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Day 1[]

內容 愛心 沙漏
Pretty dust from outerspace.
Leftover snacks Yoosung was eating. 1-100
A clump of cat hair.
Trash. How unfortunate.
A cute seaflower.
Got dust from the litter! OMG!
Precious gems from Zen's tears. Congratulations, love 436
Here is your good luck for your first day. 291

Days 2 - 4[]

內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
Hydrogen chips! Boom! 1-49 Day 2
King Elizabeth. 50-100 Day 2
A warm cup of ice americano! Whoot!
50-100 Day 2
Math 101 textbook.
1-49 Day 2
Mushy Honey Buddha Chips! 50-100 Day 2
Yoosung's Omelette Rice. 250-434 Day 2
This is vegetable roots, not Zen's hair!
50-100 Day 3
Bubbly bubbles. 1-49 Day 3
Mushrooms carrying the drama queen virus! 50-100 Day 3
Invisible chips! Hahaha! 1-49 Day 3
The neverending bags of chips.
1-49 Day 3
A 1/1000000 piece of a chip!
1-49 Day 4
A broken gong. 1-49 Day 4
Just what you imagined! No more and no less! 1-49 Day 4
There is a cubic. I must take it back. 1-49 Day 4
An Arabic dictionary! Congrats!
50-100 Day 4
You've won the crumbs to my heart.
50-100 Day 4
A poster of Jalapeno topping is here! Tada! 159 & 254 Day 4
Yoosung's jar of honey!
160 & 210 Day 4

內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
Just one post-it note. 1-49 Day 2-4?
A completely used up pen tip.
1-49 Day 2-4?
I hear the tears rolling off of those who didn't win anything... 1-49 Day 2-4?
A hollow fortune cookie. I feel empty. 1-49 Day 2-4?
The god of stretches! Stretch out your arms and legs!
1-49 Day 2-4?
A free pass for 15 minutes in the karaoke room. 1-49 Day 2-4?
A piece of advice, 'Honey Buddha Chips with Ph.D Pepper!'
1-49 Day 2-4?
A warning sign against opening the chips bag with your teeth. 1-49 Day 2-4?
A set of toiletries!... But it only has toothpaste. 1-49 Day 2-4?
The blue bird will bring you happiness! Chirp! Chirp! 50-100 Day 2-4?
This isn't the first prize or the last prize! 50-100 Day 2-4?
A pretty teacup. A cup of tea would be nice. 50-100 Day 2-4?
The 50 cents I hid! Tada! 50-100 Day 2-4?
A gift from State Barm Insurance. Cheer up! 50-100 Day 2-4?
I'm very curious to see what you will win next. 50-100 Day 2-4?
A cactus chip!
1-49 Day 2
The Honey Buddha Chips that Seven hid!
50-100 Day 2
Sand...this is sand... 1-49 Day 2
You get an okay prize! Doom doom doom!
50-100 Day 3
Dust from Apollo 13! 1-49 Day 3
Sterilized butter chips! Pow!
1-49 Day 3
Worm jelly! 1-49 Day 3
Next Chance
1-49 Day 3
Silver hair. I must confiscate it.
50-100 Day 3
Zenvian, made of Zen's tears! 100-200 Day 3
Huh? A photobook of Mr. Han? 100-200 Day 3
Owl! Owl! The lucky owl shall bless you!
50-100 Day 3
Vinegar flavored chips... I feel like my tongue's going numb. 1-49 Day 4
Peppered Honey Buddha Ch, achew! 1-49 Day 4
A massage coupon! 50-100 Day 4
Honey Buddha Chips that contains 0.00001% bee honey. 1-49 Day 4
If this can help you put food on the table... 50-100 Day 4
An average skills coupon!
50-100 Day 4

Another Story: Days 1 - 4[]

內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
Tears from a tired college student. 50-100 Day 1
8 oz paper cups stained with lipstick. 1-49 Day 1
A statue! With a high nose and white plaster skin! 50-100 Day 1
A not-so-sticky sticky note. 1-49 Day 1
A bread shaped like a cat! 50-100 Day 1
Yoosung's class schedule! 101-150 & 255 Day 1
Yoosung's sock with a hole. 1-49 Day 2
Soil from Jumin's garden. 1-49 Day 2
A can of potato chips. 50-100 Day 2
Dried apple chips. Crispy and crunchy! 50-100 Day 2
Air refresher used in toilets. 1-49 Day 2
A used cell phone holder. 1-49 Day 3
A slime monster which smells like Ph.D Pepper. 1-49 Day 3
A cherry flavored ice-cream. 50-100 Day 3
Yawn. Jaehee's yawn. 1-100 Day 3
A lucky cat that calls in luck! Meow~ 114 Day 4
A donut past the expiry date. Don't think it's edible. 1-49 Day 4
A strand of hair from Elizabeth 3rd's tail. 50-100 Day 4
An unevenly shaped piece of ice. 1-49 Day 4
A star shaped macaron. Cute. 1-49 Day 4
A hardened mascara has come out. 1-49 Day 4
A perfectly symmetrical butterfly. Flutter... 50-100 Day 4
V's camera. *Click 105 & 134 Day 4
Jumin's cufflinks. 107 Day 4


內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
A flyer looking for honey. 1-49 Day 5
A potato sprout. 1-49 Day 5
A tape measure with Jumin's shoulder measurements. 1-49 Day 5
Open the next bag of chips.
1-49 Day 5
This is neither success nor failure.
50-100 Day 5
Air freshener instead of chips! Baam! 1-49 Day 6
Menu for chinese food! Plus a coupon! 50-100 Day 6
Tears of a fly living day to day. 1-49 Day 6-7
Your middle school photo album! 1-49 Day 7
An item that ups both your levels and skills! 1-100 Day 7
Here are the steps to your next steps. 1-49 Day 7
A pretty clam shell! 50-100 Day 7
Honey Buddha Chips turned into powder. 50-100 Day 7
The half of a double popsicle! 50-100 Day 7
The One Ring... I mean, the One Bracelet. 1-49 Day 7
It's a present for you. 50-100 Day 7
Haha! Did you fall for it?
1-49 Day 8
This Honey Buddha Chip began in 1987 England... 1-49 Day 8
Half of a lottery ticket. Where's the rest? 50-100 Day 8
So mushy...
1-49 Day 8
A very normal industrial product. 75-100 Day 8
An open bag of chips I, myself, picked up. 1-49 Day 9
3rd place prize! ...Kitchen towels. 50-100 Day 9
A secret sauce from a middle eastern restaurant! 50-100 Day 9
A recommendation to join Yoosung's guild. Let's join now! 1-49 Day 10
An apple with a bite out of it. 1-49 Day 10
I feel like I have a pimple between my nose and cheeks.
1-49 Day 10
Honey Buddha Chips turned into powder. 50-100 Day 10
Someone's love letter that starts with 'I like you'. 180 Day 10
A comic book with the climax pages ripped out! 1-49 Day 11
A mosquito! There's a mosquito! ...I think one escaped...
1-49 Day 11

內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
A pair of rubber gloves with holes in them. My hands are soaking wet. 1-49 Day 5
A coupon for a half day holiday. 1-49 Day 5
A phone without buttons. But I want to make a call... 1-49 Day 5
Dumplings Yoosung made. It's not sophisticated but still good! 50-100 Day 5
Expensive earphones! ...But the right earpod doesn't work.
1-49 Day 5
A phrophecy stating that you will have to chat with the person you hate for two hours.
1-49 Day 6
Black spots on a white shirt. How am I going to wash this...? 1-49 Day 6
Elizabeth 3rd's yawn. Meow~......
1-49 Day 6
A middle school uniform. Who wore this? 50-100 Day 6
So much energy! I feel like I can move on. 50-100 Day 7
The sound of your paycheck slipping out of your bank account. How sad...
1-49 Day 7
A bookmark Jaehee gifted. 50-100 Day 7
A beautiful rose. 50-100 Day 7
The scent of Zen's cologne. 50-100 Day 7
Fried sausages, fighting for french fries' throne! 50-100 Day 8
I welcome thee, stranger. Accept this gift from me. 50-100 Day 8
Armor! You're free to wear it, but don't think the same for taking it off. 1-49 Day 8
Octopus tentacles. It's moving. 1-49 Day 8
A drop of Ph.D Pepper. 1-49 Day 8
A piece of bread with a dog paw print. 1-49 Day 9
Wine colored Honey Buddha Chips! 50-100 Day 9
Cinnamon flavored rice ball. 1-49 Day 9
Pizza flavoured toothpaste. This feels weird... 50-100 Day 9
Hallelujah chips. 1-49 Day 9

內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
The phone started ringing. Your boss is calling. 1-49 Day 5
Hahahaha! Were you excited? That's disappointing :( 1-49 Day ?
Pretty shoelaces... but no shoe...
50-100 Day ?
A cheesepuff covered in cat hair! The hair will make anyone choke.
1-49 Day 5
Pure chocolate. I took a's too rich.
50-100 Day 5
A cute penguin doll. Who does it belong to?
1-49 Day 5
A doctor's note saying you need sunlight.
1-49 Day 6
A 38.76% correct weather report.
1-49 Day 6
The mechanical pencil assistant Jaehee Kang used in middle school. 50-100 Day 6
Cookies in the shape of Elizabeth 3rd's paws. 50-100 Day 7
The lamp fairy!... She can only understand Arabic. 1-49 Day 7
Flat coke. The warmth makes me feel weird. 1-49 Day 7
Helium gas. My voice is weird. 1-49 Day 7
Cupid's arrow. *Separate purchase of arrow tips necessary*
50-100 Day ?
The chirping of nightingales. But the volume is 1...
1-49 Day 8
This isn't the first prize or the last prize. 50-100 Day 8
√ ̄™tre dans la moyenne
être dan la moyenne
To be average
50-100 Day 8
I hear the tears rolling off of those who didn't win anything... 1-49 Day 9
I'm very curious to see what you win next. 50-100 Day 9
Tada! You didn't expect this, right? I hope it's better than you expected! 50-100 Day 10
Shall we pop another bag of chips? BOOM! BOOOOM!
1-49 Days 9/10
你的手機沒有離你的眼睛太近對吧? 1-49? Day 10
姜濟希的自動鉛筆。恭喜。 1-49? Day ?

內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
A pen commemorating the 10th anniversary of C&R. 50-100 Day 5
If this can help you put food on the table... 50-100 Day 5
A penny 1-49 Day 5
Thorns from a withered cactus. Doesn't even hurt. 1-49 Day 5
Top secret files from C&R. It talks about... Jumin Han's taste in food. 296 Day 5
Sounds of waves that calm your mind. 50-100 Day 6
A bag of chips flying in the wind. Oh... it's like a Summer night's dream. 1-49 Day 6
An eyeshadow with its pan exposed. 1-49 Day 6
A love letter hidden in a book! So exciting! 50-100 Day 6
Elizabeth's leash. 50-100 Day 7
The report Director Jumin Han returned. /Do it again/. 1-49 Day 7
A whale-shaped snack that tastes like shrimp. I wonder what whale flavor tastes like. 1-49 Day 7
/The spaceships made an emergency landing/. 50-100 Day 7
Two right shoes. Then someone must have... 1-49 Day 8
Someone's sigh. 1-49 Day 8
A broken pass the the C&R building. Knock knock. Mr. Han? 1-49 Day 8
A super effective exfoliating cotton pad! My skin's so soft! 50-100 Day 8
A control stick for a space ship. Why is this here? 1-49 Day 8
無thing is here because nothing is here. 1-49 Day 9
Green Juice that's goodfm for your health. So freh! 50-100 Day 9
A mushroom that will make you laugh forever. 1-49 Day 9
A cheerful samba song is playing. My body's finding its own groove. 50-100 Day 9
Sushi from a Chinese place. Strange combination. 50-100 Day 9
A half melted snowman. 1-49 Day 10
A pretty umbrella!...But it's torn... 1-49 Day 10
A pass for 15 minutes in the karaoke room. 50-100 Day 10
A cat hairband! 50-100 Day 11
A glass of rice wine. /No alcohol under 18./ 1-49 Day 11
Ginseng's broth! It's good for your body! 50-100 Day 11
An allergy prevention mask. 50-100 Day 11
A pretty teacup. A cup of tea would be nice. 50-100 Day 11
A one minute trial pack for the game /Halibaba's Elderly Adventures/. 1-49 Day 11
An invitation to a film festival...held last year... 1-49 Day 11

內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
A drawing diary for 7-year-olds! 1-49 Day 5
A calendar from last year that's been used. 1-49 Day 5
A beautiful lipstick. Will is suit me? 1-51 Day 5
A snow globe! The glitters aren't moving no matter how hard I shake it... 1-49 Day 5
A famous best seller book! I already have it but I'm happy. 50-100 Day 5
You've won santa's gift sack! Congratulations! 456 Day 5
A collection of interviews from the hackers that lost to Seven God.
1-49 Day 6
A box of candies without any candy. 1-49 Day 6
A falling spaceship with a broken engine. 50-100 Day 6
An all natural bee hive! (Honey is sweet, stings are not) 50-100 Day 6
A lint roller that's been used once. 1-49 Day 6
I gift you time for contemplation. 50-100 Day 6
A very nutritious tofu salad! Perfect for weightloss!
50-100 Day 7
A seed from a peach. I think someone left it here...
1-49 Day 7
A dirty ring. Don't know whether just wiping it will do.
1-49 Day 7
A sock with cat drawings on it. Too cute to wear!
1-100 Day 7
A goose down jacket with 1% goose down.
1-49 Day 7
A photo of Zen dressed as a spy! 183 Day 7
A love song that seduces you. Wanna listen to it all day! 146 Day 7
Ring ring~ There's a four wheeled bicycle in there~ 1-49 Day 8
Moisturizing cream that's just enough for one use.
1-49 Day 8
Rice cakes made from local rice! BOOM! Just kidding, haha! 1-49 Day 8
Grapefruit soda without grapefruit.
1-49 Day 8
The Jekyll and Hyde shirt with one long sleeve and the other side without.
1-49 Day 9
Rock spirit. I wanna go head banging! 50-100 Day 9
開始融化的冰淇淋。 50-100 Day 9
A frying pan with the coatings off. My eggs :( 1-49 Day 10
Cereal that's already drenched in milk.
1-49 Day 10
A free movie ticket!... It expires today… 1-49 Day 10
A sudoku book with all the squares filled in. 1-49 Day 11
A perfume bottle that's half used. It is my taste…
1-49 Day 11
A battery charger that's only half charged.
50-100 Day 11
Seven's glasses. We have something in common now! 373 Day 11

A cute seaflower.
內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
An air freshener for closets. 50-100 Day 5
A fountain pen without ink. 1-49 Day 5
The chip is empty. Have you eaten it already?!
Day 5
A half-empty cup of cocoa drunk by Yoosung. 1-49 Day 5
A lemon candy great to enjoy when you're depressed. 1-49 Day 5
A small stuffed doll that will listen to your problems. 128 Day 5
A mask sheet with two days left before expiring. Hurry up and use it! 50-100 Day 6
Huh? A computer mouse wheel? 1-49 Day 6
A potato chip with desert sand. Wonder if it's tasty? 1-49 Day 6
An eye dropper that will make your eyes moist. 1-49 Day 6
A hot ice coffee. 1-49 Day 7
A sheet of a calendar. 1-49 Day 7
A Flyer Recruiting for the Intelligence Unit... 1-49 Day 7
Elizabeth's cat shampoo. 50-100 Day 7
A warrior's miniature sword. Cannot swing this. 50-100 Day 7
Got dust from the litter! OMG! 1-49 Days 8-10
Pretty dust from outerspace. 50-100 Days 8-10
Leftover snacks Yoosung was eating. 1-100 Days 8-10
A clump of cat hair. 1-49 Days 8-10
Trash. How unfortunate. 1-49 Days 8-10
50-100 Days 8-10
A Flyer Recruiting for the Intelligence Unit. 1-49 Day 8
An empty black plastic bag. 1-49 Day 8
A test paper with perfect scores. It has V's name written on it. 128 Day 8
The lost last piece of a puzzle. 119 Day 8
A withering sprout. 1-49 Day 9
A used-up ballpoint pen. 1-49 Day 9
A name card of a new worker in the intelligence unit. 50-100 Day 9
A broken picture frame. 1-49 Day 9
A smile bright as the sun. Smile ~ 102 Day 9
An old violin. 128 Day 9
A bottle of Zen's massage oil. It's empty. 50-100 Day 11
A pizza which should have been delivered to the intelligence unit. 50-100 Day 11

內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
Crumpled stock exchange paper has come out. Sob. 1-49 Day 5
Chips back turned into powder has come out...•Full of palm oil! 1-49 Day 5
A new bag of peppermint tea bag has come out. 1-49 Day 5
Scented water has come out. Tastes is just water! 50-100 Day 5
A special recipe of SEVENsTAR DRINK under development has come out. Shhh! It's confidential grade 1. 237 Day 5
A forever partner of overtime, an energy drink has come out Day 6
A broken keyboard enter key has come out. 1-49 Day 6
A cracked camera lens has come out. 1-49 Day 6
A secret has come out! It's a secret! 50-100 Day 6
World peace has come out. Why is this here? 110 Day 6
A reserve fuel for spaceship headed for Andromeda has come out. 132 Day 6
A small but lovely Myosotis has come out. 109 & 143 Day 6
A soul's outcry to the world has come out... Yoosung's poem has come out! 168 Day 6
A red alarm clock has come out but... seems broken 1-49 Day 7
A broken pencil lead has come out. Almost stained my hand 1-49 Day 7
A fresh chocolate milk has come out. 50-100 Day 7
Pump-a-rum! A rhythm has come out. Yeah~ 50-100 Day 7
A pumpkin seed has come out. Don't try to peel it. 50-100 Day 7
Ray's tears has come out. Treasure it! 139 & 453 Day 7
A peach scented hand cream has come out Day 8
Tada! A gift box has come out was empty when opened... 1-49 Day 8
A small tissue has come out. Trash...? 1-49 Day 8
Mint colored coke has come out. The smell is suspicious. 1-49 Day 8
An anti-hairless shampoo has come out. For oily scalp type! 50-100 Day 8
A cork stopper has come out. Gives a slight tint of oak scent. 50-100 Day 8
A piece of torn world map has come out. Where is this island located in? 1-49 Day 9
An anxiety has come out. Console it well and make it go to sleep. 1-49 Day 9
Salt from the sugar jar has come out. Salty! 50-100 Day 9
A cry of a penguin has come out! It cannot be described in words! 1-49 Day 9
A fire estinguiser placed in the office of the intelligence unit has come out. Watch of for fires! 50-100 Day 9
A cute star shaped lollipop has come out! 146 Day 9
Someone's piece of shattered mentality has come out...• 1-49 Day 10
An unidentifiable key has come out. Where it goes, no one knows. 50-100 Day 10
Dust of shooting stars has come out. All black from being burnt. 1-95 Day 10
An empty pizza box has come out. 1-49 Day 10
A poisonous mushroom has come out. If consumed, tears will not stop. 1-49 Day 11
A half eaten banana has come out. Who has eaten the half? 1-49 Day 11
A broken compass has come out. 1-49 Day 11
A special nourishing cream that works wonders on dark bags under the eyes has come out. 50-100 Day 11


內容 愛心 沙漏 時間
A CD of the top 100 Christmas carols. I can't help but dance. 50-100 Christmas Eve
A gingerbread man cookie. 50-100 Christmas Eve
Christmas lights!...It's not lighting up. 1-49 Christmas Eve
A star Christmas tree topper! 46-100 Christmas Eve
There's a hole on the Christmas stocking...The presents will fall out. 1-49 Christmas Eve
Christmas wrappers...Just the wrappers. 1-49 Christmas Eve
Baby Rudolph. His nose is blinking. Maybe because he's a baby? 123 Christmas Eve
A ticket for a rudolph sleigh ride. I'm Santa Claus today! 118 Christmas Eve
"메리 크리스마스!" 손으로 쓴 편지가 나왔다.
"Merry Christmas!" Handwritten letters came out"
50-100 Christmas
A pretty Poinsettia. 50-100 Christmas
A melting snowman. 1-49 Christmas Day
Rudolph's nose...So he can take it off?! 50-100 Christmas Day
'Trick or Treat' ...Halloween was two months ago... 1-49 Christmas Day
Santa's looks used... 1-49 Christmas Day
A limited edition Christmas Cake! 136 Christmas Day

愚人節 DLC[]

內容 愛心 沙漏
A gift card to a department store! But it looks used already. 1-49
A high end luxury bag! …But upon closer look, it's a fake. 1-49
Cold coke! But upon taking a sip… it's soy sauce! So salty! 1-49
A mouse with the left and right button switched up. So confusing… 44-100
An envelope that says seeds for trees that grow your bae character. I hope this is real… 49-100
Zen's fake autograph that 707 forged. 50-100