는 초코릿으로 어때요? 맛있어요? 내년에도…내후년에도…앞으로 계속 만들어줄게요. 사랑해요 당신… (@By_The_Black)[MC MC (님님), did you get chocolates as a present? I made chocolates for you with kakao fruit I personally got myself. How do you like bittersweet chocolate that melts in your mouth? Is it delicious? Next year…the year after that…from now on, I will always make it for you. I love you…]